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Kimora Princess | 42 comments Mod
The beautiful lake of Rocky Mountain.


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Brooklyn walked on the shore with her hair blowing behind her and a smile on her face. She slowly waded into the water and felt the cold blanket wrap around her feet and ankles.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments Dania beamed. "Ha! Beautiful lake. Im in dream..........." she looked around. "Except there's no hot guys around here to complete my dream."

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Brooklyn stood behind a big boulder and changed into a bikini. She skipped out from behind the rock and did a pose. "How do I look?"
The bikini top didn't show as much as a regular bikini, but it showed, she dashed into the water with a smile and sheshe tackled Lily into the water.
She stood up and walked over to Lucy, "Ya, Gabriel Kent is reeeeeeeeally cute." Then she went under the water.

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Brooklyn smile at Lily's genius, but bra and underwear was a great, but strange idea.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Woah! you're giving everyone the wrong idea if you keep splashing and hugging like that." she said, smiling before she dipped herself to the cold water with her jeans short and her Beatle'ss tight t-shirt.

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"What?" Brooklyn said. Was her bisexual showing?

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments Dani narrowed her uspiciously at Brook. "Ohw.... nothing."

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"Okay." Brook layed down and let the water hit her so she could get a tan.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "Jeez... tanning? Lets play some game. What do you think?" she glanced at Lily and Brook.

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"I wish we had four people." Brooklyn said."Then we could play chicken."

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments "four..." she looked around. "Who's the fourth one. Don't you have some people from your school in this camp. You should ask them to join us." she said. Stretched out a little.

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"I do have friends, I could text Kaysie, and yeah, I wish there was hot guys around." Brook said.

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Lucy Tearling | 44 comments She smiled. "Don't invite guys to join us. You will drive them crazy with you're..." She looked pointedly at their boobs and shrugged. "you know what I mean."

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Brook laughed and ran to her phone. She texted Kaysie: C'mon to the lake, we gon play chicken. We need four people and we only have my cabin, plus I reeeeeeeeally miss u.

Ten minutes later Kaysie ran up, still in full clothes. She then stripped down to her bra and underwear and ran up to Brook and hugged her.

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