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Do you think Maisie will progress beyond post-WWI London?
Dana Dana Dec 31, 2012 10:03AM
I have read the first five books of the Maisie Dobbs series, and I keep wondering if Maisie will eventually move past this time period? The books keep mentioning tidbits about the the 2nd world war to come. However, do you think that Maise's work will eventually leave WWI behind?

I find it amusing that the author keeps finding story material for a specific timeframe, that has it roots in an event that occurred ten years prior. Perhaps, the post-WWI era had more un-resolved issues, than I imagined.

Yet, I must admit I want Maise to move forward timewise! I think it would be fascinating to see what kind of work Maise would have pre, post, and during WWII.

What do you think?

Unlike everyone else I would like her to stay in approximately the same time frame. She has begun to tell of all the problems of that time frame. It was such an important time the author should take the time to explore it in detail.

I have learned a lot from this series about WWI, but I hope she moves forward. I think Maisie is trying to evolve beyond her past in the war. She is also trying to carve out a niche for herself as a working, independent woman, long before it was fashionable. She's smart, strong, intelligent but I keep hoping that she meets her 'match'.

Looking forward to the new book that is coming next year(?) I think.

Yes, I would like to see her move a few years forward, not necessarily to WWII yet. I think there is a lot to tell about the pre-WWII years.

deleted user her latest novel is set in London, 1933. leaving Everything Most loved is her 10th novel.
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I too would like to see Maisie Dobbs move forward. I look forward to the Maisie Dobbs series and wonder just what is happening to her and the era around her and her employees and friends. I did enjoy her latest book and will always look forward to her next book.

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