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message 1: by Kristen (last edited Jan 01, 2013 10:38AM) (new)

Kristen | 1179 comments Discuss 8-bit Theater here! Tell us what you think of the art, the writing or anything else that comes to mind.

You can find 8 Bit Theater here.

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
8 Bit Theater is the likely first webcomic I ever read, so it's interesting to revisit it now. It's a sprite comic parodying Final Fantasy (and everything else along the way). It has a long overarching plot but most of the humor is self contained and pretty accessible.

Though after a while I grew tired of it after a while (it's 1200+ strips long) and have read better comics in similar veins, Fighter and Black Mage's antics are still a fun read.

Discussion questions
1) What do you think of the "sprite" art style? Have you read any other comics that use it? Were they better/worse?

2) Have you played the original Final Fantasy? Do you think it helped (or hindered if not) your enjoyment of 8 Bit?

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
Reread a bit more. While the characters are stereotypical, there's something very amusing and charming about Fighter's obliviousness (or stupidity if you're feeling less charitable) paired with Black Mage's sarcasm and their interactions and adventures feel just unique enough to stand out.

1) I actually haven't read any others myself. I think it works here but that's because there's underlying content that this style enhances. I could see it being used very poorly.

2) I've only actually played one Final Fantasy (IX) and it was after I'd read this (what can I say - I was always in the Dragon Quest camp of preference). I am familiar enough with video games and the basic points are iconic enough that I didn't find it an issue at all.

Kayleigh | 195 comments A lot of people have recommended this comic to me over the last couple of years, so I feel kind of bad saying that I don't much care for it, but, well...I don't. I like the idea of the comic, and I chuckled at some of the video game and pop culture references, but overall it just fell flat. I've only read the first 35 or so pages so far, so maybe it'll grow on me once I've read more.

1)I haven't read any other comics that used this art style, though I know some exist. I think in this context it works, but I could see it being used poorly under different circumstances

2)I've never played the original Final Fantasy, but I know enough about its main points to understand 8 Bit's jokes

Mike | 1505 comments Mod
No need to feel bad. Everyone has different tastes and dissenting opinions can be pretty interesting. I like it a bit more but it is very hit or miss and I think you're exactly right about the idea being generally better than the execution.

When the humor is "on" I found it hilarious and that kept me reading for a while, but as I alluded to above I stopped long before the comic finished.

message 6: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 1179 comments I've read the first ten pages and it hasn't resonated with me. I thought that the characters personalities were a little shallow. I've never played any Final Fantasy games, so my experience with them is only what I have heard from friends. It could be a reason why I don't particularly like it. People who are familiar with the games already have a connection with the characters when they start reading the comic. I didn't have the initial connection, so all I'm seeing is two somewhat bland characters. I do like sprite based art, but I prefer 16-bit to 8-bit. It can be hard to tell what is going on in 8-bit because the art is so simplistic. So, yeah, I didn't really like it. I didn't get very far and I don't plan to. People who like Final Fantasy will probably really like this comic, but it's not for me.

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