The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) The Hunger Games question

What character would you be and why??
Olivia K. Olivia Dec 31, 2012 01:05PM
I would want to be either Clove or Foxface because they are just so awesome!!!!!

I think i would be a Katniss/Rue mixup. I feel like i have both they're personality.

Jayden ya i would be katniss 1) she doesn die and 2) she gets to kiss peeta!
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Michelle LOL
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Cinna, because he is brave, rebellious, a Capitol citizen without being a snob and a hunger games supporter, and not afraid to express controversial ideas. And he's a fashion designer :)

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Foxface or Rue. Foxface because she's so smart and I just love Rue.

I would be partly Cinna and partly Katniss, but not because he is a designer and Peeta falls for her but because she is serious and fixed and she is a bit gloomy and yet stong. And Cinna because he is calm and kind.
I would be a combination of both personalities...

Katniss because then Peeta falls inlove with her and they love eachother and PEETA IS REALLY HOT!so im jelous of Katniss :(

One of the ones that lived.

Clove or Foxface. Clove because she is strong and brave, plus she had a good chance of winning because she was wih Cato. Foxface because she is smart and cunning. I also think I would like to be Cinna for the exact same reasons as Clem.

Katniss. She wins the Hunger Games and I love Peeta.

Katniss. : )

Peeta or Finnick, can't really decide haha

Peeta be cause he is strong

Good question. In Hunger Games - Haymitch. He's the one who ultimately got BOTH Katniss and Peeta out of the arena alive.

If I could choose someone from the entire trilogy - Plutarch. I think he is the key player to usurping the Capital's reign. He was playing the 'game' outside the arena.

I feel id either be Katniss or Gale. Most parts I agreed with everything she did but some parts frustated me. I did agree with a lot of things that Gale did as well.

prim because she is brave


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