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Movie or the Book?
Laura Laura Dec 31, 2012 03:22PM
Personally, I always like the books better, but I thought the movie was really really good. Which did you guys like better and why?

Both were great but have to say the book. Not taking anything away from the movie though, I thought it was excellent. Plus It's soundtrack was awesome.

Both are really good, the director of the movie is actually the author of the book which helped a lot. I think if someone else tried to direct it they wouldn't have done the book justice.

Delaney (last edited Mar 29, 2013 08:08PM ) Mar 29, 2013 08:08PM   0 votes
I actually enjoyed the book more. A first, actually. I'm at a minority here because people I ask who have read the book then watched the movie said the movie and book were both equally wonderful. Maybe it's because I had such high expectations for the movie. But the book had a very wonderful feeling, a very special that it contained that I personally thought the movie couldn't capture entirely. Though I do have to say in the movie, Patrick stole the movie and made it so much better for me! XD

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