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message 1: by Dan in AZ (new)

Dan in AZ | 2648 comments 1. Key Lucky, Robert Tacoma. Key West Gold Museum gets burglarized and Taco Bob and friends get involved.

2. Wild Card, James Swain. Prequel details Tony Valentine's start at casino secutity while still on the police force.

3. Zero Day, David Baldacci. First of the Puller series. Character worked for me.

4. Dawn Patrol, Don Winslow. I like everything he writes, even though there's not much surf in either Chicago or Arizona.

5. Dead to Rights, J.A.Jance. Continuing career of Sheriff Johanna Brady. Arizona settings improves this series for me.

6. Savages, Don Winslow. A different take on the drug business.

7. Bitter Medicine, Sara Paretsky. V.I. gets involved in an apparent malpractice involving a pregnant teen girl.

8. The Gentlemen's Hour, Don Winslow. Surfing P.I. takes the unpopular course in an investigation.

9. Elvis Has Not Left the Building, John Rain. The King is alive - although hiding his identity - and working as a P.I. in L.A. Not bad with a humorous Elvis.

10. The Black Box, Michael Connelly. Harry Bosch continues as a crusader for the forgotten, and it all works.

Year's total - 135.

message 2: by LizH (new)

LizH (liz_h) | 955 comments Love Winslow, working on Paretsky, you are a book ahead of me. Must try Baldacci.

message 3: by Merrilee in AZ (new)

Merrilee in AZ | 1116 comments I need to try Winslow, sounds like a series I would enjoy. Great total for the year.

message 4: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments I'm sure I've read Don Winslow before. Need to check my files!

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14407 comments Good month Dan!I really liked Winslow's California Fire and Life and always meant to go back for more.

message 6: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 1270 comments Great counts for you! I just downloaded Wild Card - I'm guessing I can read this out of order since its a prequel...I'm up to Deadman's Poker in this series. Also downloaded Zero Day. I really like The Black Box...felt like it was the Harry I know again. Haven't heard of Winslow before...will have to add to the list!

message 7: by Carol/Bonadie (last edited Jan 01, 2013 09:47AM) (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7899 comments 135 books! Wow. I thought I detected a reduction in harassing posts this year. That explains it.

Savages by Don Winslow been quite intense. Having been meaning to catch the movie, I detected some changes from the previews

message 8: by Dan in AZ (new)

Dan in AZ | 2648 comments Carol/Bonadie wrote: "135 books! Wow. I thought I detected a reduction in harassing posts this year. That explains it.

I'll make more time for harrassment in 2013; it'll be my resolution.

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