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The father
Karen Karen Dec 31, 2012 02:18PM
I loved this book and I know this might seem strange but did any one else think the father took the easy way out by killing himself?

Also, why would he leave the insurance money to Laura? His wife, his life partner, lost everything through his actions.

This has been gnawing at me.

I did think the father took the easy way out. I can understand how horrible it would have been for him for everyone to find out, but it's worse that they found out the way they did. He didn't do much to hide his tracks. And he didn't even make sure that the increased insurance would actually be in force in time, so that was wasted.

I thought the reason he left it to Laura was so that her brother wouldn't have control over it. If he'd left it to his wife, the brother would have just barged in and taken over. Laura would have given consideration to what was best and what her father would have wanted.

It seemed somewhat extreme to resort to suicide, however the inner torment that leads a person to such desperation cannot be fully understood from the outside I imagine. I did wonder that he didn't first try reaching out within his community and legal system. I suppose the 419ers did their job well in cutting him off, isolating him, and suspending him in fear and doubt, believing their threats and lies.

I do wonder that Laura ended up falling into the same trap of sending money to Nigeria and waiting at the airport for a woman who never came. Like she was trying to redeem her father's hope in the possibility of reaching out to another, in being a hero.

I found the whole "scam" part to be quite unbelievable, actually, and think the author just used it to get us to Nigeria. I'm not sure where he was going with Laura at the end, but I found it quite rushed and unsatisfying. In my opinion, the book would have been better ended as soon as Laura returned to Canada.

Just watched Captain Phillips and can see parallels -- people so desperate that they will do things, things we westerners don't like, to eke out a living. Excellent book. Almost made me sympathetic for the people who send out the scan email. Now that's saying something!

The scam may sound unbelievable until you meet someone who fell for an email scam. I know such a person, an intelligent senior with a kind heart. Twice he sent $2000 before he told someone he was helping out a friend stuck in the Philippines after the friend was robbed. Luckily, he was stopped from sending money after the third email request. Despite all the evidence that it was a fraud, he continued to believe that his friend was in danger until he was finally able to contact his friend by phone.

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