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A Sign in Blood by Marion Sipe Marion Sipe
Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 446

Book Description:
While investigating her father's murder, Chadri never meant to get involved in politics. She arrives in Mesaceal with her mentor Nathias and a wild talent for blood magic, but soon finds it won't be enough to stop a brutal attack on her family home. After befriending a queen who is forced to fight to win her crown, and learning of rumors about the theft of a sleeping god, Chadri is caught up in a web of conflict spanning two nations. Trapped within the tightening threads, she must unravel the secrets surrounding her father's death, or die the same way he did.

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1. Kim
2. Jonel

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Kim | 11 comments i'm interested. use all three sites, so reviews should be NO problem. also a fast reader. have playbook and Nook so .epub or .pdf will work. Kim at

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Sheri | 6201 comments Mod
Sent your request Kim

Jonel oh. I don't know how I missed this one. Epub (or PDF) please.

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sent in your request.

Jonel Thanks!

Jonel Here's the Goodreads link to my review:

It's also available on Amazon, and will be on my blog ( in a couple of days.

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