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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan Nolen (meggie1986) | 7 comments I want to know if anyone uses music and or chants in their meditation and if any of it helps them during the process of opening up and letting go. If anyone has any suggestions on what to listen to I am open to the idea.

message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana (sweetreader) | 2 comments Yes Megan, It is definitely possible to employ several methods to achieving that feeling if deep serenity and insight. I like to have meditation music (flute), at the same time incense, I begin a chant, (any vowel sound), which goes into deep breathing meditation. The important thing is in keeping the stream uninterrupted.

message 3: by Aaron, Moderator (new)

Aaron Carson | 1216 comments I do chant yes, In Hindi and Sanskrit with a Tanpura. I have special chants for morning and evening. And one can make it rain if I revers the order of two of the verses.

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