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Movie or the Book?
Laura Laura Dec 31, 2012 03:22PM
Personally, I always like the books better, but I thought the movie was really really good. Which did you guys like better and why?

I think the book always is better because give you more detail, and personally if i haven't read the book before watching the movie i would never understood. The movie was lovely Charlie (Logan Lerman) Represented amazing the character

I loved both of them, altough i liked the book the most, because it has more details and stuff, but the movie its also beautiful and funny and has some things that the book doesn't and vice versa.

I actually absolutely hated the book, I didn't understand everyone's fascination with it. I felt like he was stuffing too many dark things into one story. However, I was kinda dragged to the movie and honestly I loved it! The movie left out some of the controversies and really focused on Charlie, which I appreciated.

Movie for sure.

Inês (last edited Feb 08, 2013 07:15AM ) Feb 08, 2013 07:14AM   0 votes
The two complete each other in my opinion :)

It was interesing because How can the guy that wrote the book and directed do diferent things but still transmite the essencial of this story?

I found the movie less (and don't take me wrong, i was reading the book and i constantly was like with tears in my eyes and frustation in reading this, beacuse of Charlie among other things) depressing. Atention, i liked the book but not as much as catcher in the rye. i consider that maybe the Perks are a bit more real to Catcher but the catcher was more softer that perks :)
And the movie really helps people to understand the book more easly even though he cuts some parts of the book like the poem per exemple... and i had another vision of the book as the movie AND i was that person that didn't understand that charlie was sexually abused by his aunt and in the movie that is shown to us.

so i really think that the both completes each other :) and you don't have to put every detail in a movie to give the movie the mensage that the book as

Kelsey Exactly! That's why I liked the movie. I felt like it had the essence of the main book without going overboard (which the book did do for me personall ...more
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Inês :)
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I think I like the movie and the book the same amount. It helped the movie that it was directed by the author of the book.

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