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"Why are we at the beach?" She asked, her eyebrows raising in surprise.
The beach was beautiful, even in the winter, and it wasn't that cold today.
Juliet or out of the car, looking at the sea.

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Juliet stepped out of the car with a smile.
"I get that, but what are we gonna do here?" She asked, looking around the beach to find it deserted.

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She stated at his hand for a few seconds, debating whether to turn away now an walk back to school, or take his hand.
She sighed, locking eyes with him.
"I better not regret this" she threatened playfully, taking his hand.

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Juliet tilted her head, raisin her eyebrows, she seems to be doing that a lot lately.
"It's winter Hayden" she stated.

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Juliet stared at his chest for a little while, not listening to what he just said.
"So he does have abs...why did he let me go on and on about Ian Somerhalder then?" He thought to herself, sighing.
She kicked off her shoes and took off her shirt, revealing her hot pink bra, but he left her shorts on.

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Juliet smirked, running towards the water after him, not caring that her favourite shorts were now soaked. She swam after him, going out further away from the shore, but it wasn't deep enough that she couldn't stand up.

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She laughed, splashing him back. She's glad they finally talked, they've been going school together since freshmen year and they've only talked properly a few days ago.

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Juliet chuckled.
"So cheesy" she thought, standing up and walking towards him. It was easier to walk when the water is above your chest, it's almost like your gliding.
"I like you too" she said, putting her hands on his toned chest, and pushes him into the water, laughing.

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Juliet laughed, wrapping one arm around his shoulders and one arm around the back of his neck as they fell together underwater.
"Aren't you a firecracker" she teased when they came back up, her arms still around him.

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She smiled into the kiss, moving her right arm to wrap around his neck, bringing him closer to her.

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Juliet wanted to see how this played out, so she wasn't going to pull away until he does. She pulled her hands away from his neck, dragged them down slowly over his shoulders and down his chest, resting them on his lower abdomen.

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Juliet smiled, gazing into his eyes with her hands still on his lower abdomen.
"Do you work out a lot?" She asked him, patting his abs teasingly.

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Juliet rolled her eyes.
"Day 2 buddy" she reminded him, patting his cheek softly before pecking his lips.

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"Mm" she agreed, picking up her shirt and brushed the sand off.
"We're already ditching, why not?" She chuckled, putting her shirt back on.

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Juliet smiled, following closely behind him. She looked down at her top and realised that her pink bra showed through her shirt, and her hair was very wet.
She frowned, pulling her hair to one side of her neck.

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Juliet smirked when she saw him stare at her cleavage.
"He's a guy, they do that" she thought to herself, looking down at her sandy feet.
"I'm gonna get sand in your car" she warned, dropping her shoes to the ground.

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She laughed, opening the window so her hair could dry faster.
"That's so cute, how old is she?" Juliet asked, looking up at him with beaming eyes.

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"Yeah, I have an older brother, pain in my ass" she chuckled, remembering the time she spent in England with him and his family.
"I haven't spoken to him in a while though" se added, clearing her throat.

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"He lives in England with his family" she replied, running her hands through her pink and blue hair.
Juliet frowned.
"Maybe I should dye it back to brown..." She thought.

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Juliet felt her cheeks redden after he said that, no matter how cheesy it was, it was still sweet.
She but her lip, trying not to smile.
"You too" she said. She slapped her forehead quietly.
'Dis you just call him beautiful?' She thought to herself, mentally cursing herself.

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(Alright :D ))

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