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message 1: by Tina (new)

Tina (tinamats) | 2665 comments 2013 is upon us in a few hours, and since the new year is always the best time to start reading resolutions, goals and reading plans. Because we're all curious, and we like looking at other people's plans and book choices, do share your 2013 bookish plans here! :)

I know for a fact that some have started on their plans as early as Christmas. There's been several discussions on Twitter for this a few days ago (and we saw how OC some people can be :D).

There are also some of us who have blogs have posted their reading resolutions, so if you have blogged about it, just share the link here so we can drop by and comment

Have a bookish 2013, everyone! :)

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina (tinamats) | 2665 comments And here are my goals! Rough pa lang, since I only wrote them down an hour ago. Hihi.

1. 52 Books in 2013
Because I've always believed that the key to happiness is lowered expectations. Haha. Kidding aside, I am aiming lower this year because I found that I started reading slowly late in 2012. Maybe I'm just busy or something, but I realize that maybe I should lower my 100+ goals to something more a book a week. Plus, I am venturing into new genres this year, so I don't want to pressure myself with reaching a big goal. So, 52 books seem good enough.

2. 4 Chunkster/Doorstopper books in 2013
I'm trying to embrace the reality of doorstoppers, and you know, not fear very thick books. Heh. I read 2 of them last year, and I want to read more of them in 2013. I intend to read one every quarter. :)

3. 5 Classics
The usual goal of reading more classic books. I only got to 2 in 2012, but I hope to finally reach 5 this year. Well, okay, I got to 5 in 2011, but three of them were children's classics and two were rereads, so I hope next year I would tackle new ones. :)

4. 20 Filipino Books
I was surprised that I got to more than 20 Filipino books this year. I thank the Filipino ReaderCon for this, because I got access to more local fiction. I look forward to more of that this year. :)

As usual, there are plans of lowering my TBR shelf to 2 digit numbers, but alas, I am not really going to count on that. Not when there are so many more books to read and acquire/borrow in the coming year. :D

message 3: by Dardenitaaa (new)

Dardenitaaa | 15 comments MY 13 READING RESOLUTIONS FOR 2013

1. In the attempt to read more books than I did for 2012, I am challenging (and committing) myself to read 60 books for 2013 which pretty much translates to five books every month. Yes, let’s be ambitious.

2. I will write and blog more book reviews from now on, even if this means dragging myself to the computer and sacrificing what few hours I have left for sleeping. [Subliminal plea for sympathy successfully inserted.]

3. I will try to be less cranky and less jaded about books and authors I’ve had bad experiences with in the past. Forgiveness, as they say, is key to a happier life. I will abandon my pompous, high-brow ways by always reminding myself that books also have rights against discrimination.

4. I will keep on holding on to my simple philosophy in life that I should never ever judge a book by its movie. (*cough* 2013 film adaptations *cough*)

5. I will save more money for book-shopping, but shall restrain myself if my TBR pile exceeds what’s humanly-possible to manage or is just plain ridiculously monstrous.

6. In the nth attempt to become systematic, I will now dedicate monthly TBR lists and wrap-up reports.

7. I will encourage more people to read and will never ever become stingy in letting friends borrow my books.

8. I will support Philippine Literature by buying books written by local, home-grown authors.

9. I will read as much Classics as I could.

10. I will finish a High Fantasy Epic this year.

11. I will attend book signings by authors if my schedule permits.

12. I will save up money to buy myself a huge bookshelf on my birthday.

13. I will never forget to have fun.

message 4: by Tamz (new)

Tamz (crazyfunkywild) | 18 comments Basically, to read the physical books that I have. I've been held off for so long fro reading non-textbooks yet I kept buying so I have many unread books.

ALso, explore the world of ebooks and ereaders since I just got myself a Kindle Fire HD

message 5: by Jovi (new)

Jovi (silvakreuz) | 5 comments Happy New Year, everyone! :) I have below a rough list of what I want to accomplish—reading-wise—for 2013.

1. Read more physical books than ebooks. This is because I have more of the latter instead than the former. I'm afraid I won't be able to touch the books on my shelf if I just read books on my laptop/Kindle. The books on my shelf won't be happy if I ignore them :(

2. Read more classics. I came from a good university from another city, but my English Literature classes didn't involve that much discussion and reading of literary classics, which I find quite embarrassing sometimes.

3. Finish (or at least attempt to) a book a week. Given the nature of my work, worst case is to finish a book in two weeks.

4. Write more comprehensive book reviews on Goodreads, research more about the books and their authors, and write/edit stories of my own. All this reading must come with application after all.

I expect to add more to this list as the days pass :)

message 6: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariasm) | 2441 comments Tina, gagayahin kita, kaya 52 books to read in 2013 din ang peg ko! :)

message 7: by Monique (new)

Monique (attymonique) | 2126 comments Happy New Year everyone! :)

I don't go for quantity when it comes to reading - I've been with Goodreads since 2010 but I haven't joined its annual reading challenge where I'm supposed to challenge myself to read N number of books for the year. For me, I do this kind of reading (as opposed to reading for my work) for pleasure, so I am not inclined to count how many books I have read or should read. :)

But what I will try my best to do is to keep from falling into another reading slump like what happened last year, sometime in the fourth quarter. I have always been faithful in writing my notes about the books I've read and in updating my blog, so the only bookish problem I encountered last year was the slump. I will try my best to prevent falling into one of those again by reading something new for a change, a book from a genre I haven't explored in a while or one that I would never imagine I'd read in my life. :P

And, of course, there's the perennial TBR pile. Previous attempts to cut it down to a manageable number (less than a hundred? 50?) have failed miserably, as I acquire more books than I actually read. I will think of ways to minimize the acquisition.... starting today (because I bought yet another 3 books yesterday! Weee!). :D

message 8: by Darliza (new)

Darliza (parentheticals) | 5 comments Hi, everyone! Happy new year! Here are resolutions for 2013. I'm reposting this from my blog.

1. Read at least 10 pages of a book everyday. This is a pretty humble goal, but it’s specific and achievable. I also find myself reading more than 10 pages after I get started. I just have to get started.

2. Read more books written by Filipinos (5 books).

3. Read more poetry (5 books).

4. Read more non-fiction. (5 books)

5. Immerse myself in the reading community (book swapping, join discussions in local and online book clubs)

6. Read books more than I accumulate them. By far the most difficult resolution in the list.

Target number of books to read this year: 25

I know that isn't a big number for books read but I don't want to overwhelm myself this year. :)

message 9: by Aaron Vincent (new)

Aaron Vincent (aaronvincent) | 2053 comments 70 Books
I did 68 on 2010 and 70 last year. I think 70 is a doable yearly goal for me.

Finish a series I started the previous years
I'm going to finish at least 1 long series I started na. It's going to be either Stephen King's Dark Tower series or Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Read more books written by female authors
Every year I try to read more female author-written books and always fail. Usually it's just 20% of the books I read. I will try really hard this year. I already have authors whose backlist I am eyeing: Ursula Le Guin, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis and Jane Austen(because I thoroughly enjoyed Pride and Prejudice last year! :D).

Explore new genre/subgenre
At least 5 books from a genre/subgenre I haven't tried yet. Still no idea which genres I'm going to try.

Complete an author's backlist
I always wanted to say something like, "I'm a _____ completist!" I'm not even a John Green completist yet! How dare I?! I'll probably cop-out on this and just read John Green's Will Grayson Will Grayson to complete his backlist. But if I feel like being diligent and noble (noble daw? haha) on accomplishing this, I'll probably finish Jasper Fforde's or Brandon Sanderson's.

Start on Wheel of Time
Finally, the last book is coming out! All the more reason to start on it. While it is highly improbable that I will finish the entire series this year, I am going to try. :D

message 10: by Kai (new)

Kai (kylitakinse) | 8 comments For the 2013 reading challenge, I plan to read 25 books for the year. Well, read at least 25 books.

Aside from my reading resolutions, I also plan to jog at least once a week (YEAH BURN THOSE FATS) Haha.

message 11: by Tina (new)

Tina (tinamats) | 2665 comments Aaron Vincent wrote: "Explore new genre/subgenre
At least 5 books from a genre/subgenre I haven't tried yet. Still no idea which genres I'm going to try."

*cough*Romance*cough*Chicklit*cough* :D

message 12: by Aaron Vincent (new)

Aaron Vincent (aaronvincent) | 2053 comments Read several Nicholas Sparks novels and Time Traveller's Wife long long time ago. They're considered Romance, right? Then it's a genre I don't get which is weird, I like several romance films.

Pride and Prejudice and the rest of Jane Austen's novels are considered Chicklit, right? Then I got it all covered on my Read More Books Written By Female Authors goal. :P

message 13: by Tina (last edited Jan 02, 2013 02:58AM) (new)

Tina (tinamats) | 2665 comments Aaron Vincent wrote: "Read several Nicholas Sparks novels and Time Traveller's Wife long long time ago. They're considered Romance, right? Then it's a genre I don't get which is weird, I like several romance films.


Oh but Pride and Prejudice is also a classic, and it is not shelved in romance/chick lit shelves, so we can say it's different. :P People don't call Austen chick lit anyway -- it almost feels like it's disrespectful. :P

I knew I should've given you a contemporary romance book last Christmas. :P

message 14: by Nix (new)

Nix (macronikki) | 9 comments I plan to up the ante and read 50 books this year (an achievable number). This way I get to read all those titles I hoarded at the last book fair. Also, I plan to TRY to finish Crime and Punishment this time. hehe

message 15: by Louize (last edited Jan 03, 2013 01:07AM) (new)

Louize (thepagewalker) | 1830 comments I posted reading goal, plans, and resolution here.

I plan to tackle 80 books this year. I did 72 last year, so guess 80 is a safe number.

I want to read more books from those series I started. I hope to give them some real effort this year.

I am among the many who made this promise but failed miserably to actually do it. I believe I need to read, at least, one every month.

Literary Awardees
I have them, and they are piling up. More encouragement please.

Buddy Reading
I had very few last year, I hope to join more this year provided that it will help me chunk off my TBR pile.

message 16: by Tina (new)

Tina (tinamats) | 2665 comments Louize wrote: "Buddy Reading
I had very few last year, I hope to join more this year provided that it will help me chunk off my TBR pile.

I want to join more Buddy Reads, too, but I feel like I'm such a bad buddy because I can't keep up. ^^

And yay, a new blog! :)

message 17: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (jennachristy) | 35 comments Hi guys! Haven't commented on the group acct for so long, but anyway, I'm very idealistic but optimistic this year so I challenged myself to read 175 books, haha. I read 156 books last year..good luck to me! And to everyone! Happy new year!

message 18: by ☼Marian☼ (new)

☼Marian☼ (mgdc) | 242 comments A prosperous 2013 to all!

This 2013 I plan to....
...stop reading books just because everybody's reading it. at my own pace.
...learn to highlight.
...stop using receipts, calling cards, utility bills, flyers as bookmarks.
...list down who borrowed which books & don't hesitate to tell them to take good care of it. Midrash to my kids.

& up with my 2013 slogan. "Save & Invest 2013" by enhancing my financial literacy through reading more investment books/blogs & put it into action. Take calculated risk. Do not be afraid. I own you 2013! bwahahahaha!

message 19: by Stella (last edited Jan 11, 2013 05:47AM) (new)

Stella (stella_meimei) | 8 comments Happy 2013! Since I posted on the Best of 2012 list, I thought I'd post some 2013 resolutions as well.

- Support local publishing. And not just the newest compilations from Jessica Zafra/Ramon Bautista/Chico and Delamar (yes, I'm not afraid to admit it), but more Filipino authors and novelists. These last six months found me going through That Kind of Guy and Love Your Frenemies, but I'm also moving towards other genres as well. Like, say, Elmer or one of the Trese books.

- Finish The Hobbit before the next two movies come out.

- Read funnier books from female authors. Last year was the year of Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling (I recommend Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, by the way; it's a little less sarcastic than Bossypants but worth it for the stories about her family and her struggles as an actress), and I already have high hopes for Caitlin Moran. If Amy Poehler decides to write a book, I will line up for that as soon as possible.

- Finish The Age of Innocence and Anna Karenina, which are still sitting inside my Kindle for iPod Touch. (I would love to have more hard-copy books, but classics are free on Kindle and I've all but used up my Amazon GC on books I like.)

- Try to read more contemporary romances... or at least some Regency-era romances with better plotting and copy-editing. (Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.)

- Take the books that I have not read or may never be able to finish, and put them up for adoption so they won't crowd out the new books I will actually want to read. (American Gods, I'm looking at you - I knew I should've started with Stardust instead!)

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (thundermilk) | 65 comments Wow! feeling ko ang noobs ko sa libro sa mga resolutions na nabasa ko.. :) saludo ako sa inyo! :)

Ang aking mga 2013 resolutions na mala-baby steps..

-20 na libro (bukod sa mga libro na required sa course ko :)
-magbabasa ng mga libro na sinulat ng mga Pinoy :)
-ubusin lahat ng ebooks na meron ako
-magbasa ng ilang classic books
-magparticipate sa mga book discussions

message 21: by Nibra (new)

Nibra Tee 15/100 Fiction Novels

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