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message 1: by Aethia (new)

Aethia | 12 comments Mod
A poll will be put out (usually mid-month) and imgurians will vote on which books they would like to read next month. The book with the most votes will be our primary selection and the next highest one will be our secondary selection.

The first two weeks of the month are reserved for reading. This allows everyone to read at their own pace, as life can have it's way with us one way or another at times.

Mid-month a discussion will be opened up for the primary book and in it will be a small questionnaire to fill out. Don't worry, it isn't long or heavy. Just some questions to get your thoughts going and help you express your opinions. You don't have to follow the questionnaire, of course. But it will be there for you, should you need it.

If you have already read the primary book, or do not feel like reading it at all, you can choose to read the secondary book. There will also be a discussion opened up for that one as well.


message 2: by Dylan (new)

Dylan M (thegreatannoyance) | 9 comments So we can expect a Hobbit and Enders Game discussion opened sometime in the next two or so weeks?

message 3: by James Haikin (new)

James Haikin | 20 comments Mod
We can probably put one up now for people to talk about stuff as they read if they want. Might want to put up two: one with spoilers, one without.

message 4: by Dylan (new)

Dylan M (thegreatannoyance) | 9 comments I would almost set up a goal chapter for the ongoing discussion, so whoever moderates it will post "Chapter 7 Now open for discussion" whenever that date hits. Rather complex but perhaps an idea for the future.

message 5: by Robin (new)

Robin Erickson So is this still a thing? Or is the Imgur bookclub not happening anymore?

message 6: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Singleton (sammiidarko) | 2 comments Was wondering that too :P

message 7: by Lori (new)

Lori (lollymolly) | 4 comments I think it's sort of petered out

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurabzz) | 2 comments Hey guys, let's do it! Pretty please.

message 9: by Animée (new)

Animée (animee) This was such a good idea. It would have forced me to finish reading the books I started and just can't seem to make myself finish :/

message 10: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Richards (amanda_richards) If any of you are in the Orlando area I host a mostly book club. We are currently reading the the first book in the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson....

Feel free to join!

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