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Should i bother reading this?

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Sandra K, so i know people are gonna think that i'm really weird when i say this but..... I HAVE NOT READ CITY OF BONES OR ANY BOOKS BY CASSANDRA CLARE.

I'm not sure if i should bother reading this series or any other. What's so good about it? Is there any romance/love story in it? Can any one persuade me to buy City of bones? SHOULD i read City Of Bones or The Clockwork angel? Which one should i read first?! HELP!!!

Erin Sandra wrote: "K, so i know people are gonna think that i'm really weird when i say this but..... I HAVE NOT READ CITY OF BONES OR ANY BOOKS BY CASSANDRA CLARE.

I'm not sure if i should bother reading this serie..."

Well, The Infernal Devices (TID) is the prequel series, but i read City of Bones first, and didn't feel as it ruined anything for me. But you learn about the beginning of some thongs in TID, which since i read The Mortal Instruments (TMI) first, found it kind of fun to be making connections on my own. As for City of Bones and TMI do have a love story in them, quite a few as the series progresses. TID does as well. I would absolutely read these series! You dont have to buy them, as you can check them out at a library, or read online. And as mentioned before, which you read first is up to you. The series were made i believe to be read, TID first, then TMI. The 3 book Clockwork Princess comes out in March, then the final TMI comes out in 2014. :) hope this helps

Isabel These books in my mine are brileant! there is quoit some romance in them but also some action. it is a nice belend between them. i sugested reading city of bones first, then city of ash and city of glass. then go on to read clockwork angel, then city of fallen angle then clock work prince. after theat city of lost soles, and so on. if you mix them together then you will understand more in each story. but yes Pleace read them. pluse you have the movie comeing out in augest. YAY!

Sadie I haven't read A Clockwork Angel or any of the infernal devices books. I did read City of Bones and I have to say it's worth reading. There's a bit of romance and a lot of action. So I would say give it a try.

Misty Totally worth reading both of my fab series

Rachel READ IT THEY ARE SUPERB!! First read city of bones, city of ashes, and city of glass. Then read clockwork angel, then city of fallen angles, then clockwork prince, then city of lost souls, then clockwork princess, then finally city of heavenly fire( when it comes out!) I listed them in the order of publication dates which is how I read them and this helps because each series complements each other and reveals stuff bout the other!!! These books have action, adventure, romance, and are sooo funny! They can make me laugh out loud!! They are sooo worth buying u won't regret it!!!!

Kirstyn This series is worth reading as long as this type of fiction is your cup of tea. It's fun and there is romance and intrigue and suspense.

Abbigail OMG you absolutely have to read these! Like they are so figgin amazing that there is no way anything can be better, and I love a lot of books. I read City of Bones first and I advise you to do that, too. Read them or live a life in misery!!!!!!!

BookDeliria (Dia) you should read this book woman.

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Erin I would highly recommend reading these books. I love love love them. Totally worth the buy. The movie comes out in the summer of 2013. The book is all was better

Sandra Thanks everyone! You all really helped me make my decision. I will give City of Bones a try, and read this series and the other one in the order you have suggested. Thanks a lot! :)

Rebecca Meh. I am in the minority, I read the 1st book and it was ok. Read the 2nd one...ok-ish. At some point I'll finish the series but I am in no rush.

Also there were some aspects of the books that reminded me of...other books.
That was a little annoying

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I highly recommend this series, especially if you enjoy fantasy fiction books. The Infernal Devices are the prequel to this series but i didn't read those and the series was still good. i loved this series and its a really good read.

Melissa I just started reading The Mortal Instruments series. I have to say, Clare's writing is less predictable than other writers in the Young Adult category. There's a bit of romance, lots of adventure, and a smidgen of mystery. I believe I gave City of Bones four stars. As one of the other comments said, go to the public library or your library's website for e-reading opportunities. There's lots of opportunities to read for free, which makes it easier to "try" a new author.

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Anna Adefeyisan you should give it a try im on the second book shes not the best writer but not terrible

Erika OMG, you haven't read this, I can't believe it, go buy it, now!!... (that's sarcasm btw)

So, if you're a teenager, which I think you are, and like a luuuuuuve story and characters who are supposedly so badass and hot, OMG! Then read this, all girls like that like these books...

Stéphanie uhh.. yes.

claudia This was an okay book. I read the first one and I loved the beginning but I feel like the author's writing got weaker as the story went on. I stpped reading this halfway through the second book because I honestly couldn't take reading those anymore. I know its a popular book, but I really don't see what is so fantastic about this because tbh I really didn't enjoy it all that much. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, that's just my opinion.

MCalhen MCalhen I really enjoyed The Infernal Devices books, which I read first. I prefer them over The Mortal Instruments, but I just finished City of Bones and mostly enjoyed it. I think it's a matter of writing improving with practice, and these were earlier books, so I'd say that Clare's writing just has gotten better over time. But I still enjoyed this one. (I also have a bias because I love Victorian England, fictional or not, and The Infernal Devices series takes place in that time period.)

Would I recommend it? Depends on who I'm talking to. I'm not really into the romantic aspects, and I actually don't hold much personal interest in vampires and werewolves (in a "I won't go out of my way to find books about them" but I don't avoid them either), but I really enjoy the characters and story and world Clare has created.

There is romance, though.

Check it out at the library, perhaps? C: I was going to do that, myself, when I first wanted to read the series, but one of my friends recommended them to me, and I trusted his I bought them. xD

Kassel Garibay If you'd like to have your heart broken in little pieces by different characters then yes, you should totally bother on reading this book. It has such intense emotions and an amazing plot. It's nothing like I have ever read before. It's one of my favorite sagas, definitely and I would recommend anyone to read it.
I read TMI first, and I'd recommend doing the same but it was fun reading TID and thinking "Ooooh, so that's why...." It's your choice, though. TID won't spoil TMI for you.
I really hope you enjoy this books and if you read them and want to talk about them with someone you can always send me a message (:

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Trew I just barely started readin it for the first time. I'm like 20 pages in and already hooked. Hope this helps :D

Samantha Vitiello In my opinion, this book is one of the best novels I have read. It is filled with action, involves a love triangle, and shows different relationships of the main characters. Personally, I found this book thrilling and I was never able to stop reading it. Every chapter there was a different event and problem Clary and her new friends to fix. The author, Cassandra Clare, was brilliant with her way of describing the events and the characters. Over the summer, my goal is to read the rest of the series! I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy reading fiction books and love stories.

Silke This is literally one of my favorite series ever. Cassandra Clare is one of my favorite writers. It doesn't matter if you read TMI or TID first. TID is the prequel series but I read all the TMI books first and it didn't really spoil anything for me. There is romance in City of Bones and even more when the series progresses! Definitely a book I would recommend!

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It is an amazing series. If you are going to read it i'm pretty sure the original order was the city of bones first and then when your done with the third book in the mortal instrument read the infernal devices then finish the mortal instruments. That's how i read it

Louise Hi, I actually wouldn't recommend it. I know everyone adores this book, but hear me out. (Obs, I've only read TMI book 1-4.)

The main thing that hit me, and later caused me to drop the book, was her style of writing and the quality of her writing overall. It is sloppy and unprofessional, and if you at some point get into the "zone" where you forget you're reading all together, she will wake you up in the next sentence. It happens all too often.
Her writing does improve over the course of the books, but sadly I don't think it improves sufficiently to call it "good writing".

Another big turn-off, I'm going to try to explain without spoiling, is the main love story. It is extremely awkward and distracts from the main plot. It turns the attention from the action, as well as all the subplots, to the vexingly problematic dynamics within the group.

In addition, the series was supposed to be composed of only 3 books, but she decided to write more causing the series to feel as if it dragged on.

She did have a great idea with an exciting plot, but she butchered it in her execution.

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Digi Demii I’m currently on the third book and I can almost feel it putting me in a reading slump.
I don’t know if it’s my age or the writing to be honest, but I’m having a hard time enjoying these books.
With the other two I found them not to be interesting until the end, yet both endings were kinda similar in a way, making me a bit worried to carry on the books for fear I’m going to know what to expect.
The main love “story” is exhausting and just plain weird in my opinion.
I genuinely want to love these books but I’m really having a hard time.

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