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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Second Summer by Salem Patterson Salem Patterson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Second Summer

Book Description:

In Second Summer, thriller novelist Taylor Harris seeks somewhere to settle in and work on his latest novel. When he chooses the Eastmark Hotel, he does not know that the hotel's manager and driving force is Evelyn Scot, the woman he loved and lost fourteen summers before. In a series of painful and frustrating revelations, the separated lovers learn of all the things they have missed in one another's lives—and that someone intentionally kept them from communicating for many of those fourteen years.

As Taylor and Evelyn strive to explore and understand the years they spent apart and their lingering feelings for one another, Taylor's career and his renewed relationship draw unwanted attention from an anonymous fanatic who seems to know the author's every move—and who is bent on seeing that Taylor live up to his potential as a writer, even if it means eliminating all other distractions in the author's life. The writer's struggle with this new danger and the regrets of his past mirror Evelyn's own efforts to overcome the years of emotional uncertainty she experienced on her own and at the hands of her domineering and sometimes intimidating ex-husband, and the two learn they must depend on what they have together to help them through the troubles they each experience.

Featuring a colorful cast of primary and secondary characters and the insular beauty of the fictional Eastmark Hotel, Second Summer demonstrates the tenacity of true love and the lasting ways those who love and are loved touch one another's lives. Through Taylor's and Evelyn's relationships with one another and with their friends and family, this novel shows the intricacies of relationships and the bonds that transcend time and strife.

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Jonel I'd love an epub copy (pdf works too if that's easier) of this please.

Salem Patterson (Salem_Patterson) | 4 comments Jonel wrote: "I'd love an epub copy (pdf works too if that's easier) of this please."

Sent the epub version to your email. Hope you enjoy it!

Ruby Chua (rubychua) | 10 comments Would like to review this book in ePub version.

My email address is

message 5: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your request Ruby

message 6: by Ginnie (new)

Ginnie | 9 comments please

Salem Patterson (Salem_Patterson) | 4 comments Ginnie, what file type do you prefer?


message 8: by Ginnie (new)

Ginnie | 9 comments Kindle or PDF

message 9: by Ginnie (new)

Ginnie | 9 comments Thank you :)

Jonel Here's the Goodreads link to my review:

Also posting it on B&N, Amazon (.ca & .com) and will be on my blog ( in a few days.

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