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message 1: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) Thoughts? Feelings? Who are you loving most in this section??

Becky I lost my notes! I finished the book right before we moved and can't find my notebook. If someone could jog my memory? I loved this book

message 3: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) Oh no! but at least you loved the book...I'm sure we'll be rescued soon with a comment! Hope your move went well!

message 4: by Rosemary (last edited Jan 13, 2013 02:03PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rosemary According to my notes, this is the section where July found out that Elmira was dead, and Gus arrives at Clara's with Lorena, Newt and Call. Clara recognises Newt as being Call's son right away. Lorena and Clara get along so well that Clara invites Lorena to stay when the men travel on into very dry country.

I was surprised how much Clara seemed to dislike Call. Nobody else seemed to have such strong feelings against him and I didn't really see why she felt that way, but it was interesting to have that point of view. It was the first indication that maybe his decisions aren't always so great (like moving on for no good reason, as it seemed to Clara, when they could have stayed in Nebraska).

It was nice that Lorena stopped being jealous of Clara so fast. I think she really needs somebody like Clara more than she needs a man.

Becky Thats right! I was really hoping at this point that Clara would take Lori under her wing, Lori needed a family like that, one that she hadnt had since she was young. I also think Clara is the perfect role model, as neither of them have much need for men.

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