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Name: Cethin Orfeo Mellony
Cethin the Dark Lord
Age: 37
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Bloodstatus: Halfblood, Mother is a muggle.

Personality: He is considered extremely Clever. He is known to be the equal to Salazar Slytherin himself. His ideas are to over power anyone who apposes the dark wizards then take power over the schools of all of Europe especially Durmstrang, Hogwarts, and Beauxbatons. The three schools to be ruled by the three most powerful wizards known to muggle and wizard kind. Each being able to create their own idea of a school and educational system. He is the head leader and acts so accordingly. He was the one to start it all and he has the attitude to defend his reasons of being leader.

History: Born in Paris, France. His parents tried to keep him from the world of magic, even his own father.
Once he discovered other wise by a letter int he mail he instantly became furious of his parents and murdered them in their sleep at age 11. He went looking through his fathers things and discovered hundreds of book on magic then he found his fathers old oak with a weakened dragon heart-string, not much but something to work with. He read all about the wizard world while his parents bodies laid limp for days nearly weeks. He learned about flu powder and instantly used it to reach Diagon Alley. After going to gringotts with a key he found in his fathers things he quickly grabbed all the cash he could find in the vault which seemed like alot. He did not attend school but bought many books. He taught himself the dark arts and learned at age 16 how to make a horcrux and made his first one on his aunties death at age 17.
He is by far the darkest wizard known to all of Europe.

Legnth:14 in.
Wood: Thestral Bone and Willow wood
Core: Basalisk Heartstring and Chimera scale

Signature Spell: Mors Flamma (Note the verbal of this spell is technically unknown so I made it up) Dolhov's curse used in the battle in the department of mysteries. Casting: The curse is cast using "a sudden slashing movement with the wand," causing a streak of purple flame to strike the target. Given its exclusively harmful effects, it is presumed to be Dark magic.
Effect: he effects of this Dark curse are unknown, but it is very dangerous and potentially lethal. Given that Hermione Granger had no visible marks or bleeding from her injury with this curse, but exhibited soreness for some time afterward, it is probable that the curse causes some kind of painful internal injury. It is possible it is a weaker form of the Killing curse. Antonin Dolohov used the curse twice during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, first against Hermione Granger, who was knocked unconscious but survived. Dolohov might have killed Hermione if he had been able to say the incantation, but his voice was taken by Hermione's Silencing Charm earlier in the battle and the nonverbal version of the curse was not as powerful as it normally would be.
Dolohov used the curse again against Harry Potter later in the battle, but it was blunted by Harry's use of the Shield Charm. Harry described it as a "streak across his face like a blunt knife," and the force of the curse knocked him off his feet. Dolohov also attempted to use the curse against Sirius Black while they were duelling during the battle, but Harry managed to hit him with a Full Body-Bind Curse before he could complete the spell.
This may be the curse Dolohov used to kill Remus Lupin during the Battle of Hogwarts, as it is noted that Remus's body was peaceful-looking, and this curse is not known to cause any visible signs of damage.

Other: He is an animagus
The largest lizard known to man.

Name: Haven Aria Larimore
Age: 35
Blood Status: Pureblood
Personality: Haven is cunning. She has a brilliant mind that analyzes everything and everyone. Her wit is matched only by her temper, which is easily flared. She loses control when she's angry, a serious flaw. Her sense of humor is twisted and kindness is foreign.
History: Haven went to Hogwarts and was in Ravenclaw. She was considered one of the brightest witches of her time, and was expected to do great things. That wasn't good enough. Haven wanted to be the greatest of them all, so she pursued the dark arts to ensure her spot as the best.
Length: 13 inches
Wood: Hawthorn
Core: Phoenix feather
Signature spell: Legilimens. It allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim.
Other: Vegetarian :)

Name: Azali Anna Felicity Marcus Jamieson.

Age: 36.

Blood: Pure.

(Only her eyes are black, not brown.)

Personality: Azali is dark and cold. She dresses much as an Egyptian goddess and acts as one as well. Merciless her only goal is to rise above. She is baleful and disturbed, and her smile is razor toothed. That is no metaphoric thing. Quite literally each if Azali's teeth have been filed to a point. She claims this is to help her since she has an odd taste for red meat. Often this does induce her to do strange things. (E.g. Eat people. Like a cannibal.) She has no care for others because her mind is focused solely in the grand scheme of things. The worst part is that she does not believe she is evil. Azali thinks the end justifies the means and she is doing this for the greater good. Nothing worse than a mental 'good guy' willing to do anything. Often, people believe she has the ability to be good. However, one short look into her lifeless eyes with the all knowing gaze and they usually silence themselves. Nothing but empty bitterness has remained of her persona and Azali has every inclination to prove she better than the rest. "They told me if I close my eyes and think happy thoughts, I wouldn't want to kill anyone. I could calm myself down. Well, I must say, it worked like a charm. My want progressed to need and seeing their dead bodies? Very calming." Obviously, she is a very sarcastic, sardonic person with a black sense of humor. All in all? Not a person you want to face, especially since she is the top female witch since... Well, since ever.


Wood: Black Oak and Alder.

Core: Basilisk scale, Phoenix feather, and thestral blood.

Length: 13inches.

Signature spell: Crucio. As she enjoys causing others pain, it has become her speciality.

History: Azali grew up in a battered home, forced to search in the trash for food and being constantly abused by her overachieving parents. She grew to hate them with a burning passion that now fuels everything she does. When she turned 8 she began to fight back, and by 13 was the one who was inflicting her pain. Her parents became her toys, good only to play with and then toss aside until she killed then at 15. Azali views everyone with this mindset now. Simply toys. Maybe, Azali once figured, that this was the wrong way to see everyone. To fix this, she set fire to a kindergarten. She later commented, "It was a LEARNING experience. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Obviously I'm helping with the survival of the fittest and natural selection. Nature happened to choose this kindergarten. Nature likes fire."

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How it all started

Cethin started his reign of power at age 17 as soon as the tracer was taken off of him. He has an unknown number of Horcruxes and he has never been keen to sharing.
After about three years of crime and not getting caught he decided to go quite for a small length of time. The area of France seemed completely oblivious of the moments in peace. After he was 23 he did a few dealings with some dark wizards and ended up rather badly off. They all dueled him 9 against one. He killed 4 and the rest managed to take him down. They cut him up rather badly and left him for dead on the streets. He knew he wasn't going to die, but even being immortal he could still feel pain. He worked hard on getting his edge back and quickly did so going at large once more. However, he expanded his reign beyond France. He gathered followers who feared his power as he often showed it by killing unsuspecting muggles and helpless wizards. He has never showed a soft spot for anyone. In his younger years he was a practical male whore fooling around with random guys and girls and eventually letting them feel his wrath after they do him wrong.

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((Okay so ladies do your stories, then we will write in how they all came to meet and form the Trinity.))

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So yeah. The beginning:

Haven didn't always plan to be this.. awful. Yeah, she'd had a twisted since of humor since she could remember, and she hadn't been nice to anyone if it didn't suit her to make a connection, but she really hadn't meant to kill anyone. She was a raving perfectionist that always had to be number one, or she lost it. So when three girls in her house did better on OWLs than her, she freaked and tortured them to insanity, killing one shortly after. It felt good, being on top, so she kept going. She's mostly stayed in the shadows, planning anything she had to do tot he T. She doesn't kill because she likes it; she kills because she loves being in control.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 30 comments In the beginning.... Azali began her own reign at 15, the same day she killed her parents in cold blood. Originally, she was born in Cairo, Egypt. Hence her attitude. She was invited to many magic schools, all of which she turned down. Azali's terror spread across all of Egypt, through Sudan, and across many other countries. Because of this, she was hunted down like a wild animal, forcing her to create horcruxes or die. What exactly they are is unknown to all but her, but it is presumed her pet cat that stays ever by her side is one of them. Azali eventually made her way across to Great Britain, stopping only to take a one night stand/road trip meal (same thing) and once she arrived her plan was clear.
Start a new legacy.

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Arriving in the U.K. was far more exciting to Cethin than any Dark Wizard could ever imagine. Apparently, After Voldemort's reign many who were not caught went into hiding of his followers. Cethin instantly went in search for someone to help him gather these dark ranks and show them the true meaning of loyalty to a master. He met Azali in the Leaky Cauldron, connected to Diagon alley. He was going to use her just as her intentions were to use him. In bed he treated her like a goddess, unlike anyone else, he sort of felt compelled to do so.
After talking in the room in private they learned that the both of them were rather feared in their home countries, both looking to gain power farther north such as this lovely land. They contemplated and charted out plans to do so. Apparently the Werewolves saw Azali as a real moon goddess and worshipped her blood-lustful ways.
They two gained rather deadly companions at their sides. While ravaging the country sides together they discovered someone who was not apart of their group and she was almost as dark as they were. Throwing a little temper tantrum after killing several people from performing far better spells than herself Cethin requested Azali to spare this one as she seemed like she had just as much potenital in ruling the world as they did. Cethin was extremely impressed with Haven's ability to perform violent spells killing people almost instantly even spells only meant to injure.
A few years later they had a large number of followers and each had a single person they kept as their advisor, a right hand man. Cethin knew they could only acheive greatness by taking control of the greatest school known. He recommended that they started with Hogwarts. They are prepared to kill anyone who stands in their way and have formed a Trinity of power. An order far greater than Voldemort could have ever imagined.

Cethin managed to aquire aid from rogue centaur heards as he was no pureblood or one who believed in wizards above all, just power...He took up the phrase for the Greater good of things. Catching it from history's fabled Grindlewald.

They will gather more followers here now and work from the inside out. the Ministry is their first attempt, but they must be precautious.

((I hope that is okay I can change anything you guys feel that should be changed.))

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