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Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 178 comments I wasn't sure this should go in the discussion of the book, but feel free to move it if you're trying to keep it to one thread.

Music librarian that I am, I couldn't resist looking into the music that is mentioned explicitly in the book. After all, other than sounds of combat and nature, the music is what the soldiers had most in their daily lives. For those of you who can access Spotify (the web version is a free download), I created a playlist of the songs.

Below, I will put the songs and what pages they are mentioned on. I can keep updating the playlist if I missed any. One is still a mystery, so maybe you can help me solve it. (Page numbers are for the paperback edition.)

Listen to the Mockingbird (61,87)
Annie Laurie (70, and throughout the book)
Ben Bolt (87)
Dixie's Land (87)
Here's Your Mule (87)
The British Grenadier (87)
The Bonnie Blue Flag (87)

The mystery - what is he singing on pg. 237?

For those of you who can't access Spotify, the following albums were quite useful:

Listen to the Mockingbird by the Eight Hand String Band
Ballads & Songs of the Civil War by Wade Erbsen
American Folk Music (various)

message 2: by Jessie J (new)

Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments I have the hardback edition, so my page numbers are different, I suppose?

The House Carpenter (18, 71)
On Jordan's Stormy Banks (44)

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Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments I'm posting this here because of the "night time dance with live period music:"


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