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Banallt's Rake Past Question

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Audrey Rane wrote: "Was it that he may have loved his first wife, but not like Sophie, not enough to reform? "

Rane, I think it's this. I don't know why he married her (are you sure he was in love with her from the start?). I thought it could have been that it might have been arranged or something and he came to love her/grow fond of her over time.

♥Aicha~high~on~books♥ Rane, I believe there were 2 crucial differences.
1. the degree/intensity of love shared with first wife was way lower!! Remember that sometimes his attraction to Sophie is even unwanted on his part but he just seems helpless under its spell.
2. There was a commitment involved with Sophie, to love, to respect and more importantly for her exclusivity. He was "Spoiled" for every other female. ;-)

seton I agree with Audrey. It was probably something like an arranged marriage and he loved her as a friend but he certainly not obsessively IN love as he was with Sophie.

I loved Scandal but CJ sure didnt fill out a lot of things.

MaryReadsRomance I also felt that the 1st marriage was arranged based upon family lines etc. He "loved" his wife probably because she was beautiful, well bred, performed her duties well, and she was also the Mother of his daughter.

But he also never really talked or shared any intellectual interests with her (he mentions not getting to know a female's mind several times).

From what I gathered in a conversation between Sophie and him, he was 20 when he married.

"But she was right. If he’d met her when he was twenty instead of when he was thirty, he’d never have gone close enough to her to hear her speak. He was proud then, callow when it came to women, though he would have denied the accusation since in those days he’d believed sexual experience and appreciation of women were one and the same."

And so not knowing really what love was, he probably thought he did love his wife - until he really did fall in love - with Sophie.

Jessica I haven't finished it yet, but I would have liked to know what happened to his wife, how she died -- he only cared about his daughter, but he should have therefore cared more for the mother of his child.

Gigi Parker I think very similarly, a political or arranged marriage would garner respect and a certain type of child love or rather caring. I think that was the kind of love Banalt referred to when he said he loved his wife. With Sofie I think he was IN love. Like the opening chapter explains.. against his will and his intellect and his prior tastes. IMHO...LOL😉

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