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Kimora Princess | 42 comments Mod
- Dania Fanning
- Brooklyn Jersey Bishop
- Lily Evans

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments Dania walked to the small cabin with a sighed. She saw a girl already lying on the bed listening to her i-pod. "Hey, ya." she said flatly. She come here with only her tight the beatles t-shirt and short jeans with her brand new black sneakers despite her mother protest. She put down her camera and choose one beg to lay down. Unpack later. She told herself. Look up at the ceiling, she said. "Im Dania Fanning."

(Dania's outfit:

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Hi Lily." Hearing Lily questiin, she snorted a bit. "Im here because I'm rebelling against my mother." this time she turned her head to the side to look at Lily. "And you? Drunk too often?"

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments She sat up. "I know, right. They're so busy and rarely home for us and when we go out to search for other entertainment, they started to get angry." she huffed again. "I don't understand them."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "That's so... cool." Dania perked up when she saw the bottle of vodka. "You should hide it, in case they come to check."

((hei, im going out for a moment. See ya later okay!))

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Yeah. Agreed." She nodded. Eyeing Lily once again. "I feel like I've seen you before. Are you going to South High School?" she asked.

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Brooklyn walked in wearing a mini skirt with leggings under, and a long sleeve pink shirt with a white vest over it, to top off the outfit, she wore brown high-heeled boots.
Her hair was in a french braid that went from the top of one side of her hair, to the bottom of the other side. Then the braid itself went down her shoulder.
She walked over to her bed not even looking at the other two campers and she lied down on the bad and frowned, "I'm going to have to sleep on this?" she complained, for she was used to her three matresses with a very fluffy one on top at home.
She missed her little pink slugbug already, and her mom only let her bring six suitcases of clothes, she still had 90% of her clothing at home..
Life is over, she thought.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments Jasmine wrote: ""Yup." Lily smiled, resting her head on a fluffy pillow. "Do you go there too?""

"No, wonder you look so familiar. Jeez... you're that Lily." But when the new girl enter the room, her brow raised up. "No, pinkie. You're going to sleep outside."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Maybe she dress like that hoping people will call her barbie." She rolled her eyes.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Okay, mama." She answered sarcastically with a naughty gleamed in her eyes. "So, babe. What's your name?" She asked the girl in pink.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Fine, fine. Don't tell. I just about to tell you some secret here if you don't want anything bad happen to you. But if you don't want to know," Dania shrugged. "What can I do." She turn back to Lily and mouthed. "I hate pink!"

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "No, no, Little Lily." Dania shot Lily a mocked disapproval look. "Be nice to new girl."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Hush, enough about pinkie. Come. I want to tell you something. Did you know that my friend's ex is drooling over your ass for years?" she said. "My friend is so angry, she keep saying, Lily this, Lily that. And I keep saying, stop your diet and eat some meat so you'll grow some ass like you when I don't even know what your ass look like, and now I see." Dania eyeing Lily's butt mischievously.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Jeez... conceited much." Dania rolled her eyes back and grinned. "By the way, how come we never talk to each other at school? Do you remember me?"

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Oh, yeah I'm so popular." She rolled her eyes. "I befriend with the popular is because they are so fun to tease. You should see how they would react if you tell them they have a little red spot on their forehead. Jeez.. it's like the end of the world. Okay by the way, they called me Chucky at school so that's why you never heard about me." she told her.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments She shrugged. "I love to do pranks. Just that. A bit unfair right, with my pretty face. They should called me with something pretty like, BARBIE!" she speak loudly and glanced at the pinkie girl.

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Brooklyn looked over. “Are you kidding me? Barbie? That's the best you can do? I have seriously heard better from dust bunnies. Just call me Brooklyn“

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Yeah. Where have you been all my life. So," she yawned. "The camp. Do you have any friend here?"

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Hello. Brooklyn. Im Dania. Please call me Dani." She said sweetly to the girl.

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“Okay, I really like that name. You can call me Brook.“ Brooklyn said with a smile. She was a brat, but she was staying with these people so she had to be nice enough. “Who is the other one?“

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Oh, she's Lily. Or you can call her Lilith. At our school, she's the queen of seduction." Dani winked at Lily. "So, Brook. What school are you from?"

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Behave, Lilith. Stop calling her that!" Dani teased.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Let me guest! Wearing too much pink?!" she clamped her mouth with her hand when she felt a laugh about to burst out.

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"I am from North high. I didn't get a choice of coming here. And you can laugh the pink, just don't call me Pinkie, cause tomorrow I' ll wear blue."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments This time she actually laughed. "Then tomorrow I will call you Bluebell!"

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Brooklyn rolled her eyes coming up with a snoody comeback but instead she just laughed.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Yeah! Just so you know, everyone here is as noble as you." and then she giggled again. "Why are we keep trying to pick a fight with Brooklyn." She turned to Brook. "Sorry, darling. So. How's North High School? Any cute boy you want to introduce to me?" she wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

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"Yeah, they are cute, but I already have dibs on this kid, Gabriel Kent, but he probably won't even notice me, ever." I laughed.

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"Ya, are you sure? I just think he won't notice people like me."

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"I do, I just have a crush on him, and when I have a crush on someone, I always think like that. What school are you two from?" she asked

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "We are from South High School. And all the boys from our school's not that cute. Well, some of them are." she grimaced.

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Brooklyn laughed out loud, which she almost never did unless it was a joke that one of her BFF had made

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Brooklyn watched Lily drink some vodka, and suddenly really wished she had some, it would have been nice to think of when she was packing.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "You can ask her if you wont some." Dani said when she saw Brooklyn eyeing Lily's vodka.

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(sorry, i dissapeared again, i don't get notifications from this group)

Brooklyn smiled and took a sip. "Thanks." she said with a smile.
She looked at Dani and chuckled, she was sort of glad that Dani mentioned it.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments ((Me too! It's so frustrating!))

"So, I think we should go out. I want to look at the view. This camp is lucky the choose a very great place for us, despite the lack of... well," she look around. "luxury."

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Brooklyn nodded. "No luxury agreed. Let's take a look around."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Come, Lily." She stood up. Tugged her shirt down. "Let's go. I hope we meet some cute guy! So, is Gabriel Kent handsome?" she asked Brooklyn on her way out.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments ((So, lets on another thread. What about the lake?))

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Brooklyn walked out of the cabin with a bounce in each step. But she made sure to grab her bikini as she left. "I'm going to the lake! She called to the other girls.

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