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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments I didn't do so well last year (my schooling really caught up with me!); I didn't really factor in all those senior writing classes getting in the way of reading. I have kept my goal lower this year (60 books) because of student teaching and, hopefully, starting as a 1st year teacher in the fall. Next year I will amp up on the reading :)

message 2: by Sheena (new)

Sheena | 174 comments You so can do this!!!! Your a SUPER fast reader!!

message 3: by Staisha (new)

Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments Haha Thanks Sheena :) Ill need my cheerleader this year ;)

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 1. The Mancode Exposed by Rachel Thompson 4/5 Great for some snarky humor on the difference between men and women :)

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 2. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare 5/5 I have found a new, great love for Shakespeare! I love that I can teach a story that is so portrayed as a love story, and show my students that love was the last thing on Shakespeare's mind while writing it.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 3. The Tale of the Body Thief (The Vampire Chronicles, #4) by Anne Rice 5/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 4. Short Stories By Ray Bradbury, including All Summer In A Day, The Toynbee Convector, A Sound Of Thunder, Here There Be Tygers, The Fog Horn, The Meadow, The Long Rain, The Exiles, Embroidery (short Story), I See You Never, Marionettes, Inc., The Veldt by Hephaestus Books 5/5 Ray Bradbury is a master at recognizing the plight of humanity and ensnaring us in our own pitfalls.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 5. Permanent Winter by Grant Palmquist 3/5 Could have used more plot development and characterization. This could have been due to me reading it on my kindle app. (I have not enjoyed many of the books I have read on the app compared to paper books.) Interesting plot concept though.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 6. America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams by Steve Economides 4/5 I love all of the advice they give to live on a better budget and reduce debt. I absolutely could not stand the constant switch between 2nd and 3rd person, as well as the atrocious grammar and tense shift throughout the entire book. (and that doesn't usually bother me!)

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 7. Lady of Devices (Magnificent Devices #1) by Shelley Adina 5/5 Absolutely loved the story. It did seem to move very quickly, almost to quickly, but it kept the novel intriguing. Wish I could afford to buy the last two books in the trilogy! (Steampunk novel)

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 8. Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice 5/5 It may have taken me 3 months to read, but I love the depth of thought that comes from reading Anne Rice's writings. Makes you really think about the Creation story...

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 9. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien 5/5 This book never gets old. I loved teaching it even more!

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 10. There Are No Children Here The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in The Other America by Alex Kotlowitz 5/5 This was really eye opening. I usually don't read non-fiction, but this was almost better that fiction.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 11. The Giver (The Giver, #1) by Lois Lowry 5/5 Forgot how great of a read this was. Really gets you thinking about how society should be

message 15: by Kara, TBR Twins (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3957 comments The Giver is one of my favorites too.

Great job with your challenge so far!

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments Kara wrote: "The Giver is one of my favorites too.

Great job with your challenge so far!"

Thanks! I'm hoping I can make up for lost time :).

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 12. The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium, #2) by Stieg Larsson 5/5 Lizbeth Salandar is such a great character to follow.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 13. The Selection (The Selection, #1) by Kiera Cass 5/5 I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I kind of expected a cheesey teenage romance, but it was more intriguing than that. I can't wait for the next one to tome out.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 14. Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7) by Patricia Briggs 4/5 I love these books, but I feel like this one was lacking the drive I normally feel in the other books. Mercy also seemed to be less than herself and more meek and submissive.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 15. Divergent (Divergent, #1) by Veronica Roth 4/5 Great plot (makes you think) but the main character drove me insane! Yet another weak female character that wants to be strong, yet relies way to much on other characters.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 16. Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt 5/5 I actually started crying while reading this! The hidden meanings behind each drawing and how Doug talks really bring much more to the story.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 17. Tweak Growing Up On Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff 2.5/5 I feel horrible for not liking this book. Nic Sheff spills his story about dealing with chemical addiction, yet I didn't feel any emotion behind his words, nor did I entirely believe his sincerity of not relapsing (which he did 4 times in the book). If I had felt more emotion, I would have enjoyed it more.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 18. The Pledge (The Pledge, #1) by Kimberly Derting 3/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 19. Goddess Legacy (Goddess Series, #1) by M.W. Muse 2/5 While the plot was interesting, the main character was just like Bella in Twilight; unable to do anything but mope unless she had her man around. Infact, this novel was alot like Twilight, except for Greek Mythology. Thank Goodness for free kindle books

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 20. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt 5/5 This nonfiction story was very interesting, especially in the way it was presented. It didn't really address the murder, but more the way the Savannah culture lives and reacts.

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 21. All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1) by Gabrielle Zevin 5/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 22. Night Seeker (Indigo Court, #3) by Yasmine Galenorn 5/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 23. Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) by Becca Fitzpatrick 3/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 24. Rapture (Fallen, #4) by Lauren Kate 4/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 25. Reign of Blood (Reign of Blood, #1) by Alexia Purdy 3/5

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments 26. Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) by Cassandra Clare 5/5 I absolutely loved this trilogy. It is very similar to The Mortal Instruments series, but Clare is able to create characters in which a reader is able to fall completely in love with them. My only complaint would be the lack of real confrontation between the automatons and the magister. I feel like a little part of me dies every time I finish a great series!

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Staisha (robertst) | 52 comments Omg I haven't updated this thing in a month!

27. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold 5/5

28. Because It Is My Blood (Birthright, #2) by Gabrielle Zevin 5/5 Can't wait for book number 3! This series really makes you think about the role of government and family in our lives.

29. Insurgent (Divergent, #2) by Veronica Roth 4/5 I still am not feeling the main character. All of the characters seem to get lost a little.

30. The Descent Series, Vol.1 Death's Hand, The Darkest Gate, and Dark Union (Descent, #1-3) by S.M. Reine 5/5 Though the flashbacks needed more of a segue into the story line ( i didn't know if it was a flashback or not half the time until after), the plot was well thought out.

31. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy 5/5 Why must all classics make me think so hard?!? Is it really worth it to live life for our own pleasure?

32. Crescendo (Hush, Hush, #2) by Becca Fitzpatrick 4/5 While the main character drives me crazy, I am actually drawn to the angel/demonology behind the plot. If only the main character wasn't so annoying.

33. 11/22/63 by Stephen King 5/5 Exceptional

34. Silence (Hush, Hush, #3) by Becca Fitzpatrick 4/5

35. Finale (Hush, Hush, #4) by Becca Fitzpatrick 5/5 I find it hard to believe that someone who had been kidnapped would act so brazenly as the main character, and her memories came back way to quickly, no development in that part of the novel. Otherwise, bravo.

36. Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey 4/5 While I generally do not read erotic literature, this actually had some plot to go along with the steamy bits.

37. Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13) by Charlaine Harris 4/5 Compared to the last few in the series, this book was actually entertaining and not as repetitive. I enjoyed the focus on Sookie and not her love life/affairs. Though, I hope this is the last in the series.

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