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John I listened to this book on tape a few years ago and I found the author's view of Jesus and Christianity very refreshing.

Nova Sianipar If you're just a believer this book is good for you to be a True Christian. It's not Catholic, Protestant, or others Christian... It's just Jesus Christ in a human being, like us.

Scott We get to wrapped up in how our Church views Jesus and it is refreshing ot view him from some one else's view point. We all come to know Him with a certain preset that we have hones over the years.

Mike Hi guys I am new to goodreads.
I love all of Yancey's books. I have found this a good one to lend to non-christain friends who struggle with the 'church'.

A query - is goodreads a sort of library, or not? How do I get access to books??

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