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message 1: by Mickey (new)

Mickey | 19 comments I thought it might be an interesting idea for people to post a movie that they saw, tell what they liked about it and get book recommendations based on that movie.

I'll start: I watched the movie I Love You to Death and I was struck by the black humor and the warped social commentary. I also enjoyed the hapless, incompetent criminals. (There used to be a lot of hapless, incompetent criminals in movies, but they don't seem to be in vogue now. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong movies.) I also liked the ethnic flavor of it. Can anyone think of a book that reminds them of this movie (or has these elements)?

message 2: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 193 comments I haven't seen that movie, but your description makes me think of Carl Hiaasen. You might enjoy his novels. Start with the first novel, as some characters reappear in later books.

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