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First meeting of the year!

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message 1: by Georgie (new)

Georgie | 44 comments Mod
I'm thinking 9th January anyone?? Xxx

message 2: by Issy (new)

Issy Britton (issysmarvellousbookshelf) | 4 comments Tis good with me :D what were the books for this month again? :) xx

message 3: by Copper (new)

Copper | 2 comments sounds good to me too :)

message 4: by Emma-Louise (new)

Emma-Louise | 19 comments Mod
Hey guys, some bad news. We're postponing the meeting tonight, Georgie's other half is really ill and she can't leave him. Next meeting will be next Wednesday :) x

message 5: by Georgie (new)

Georgie | 44 comments Mod
Hey guys. I'm really sorry bout this. It will defo be next week. My other half is just too ill to be left on his own ATM. Ill make sure there's extra yummies next week to make up for it! Lots of loves xxx

message 6: by Copper (new)

Copper | 2 comments thats fine :) hope he gets better soon :)

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