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John Cleaver 4?
Bettina Bettina Dec 31, 2012 06:53AM
Does anyone know if there" going to be a fourth book? It has been a year now and I know that Dan Wells is writing other books too, like Hollow City, but I'm really scared that he's going to stop. So, does anyone have some kind of information about it?
From a desperate fan.

Andrew (last edited Jan 23, 2013 07:50AM ) Jan 23, 2013 07:47AM   1 vote
From what I read this will be the last in the series.
He has recently release a book named Partials, which is supposed to be a new series of books.
Unrelated to the John Cleaver series

Dan Wells released a novella "Next of Kin' and the first book in a new John Cleaver series comes out in 2015 called 'The Devil's Only Friend'.

My understanding is that the John Cleaver stuff is a trilogy and is finished. While I really enjoy them, I also empathize with authors who want to work on new things and am excited to see what comes out of his mind next.

well you guys already know there are 6 books

I too thought it sounded like the end of the 3rd book (trilogy) was going to lead into a new series with John & Brooke as partners in crime fighting demons with the aid of the government resources. So fingers crossed that will happen eventually.

As far as I understood it from what I've read on the Internet, the first triology is finished, but there will be another one dealing with John's and the government's fight against demons.

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