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♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) Once out in the streets, Will lost his smirk, and looked around him with renewed interest.
There were many mundanes on the streets, but they didn't see the Marked up Nephilim standing in the midst of them.

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "What are we after today?" Jem asked curious if they actually had anything yet.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) Will shrugged, "I was going to see what came along," he replied cheerfully.

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Just don't get us killed" Jem laughed.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) Will chuckled, "Have ye faith in my skills?"

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "That depends" Jem grinned

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) "Well, I didn't plan for pulling you along with me, so I guess I shall have to steer clear of the Devil's Tavern and other such interesting and degrading places," Will remarked pleasantly.

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "That's probably in your best interests" Jem unched him in the arm.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) "I was thinking more in yours," Will muttered with a dark grin, and then suddenly tensed.
"Tarlaz demon," he said to Jem.

((I just made up that name haha you can make up how the demon looks lol))

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Where'd you see that?" Jem laughed.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) Will looked darkly over at him. "Over there," he muttered, pointing to a shadowed alley where humans were passing by as if they couldn't see it...which knowing how their mundie brains worked...they probably couldn't.

Tessa  (panicrocks95) "Well, come on then, we might as well see what it's doing here." Jem shrugged looking toward it.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) "Blast," Will muttered, checking his belt, "I only have one blade with me," as they went towards the spot where the demon was.

Tessa  (panicrocks95) ((sorry never got a note))

"You know what I have" Jem laughed.

♠ TABI⁷ ♠  (tabi_card) "Yeah," Will said, and then kept digging through his pockets.
And then he heard a rattling screech that could only mean one thing...the demon had seen them.
Will cursed.

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