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Which Faction would you be in?

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Alice This is about what Faction you think you would be in the world of Divergent. Not necessarily the one you want to be in.
I think I would be an Erudite or Amity :)

((Savanha)) I would be Erudite most definently!! Plus their faction color is blue and my favorite color is blue, it was meant to be.

Chantelle Probably Erudite, even though they are the bad guys.
I'm to much of a wimp for dauntless.
Amity is just too happy.
I could never be in Abnegation, from what they have to live like, that would be hard.
Candor would be really bad, spilling your secrets to everybody!
I would probably be divergent if it was a faction!

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser I'd be either Erudite or Amity, since those are the only ones I would be able to. I'm too wimpy for Dauntless, too selfish for Abnegation, and I lie easily. I'd probably be Erudite.

Brittany Well I would definatly be divergent cuz I would be dauntless and abnegation and not because that's what she is in the book but because I could never be amity (to rude lol), or erudite (not smart enough, I am average in that department), and neither candor (I just don't like being truthful if it means hurting someone else and it's just easier to lie lol).

Sophie Well, I'm a bit of a mixed bag...

Erudite - I'm smart (Not arrogant, OK? Just being honest. Look at my school report) and I love learning and reading.

Abnegation - I am fairly selfless, and I almost always put others before myself. If someone is missing out on something I am doing/have done, I will give up my place to that person.

Dauntless - I am brave and I stand up for what is right and for what I believe in. I don't tolerate bullying at school, and I am not afraid of much...except of heights. Scary. Very, very scary. Lol :)

Those are my main three, but I suppose I could be Amity... I am kind most of the time and endeavour to make sure no-one is excluded or put down. I am the peace-keeper between friends and try to solve and remain out of fights, but let's face it - as Four so bluntly puts it, "How do you stop conflict without conflict?" - sometimes I just can't help fighting, and a majority of the time it's either in defence for myself or someone I care about.

I could never be Candor, though, 'cause I am continuously lying. Especially if it gets me out of trouble lol :) But sometimes it is to protect someone against something they shouldn't know or something that would hurt them.

If I had to choose a faction though, it would totally and utterly Dauntless :)

Sarah Beth If I were living in the dystopian world of "Divergent," I believe I would choose to be in the Candor faction on Choosing Day.
Why I'm not Amity: I like drama; peace all the time would be boring to me.
Why I'm not Abnegation: I like looking at myself to make sure I'm not disgusting. And I love my opinions. :P
Why I'm not Dauntless: Although, I don't believe I have many fears, I don't believe I have the physical capabilities to get through initiation, so it would be a waste of time, and I would most likely end up factionless.
Why I'm not Erudite: I am smart. I like to learn. I love to read. I sometimes get off on these random obsessions where I have to learn everything about a certain subject. Erudite would be the faction I would choose if Candor didn't exist.
Why I'm Candor: I am naive. I am gullible. It's easy for me to trust others. I just assume what they tell me is the truth. So why should I lie? Therefore I don't. Very rarely do I lie, and when there is a time where I feel I should lie, for the sake of the other person, I try to say what I mean in the nicest possible way.

Lauren I took a test, and it said I should be in Dauntless, but, I could see my self In Candor or Abgenation. (Don't judge my spelling) I loved the series, oh my gosh, I cannot wait for the third book. But, If I chose, I would choose dauntless 100% because I wouldn't stand telling all my secrets, (candor) and I could be pretty selfish sometimes (Abgenation), Im not very wise (Erudite) and I love drama, I cant keep peace with anything. Dauntless kind of fits me, in a way. i don't know, It is a tough question, because we don't live in there world.

Tina J I'm not honest enough for Candor.
I'm too selfish for Abnegation.
I'm definitely not brave enough for Dauntless.
And I'm too average for Erudite.

I am peaceful though and I do have a bit of a green thumb!
I reckon I'd be Amity.
And lucky for me, it's the only faction that seems desribale to me!

notyourfriend I wouldnt fit into any of them :(
I am all of them in a way...
-Im NOT like Abnegation because im not more concerned about others contentment then my own.
-Im NOT like Amity because im not a crazy lover of music and the arts and im not flaky.
-Im NOT like Candor because i am not not easily offended and i am not seen as sometimes insensitive.
-Im Not like Dauntless because I am not seen as abrasive.
-Im NOT Erudite because I dont try to understand how evrything works and I do sometimes make decisions based on instinct or emotions.
-I AM like Abnegation because I dont like to draw attention to myself and I can be seen sometimes as quiet and kind.
-I AM like Amity because I can be extremely indecisive.
-I AM like Candor because I try to be as honest as I can and I prefer to hear the truth and I do believe that if everyone is honest with each other the world would be a better place.
-I AM like Dauntless because I dont let others dictate my behavior and I do what I believ is right no matter what. I believe the world would be better if people werent afraid to do what is needed. I am seen as strong and bold.
-I AM Erudite because I do sometimes make decisions based on logic. I do believe the world would be better if everyone were devoted to learning and are well-educated. I am seen as intelligent and insightful.
....................................................... So you see my dilemma. If I was in Tris' world, I would be 100% Divergent! ;)

Keith Mausisa Paigetwo wrote: "I wouldnt fit into any of them :(
I am all of them in a way...
-Im NOT like Abnegation because im not more concerned about others contentment then my own.
-Im NOT like Amity because im not a craz..."

TWO THUMBS UP!!! haha I feel that same way too!! =))) I am 100% both a Divergent and an Insurgent haha!

Billie Spartalis I would be divergent ! Ha ha

Definitely Dauntless, if I had to choose (but the way it used to be, like Four talked about, not under Eric's rule!)!

Stormblaze I would so be Dauntless, even though they are corrupt. I like Four's idea for what Dauntless should be. I think that i would be divergent though! I could never be selfess enough for Abnegation, Amity... just SO not me, I like reading, but I hate learning all the time, so Erudite is out. Candor, I would never choose. Another reason I would choose Dauntless, I would fit right in with them. I am loud, I am a thrill seeker, and I am Dauntless.

Tiffani I would either be dauntless or erudite.

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Mica Definitely Candor- I could be Amity if I wasn't so brutally honest; Erudite because of my craving for knowledge (and truth!) :] Now that I think about it, I'd probably be heavily Divergent between Candor and Erudite.

I would love to be Dauntless though. I love the whole energy of that faction and the idea that we can be brave through even the smallest actions.

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Ceccy A lot of people say they'd probably be Divergent, and I do think that's true. It's hard to just be one thing without the other... hm.
Personally, I'd probably end up in Erudite - whether I'm divergent, was born in another faction, whatever - I'd choose Erudite despite the fact that they're the badguys. I wouldn't be like the minions who just follow Jeanine, I'd help the Dauntless in the end.

Mia;emma Dauntless because i dream of karate chopping the bitches at my school and the loser boys 0_0
and also i want to meet someone like Four..ah

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Eli Probably Amity, considering how terrified I am of conflict. I like living in harmony with people, even if I like being alone too.
Then again, I could also be Erudite because I love learning, and Abnegation because I tend to put others before myself... But then again I usually do that to avoid conflict !

Alice Sometimes I hate how honest I am... candor...

Alice I will keep telling myself that I would be divergent. I hate conforming to anything, even non-conformists. Hmmph!

Sarah I would be a divergent between erudite and dauntless probably. Does that make me evil??? -.-

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I would choose Dauntless, just for Four

Wendy Dauntless- it will whip me into shape but.... Too scary
Amity- after the peaceful serum they have HELL NO!!!
Candor - truth serum? Don't even go there!!
Abnegation - and not indulge?
Erudite - they're smart and always have the latest technology =D Plus I bet they live in their libraries. Just imagine >.<

Karina Zourik I would be born Amity, but transfer to Dauntless. I'm brave for the ones I love, though I am a scaredy cat, but I don't care. I would be a proud Dauntless Pansycake! XD

Katherine Olivia Abnegation- Waaaay too vain for that! (i love myself a bit too much haha)
Candor- pathological liar
Amity- i'm nice, but i ADORE drama haha
Erudite- I suck at sciences

Soo i'd probably be dauntless cause i'm a risk taker and i'm pretty brave (although i'm thinking my enormous fear of needles would probably cause a problem...)

Dude, I'd totally end up factionless...

Aliyah I don't know which faction I WANT to be in. They all seem kind of sucky in a way, haha. But I took a bunch of quizzes and got Amity every time! Haha:)

Rachel I took a quiz and got Erudite as expected....

Katie I would probably be divergent with aptitude for both Candor and Erudite.

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Vee Gretzinger Mia;emma wrote: "Dauntless because i dream of karate chopping the bitches at my school and the loser boys 0_0
and also i want to meet someone like Four..ah"

dayyumm, good way to put it! i'm with these girls ^^^^

Keith Mausisa Vee wrote: "Mia;emma wrote: "Dauntless because i dream of karate chopping the bitches at my school and the loser boys 0_0
and also i want to meet someone like Four..ah"

dayyumm, good way to put it! i'm this t..."

Very well said! :D

Pranshu I would most probably be Erudite.

Samantha Truth is I would most likely end up factionless I think :( unless Dauntless was how it was intended to be then, I would be Dauntless.

-I'm not honest enough for Candor.
-Although I can be selfless I don't think I could handle their life style at all.
-I am a happy person and I try to be nice to people (and I am) I couldn't possibly bare to live with people who are always like that, it would drive me insane!
-I'm smart but again I don't think I'm good enough for Erudite.
-If any faction, I'd have to say Dauntless but I can be kind of a scardy cat at times lol and my fear of spiders would be a problem.

Annaliese Factionless. I would definitely be factionless...

Or could I be... Divergent?

Daniela Dauntless!! or Erudite i don't think i would choose candor, i hate personal questions and it's very easy for me to lie, i'm peaceful but life so peaceful would be so boring without discussions of fights for fun, but i love risk, and i'm afraid of highs just like four i think i would fit in there =) so Dauntless.

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Vee Gretzinger ok, i hate to say this...but i feel like in a way everyone can be divergent. and its not a faction. so lets here what FACTION you people would MOST likely be in...

Jesten I would like to say Dauntless but I am most certainly an Abnegation kind of person.

Sacha I would be in Dauntless probably. There is not much that I won't try; skydiving and bunjy jumping included. I like to feel my pulse racing and I hate to be bored. Plus, I look good in black. I took the test on my copy of the book and it said Erudite or Dauntless. I guess I'm a smart adrenaline junky.

Samantha I just took the test on their Facebook page and as I thought I came up Dauntless :D!

Hannah This would be a really hard choice but I would either choose amity or dauntless possibly erudite. It would be hard to be kind and caring all the time though and dauntless are just badass so.... I love the fact that they love to face they're fears it just seems so cool and extraordinary. Now I'm kinda smart idk erudite just seem like Einstein smarticle know it alls but in the end they are pretty badass too. They're also kinda sexy with those glasses if ya know what I mean...

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Tris prior I would be like tris, Divergent! ( Dont tell anyone ;) i would choose dauntless because i am brave and want to do something big when i'm older, like save a group of people! but i would also choose erudite, im smart and love to learn more things. and also abnegation. their way of living is beautiful. i like to help out but i can be selfish sometimes. maybe even candor. secrets are hard to keep!

Autumn I would be in Candor

Danie Amity or Candor

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James Honestly I have no idea... my family would be a mixture of Erudite and Dauntless.

Both of my parents rode in the rodeo growing up, both worked security (Mother for NASA), but at the same time, my father was a Nuclear Engineer, and my mother has 2 engineering degrees of her own so...

I dunno... in the world given, I think I would be happier in Dauntless, with all that freedom and physical training (I played multiple sports, and have been a soldier for 10+ years), I think I could easily forget about my thirst for knowledge...

Renae I think I'd fit into Dauntless or Amity.
But I'd much prefer Dauntless!

 Little "Dani" Blue I don't know what I would be? I would love to be Dauntless but I am not a risk taker when it comes to my life. Nor that big on excersice.

My test would probably say Amity. I am a peace lover, but I disagree with some of there ways. And life there seems boreing compaired to Dauntless.

I would not be Erudite. I am not at all smart and not stuck up like they are.

I am not as selfless as the Abnegation standards would like. If I chose them I would probably be a rebel in disguise.

And I lie too easily for Cantor.

All in all I would probably choose Dauntless even with all the negatives.

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Izzy I took the test in the back of the book and I'm divergent. A mix of Candor and Erudite

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Emma I think I could be Amity. Not neccessarily what im want to be but, i think it would be the place I could be genuinely happy in. it is pretty obvious that after reading the books everybody wants to be in Dauntless, but I don't think I could keep up with the constant competition.

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Jade There is no way in hell I would be candor or abnegation, I find it way to easy to lie and I'm not very selfless, I can be quite violent so maybe amity won't be the best for me if they want peace ...

So probably erudite or dauntless...

JJHeart I think I would be in Erudite. But I would transfer to Dauntless or stay in Erudite. I can't be honest all the time, or peaceful 24/7, or selfless all the time.

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Ammo I would probs be Erudite but being in Dauntless would be fun and i do like a bit of adventure :P

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