Being Nikki (Airhead, #2) Being Nikki question

How would you handle the situation that Em Watts is enduring?
Ashley H. Ashley Dec 31, 2012 05:22AM
While most people may wish to look like a supermodel, I believe that the way that Em presents herself as a young, intelligent girl is wonderful. I personally would not be able to handle this situation knowing that I would be completely artificial and purely not myself. "It's what inside of you that counts."

I would go crazy. What would I do without my family with me all the time? (I have eleven sibs)

I would think that It would be very hard to handle with all the pulicity.

I would probably not have handled it as well as Em in some cases, but in other cases i know what i would do but Em doesn't seem to think about it. I feel like when Em panics, then she doesn't think straight, kinda like me.

I think it would be hard to lose my identity so severely, but i suppose i would have to create a new one for myself that incorporates both the old a new parts of what makes me, well, me. xxx

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