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I've heard from my niece that the movie version of Eragon was disappointing. (But she continued reading the series, though.)

City Of Bones
I am number four
Percy Jackson

I Think that the Lightning Thief should never have been made into a movie it drastically changed the plot, I don't think Camp-Halfblood had been done to justice and the movie just really disappointed me

deleted user I think Lightning thief could have been really good but they completely stuffed it- the story line and all the actors being like 18 yrs old instead of ...more
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in later ages the directors normaly keep toghether with the original plot, like the book and movie lord of the flies per exemple.

i hated the way they did the City of Ember movie it totaaly changed the plot from the original story :/

My brother read eragon and the following sequells and he hated the movie when it came out :/

I have a friend that says that twilight books had a nice story and then the movie with the casting they have and the way they did the movie were awfull

I hope that no one ruins the movies from Mortal Instruments, Catching fire, Beautifull creatures and Host .... i love those books and they have great stories behing them.

My father said, once he wach the hunger games movie, that the way they filmed and the way all the movie was organized, and especially for the buget (or what ever it spelles) was very low to do this movie he conclued that the movie was awfull (HE DIDN'T CARE BY THE STORY BEHIND IT :C .... and i don't want people to misunderstand the story behind books and all the meanings (simbolic meaning many times) they have behind.)

I use to hate reading, expecially when i was forced to read ones (i still hate to read books for school like Maias for now... that Eça Queiroz couldn't write chorter chapters? ok i liked the story but PLEASE STOP with the LONG chapters, it is tirefull for the readers) but then i read the declaration by Gemma Malley and i found my favourite type of book, then i offer this book to my bestfriend and she and i trade critics of this book and when to find more so we dis. We read Mortal instruments beacause of that book, we read Hunger games, because of that book, we read every book we read because of that book... and i recomend that to the ones who like, principly, dystopians book.

Besides those points you had of making a movie from a book could ruin the book, i still think that is a bit interesting to compare the view that we had when we read the book and the view of the director who directed the movie, and compare what is there and what could be, what things were very important to be on the movie that were in the book but then they don't appear in it... Me and my friend done this while we were watching hunger games movie..... Thoes guys forgot to put the dead tributes eyes in the mutants (this description appears in the book and i thiough important to be on the movie but i guess that could do very difficult for the fx to do that (i've experience the 3d programs so i know what i'm saying) these things involve lots of logis and coordenations and such stuffs)...

Since I view movies as a type of summary of a book, I'm okay with most of them. I don't like movies that stray too far from canon, but I'm okay when story lines are trimmed or skipped for the sake of time constraints.

I'd rather see a fabulous trim version of a book on film than a religiously-followed bad version, personally.

As for actors and actresses not looking like the characters, I'm not too fussed. Just because my brain interprets what a character looks like while reading, doesn't mean the actor won't do a great job.

Also, unless a character in a book is written with a certain actor in mind, and said book actually is made into a film, and said actor is cast, there really is no way to get it just right.

To answer the original question, though, mysteries translate well, as do adventures. Stephen King does not. His novels should be mini-series or multi-movies or left alone. Only his short stories work well on screen (Shawshank comes to mind).

Well if you don't like them don't watch them but I like them. I know they ruin them little but they also had a new twist sometimes that is cool

I agree, but I'm curious about what books-turned-to-movies *you're* thinking of...?

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The Series of Unfortunate Events. They are pretty good books, and the movie was alright; however it didn't keep with the spirit of the books and it combined the first three books in one movie yet never made any more films.

Also, The Hobbit was not a great movie.

deleted user I definitely thought it was fantastic in terms of cinematography, but I didn't love it as a adaption of the book. That said, I'll definitely be seeing ...more
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I think the movie version especially of current books get more people to read. The movie is NEVER as good as the book, so if you go in thinking that then only dramatic changes really matter. Eragon was mentioned as being a terrible movie which it kinda was but that series made me angry in the end so I have removed the whole thing from my bookcase at home. But movies like I Am Number 6 made the book more exciting. Twilight movies were super accurate. The casting was ok, it's no ones fault that Kristen Stewart was semi hung over the first 4 movies. Percy Jackson was just rushed. Its hard to make a movie where all of those events happen and introduce ALL of your characters and concepts.

City of Ember didn't go very well in my opinion, and they never continued the series.

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