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message 1: by Ruiisu (new)

Ruiisu | 21 comments Hello! Has anyone been working on anything new?

message 2: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie Lloyd (mllo13) Well, I kind of had this cool new idea on a story about the sword in the stone except for the main character being a boy, it's a girl. I don't really write them but I always come up with ideas and I always share them so anybody can feel free to use my ideas.

message 3: by Ruiisu (new)

Ruiisu | 21 comments lol i see! Sounds like a good idea. I am to lazy to write lately...

Kensiethebookworm (kreeves) | 59 comments Mod
that's good!

message 5: by Daij (new)

Daij | 1 comments hey wattpad is a cool place to discover and publish your work if you like want to get it known and stuff
I found a cool story I've been keeping up with for a while

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