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To make a vampire please answer the fallowing questions and be accepted by a moderator.



DOB(date of birth):



Appearance: (please a paragraph long with a photo or link)

Personality: (please a paragraph long)

History: (please at least a paragraph long)



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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 10 comments Mod
Full Name: Constantine Eros Nero Erebus Aimalune
Nickname: Nero, Eros, or even Erebus

Age: 5,489 looks about 19-21
Birthday: up-to-date he was born on December 25
Gender: Male

Powers: Aimamancy-control of Blood and an affinity for animals.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Black with natural blonde streaks
Eye Color: His eyes change color often according to the mood of the one he is after. (view spoiler)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 130 lb.

Personality: He is rather charming in appearance, but that is not to be mistaken for his true feelings. He is cold-hearted and believes in nothing but blood purity. He has always stuck to the ways of his mother. Those born vampires are higher than those turned into vampires. His whole life is surrounded by regret. He has no power over today's vampires and believes a civil war should be started against those of order and purity and those of anarchy.

History: Born in an ancient city of Greece, long forgotten by mankind. He is said to be the last of the first pure blood vampires. His father and mother were the first known vampires in recorded history. Caine, the son of Adam, and Lilith, the first wife of Adam.
Together they had Three children. Constantine, Kasha, and Lamia. Lilith taught her children how to perform what was once known as the Embrace.

Vampires are created through a process called the Embrace. The Embrace is similar to normal vampiric feeding - the vampire drains her chosen prey of blood. However, upon complete exsanguination, the vampire returns a bit of her own immortal blood to the drained mortal. Only a tiny bit - a drop or two - is necessary to turn the mortal into an undead. This process can even be performed on a dead human, provided the body is still warm.
Once the blood is returned, the mortal "awakens" and begins drinking of his own accord. But, though animate, the mortal is still dead; his heart does not beat, nor does he breathe. Over the next week or two, the mortal's body undergoes a series of subtle transformations; he learns to use the Blood in his body, and he is taught the special powers of his clan. He is now a vampire.
Some vampire clans Embrace more casually than others, but the Embrace is almost never given lightly. After all, any new vampire is a potential competitor for food and power. A potential child is often stalked for weeks or even years by a watchful sire, who greedily evaluates whether the mortal would indeed make a good addition to the clan and the line.

Lamia was unable to bare children so she used this knowledge to take children from their cribs and perform the Embrace. Kasha, however was prideful and felt no one should be as blessed as herself. She would destroy and ravage many whole villages in a single night. Allowing the waters to run fresh with blood.
Constantine only used his gift to seek pleasure from mortals, never truly making them immortal, but putting them under the power of the vampire and making an army at his disposal. Caine and Lilith's 3 quickly turned into 13 of the first vampires. Almost instantly vampires ran wild terrorizing the world of man, children of Adam and Eve. Caine saw the horrid things his kindred had done and immediately called them forth. Constantine often used his armies to provoke mankind into wars with his siblings armies. Constantine after several centuries of feuding with his sisters went traveling. In his travels he met a king name Lykaon, who invited Constantine and Caine into his palace and offered them the flesh of mortals, his mortal sons. Caine had apparently learned many things from his witch of a wife and had cursed the man. This began the history of the werewolves.
Caine returned to his city, but Constantine did not. He continued his travels up until he came upon another pure blood vampire of another line. She was flawless just as he was and held a beating heart just as all pureblood vampires did. Changed vampires were called undead due to technically still being dead with no beating heart. Constantine instantly fell in love with Sybaris. He even made his mortal slaves build a city in Greece in her honor. Of course, now it is in ruins.
Sybaris and Constantine had no children together, but seemed happy without them. After returning to his father's lands chaos seemed to still be over running.
Caine instantly commanded that they all flee the lands and the original 15 had founded the great city of Troy where mortals and gods lived among one another. It was in Troy that mortals and vampires co-existed in peace.
Later, Greece had declared war upon Troy after the son of Lamia, Paris, ran off with the mortal woman, Helen. A great war broke loose and ended in tragedy. The mortal's gods fell along their sides. Caine and his wife was burned to death by the same flames they introduced to mankind to give them knowledge. Kasha and Lamia both fled to the far East. Constantine awoke in the night to his father's city burning. He tried to flee with his love, but was captured. At day break at the first light of the gleaming son upon the ruined city walls Sybaris was burned at the stake. Vampires then were not burned by the sunlight, but had light sensitivity to their eyes. However, this very act of burning the love of Constantine was the start of the myth of vampires being killed by sunlight.
Constantine was spared with several of the mortals that worshiped him as a god. At this point Constantine welcomed death unto him, but death did not come. Constantine was being tortured by the fates having to walk on the lands with mortals who once believed him to be a god. In his eyes this was the worse punishment a pure blood vampire should ever have to face. This was a fate he did not wish upon any of the other kindred.
After the Roman empire at last took over. Constantine had managed to work into what is known today as London, UK. He had almost believed he was the last of his kind had he not known that his sisters were creating armies to run wildly in the lands of Africa, China, Asia, Japan, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc...
Constantine soon received word that his sister Kasha and her lover had been killed in Egypt. She was seen as the Queen of the Nile in Egypt. Known as Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony. He also learned that after centuries of evolution that the many new bloods of the age were completely allergic to sunlight as it turned them to stone and ash. Lamia was later reported to have been at last driven from Africa and killed in Libya.
Though each successive generation of vampires proved weaker than the last, they made up for it with greater numbers. In the ziggurats of Babylon, in the palaces of Crete, in the tribunals of Rome, vampires ruled as shadowy tyrants, forever using mortals as food and unwitting soldiers. Vampire warred with vampire, clan with clan, and thus - from the ancient rivalries of the First City - was born the great Jyhad, which is still fought today. This war Constantine wants reverted to pure blooded vampires vs. bitten vampires who undertook the Embrace.
The Kindred reached their worst excesses during the early Middle Ages. During this period, many vampires ruled openly, smothering peasant and lord alike beneath their nocturnal grip. The vampiric population reached unhealthy numbers, and it seemed that the Earth would belong to the Kindred forever.
Constantine ventured to France at this point discovering what became of the old king Lykaon. He had created an army and set his children forth through the world as France was haunted by a beast known as the Loup-garou. Constantine discovered the descendants of Lykaon went by many names world wide just as vampires did. Upon returning to the UK he quickly set out in finding the last of the eldest vampires.
The Children of Caine, in their hubris, began to flaunt their power flagrantly. Terrified peasants whispered of the monsters in their midst - and the Church began to listen. The reports of a few horrified priests spawned a frenzied Inquisition, and vengeful mortals rose up in a tide of fire and blood. Though individually much more powerful than mortals, even the mightiest vampires could not stand against the humans' sheer numbers; vampire after vampire was dragged from its lair and hurled into fire or sunlight.
In the throes of the Inquisition, a current of revolt gripped the Children of Caine. Younger vampires, who were being deployed as sacrificial lambs by terrified elders, began to rise up against their sires and masters. In Eastern Europe, a group of vampires learned how to sever the mystic bonds through which sires controlled their childer. Soon all of Europe seethed beneath a nocturnal revolt, as rebellious childer threw off the yoke of their masters. Between the Inquisition and the revolt of the vampire "anarchs," it seemed as though the Kindred would not survive.
And so, in the 15th century, a council was called. Seven of the 13 clans united in an organization called the Camarilla. With its advantage of numbers, the Camarilla suppressed the anarchs and agreed to exist behind a great Masquerade. The council created laws with Constantine at the head, the last true child of Caine. The laws were called the Six traditions, much like the ten commandments of mortals.
Never more shall vampires rule openly, the lords of the Camarilla decreed. We shall hide among the mortals, and conceal our natures from our prey, and in a few decades the mortals will know vampires only as myths.
Thus, the Masquerade was born, and the Inquisition gradually forgot its original target. Those anarchs who would not join the Camarilla were driven into the wastes, from which they would later emerge.
But alas it was not to be something to reign forever. The Camarilla had a revolt from within and was overturned. Constantine still hold strongly to the old ways, but once he had no more followers of having a council of hierarchy every vampire in existence became common with no leaders or kings or queens to keep order. With the discovery of the New World and the dawn of science, humanity gradually forgot about the Kindred, relegating them to the status of childhood legends.
But, though hidden, vampires were still quite real. The wars of the Jyhad raged on, though the nights of open battle were replaced by sudden ambushes and maneuvering of human pawns. Weaving their webs throughout the ever-expanding cities, the Kindred eschewed their previous games for more methodical but no less deadly ones.

And the wars continued down the centuries, and continue still. The Jyhad rages as it always has - though skyscrapers take the place of castles, machine-guns and missiles replace swords and torches, and stock portfolios substitute for vaults of gold, the game remains the same. Kindred battles Kindred as they have for eons.

Crush: Open to both genders guys over all

Family: Dead: Father Caine, Mother Lilith, Sisters Kasha and Lamia, Wife Sybaris

Other: He speaks French, Greek, Latin, Italian, German, Russian, English, Romanian, Swedish, Arabian, and several other languages. He plays Piano, Guitar, Violin, Harp, and a small number of stringed instruments. He also writes music and lyrics and even books, as well as paints and takes photographs.

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Accepted! Would you also like to help me with moderating?

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 10 comments Mod
yeah sure...i just took the character from the group i made that is like this if that is okay

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Geri (gerim) | 59 comments Mod
It's fine

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Onyxia The Dragon | 42 comments Name:Christina Rose Evans
Age:1200 - Looks 17
DOB:February 16th
Powers:Christina is like a psychic.She can sense things that others can't.And, she in fact, can see the spirits of others.
Christina is very pale skinned, like most vampires.It is very smooth to touch.Her eyes are like storm clouds, a very dark grey.She has hair that goes down to her breasts and it is as black as coal.Her height is 5 foot 6.

Personality:Christina is calm and quiet.She mostly keeps to herself and she prefers to be alone.She spends time at home painting, sketching, or playing the violin.Those hobbies always make her happy.If you get to know her, you'll see that she very sweet and kind.She wouldn't hurt a fly.
History:Christina used to be the daughter of a Catholic priest.He was a little eccentric, and his beliefs were very unusual.He was actually the towns Supernatural Hunter.He was well known for disposing the dead, like vampires and werewolves.One night,her father threw Christina a birthday party and invited the whole town.That night, Christina thought she met her true love. A man, a very handsome man, who had also seemed to take a liking to her. They were out in the balcony...when it happened. The man had wrapped his arms around her from behind...slowly moving her hair away from her face...he leaned down...and bit her neck. Christina knew she would never be the same after that. The man disappeared after he had taken satisfaction with her blood. She grew very ill in an instant and she passed out while walking back from the balcony. The old priest looked after his daughter and did everything he could to help her, but all in vain. Christina died within two days, or so he thought. As the old man grieved for his daughter in his room, Christina awoke as a vampire in her own room. Terrified, she ran away, knowing her father would most likely try to kill her.
Family:Her father is dead now, but she has a cousin who still lives today.
Other:Christina has a pet owl named Silver.She is extremely fond of him and keeps him with her at all times.

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Kate Kid (katekid) Name: Ash VanDel

Age: 17

DOB(date of birth): 10/31

Gender: Male

Power(s): Control over fire,
Can blend into the darkness
Can feel where things/people are.

Appearance: Pitch black hair. If you look into his beautiful grey eyes they make your heart melt. He doesn't smile much but if you get on his good side and he trusts you, you will be blessed with his pearly whites. He wears a hoodie most of the time with the hood up, and always wears dark colors. His eyes also turn bright red when angry.

Personality: He's very quiet and doesn't talk much or trust. He's had a hard past (Which you will read under this....). He often hides in the shadows because he hates to be judged, to be hated for being him. He is creative and shares his emotions by his art/music. If you do gain his trust, however, he will talk and be more open. He may not, though, tell all his secrets or talk about his past.... that's just something that he doesn't do.

History: (c) When he was born he was abandoned by his father. His mother had to raise him through his entire life and he didn't mind. He loves his mother with all of his heart. She is the only one that has stuck with him through his entire life. In fact, he only had one friend, his name is Sam. The kids started picking on him right when he started school. His pitch black hair and perfect grey eyes always bugged them for some reason. He was always the nobody. He didn't want to be a somebody though. So he didn't really care.... He was in fights a lot when he got into middle school. His friend Sam who he had meet in 5th grade was never around. When he got to high school he was beaten on a more regular basis and sometimes it involved knives. Sam and him were the strangest couple around (Friend couple), Sam was built, while Ash always seemed scrony, he was strong though. One time, he got into a fight with these kids, four of them to be precise. They had stabbed him in the stomach, and he was taken to the hospital, with no hope for survival. That's when someone snuck him vampire blood. (Going by Vampire Diaries way....) He healed and his mother was so happy.... a few days later, she introduced her new boyfriend to Ash. The boyfriend was a jerk.... after only a day of knowing the guy, he beat Ash. That night, Ash told his mother and she clamed that he was lying. In total sadness, he ran out of the house and was pulled into a dark alley. The four men that had stabbed him before was there, they beat him.... to death.... They left his dead body in the alley way and that's when Ash woke up, but this time, he wasn't human.... he was a vampire....

The first time he changed was horrible, he was walking around, he had a special thing that wouldn't let him burn in the sunlight. He has a small charm around his neck. Well, he was walking around the school yard when someone fell and they started to bleed. The matalic smell of blood got into his nose and he couldn't control himself. He had to run and hide in the alleyway. His fangs apeared and he screamed in agony, the pain horride. That's when he sees one of the four guys who had killed him walk up to him. They yelled at him, "How many times do we have to kill you?!" He was freaked. Ash couldn't control this urge, he bit him, drinking his blood.... thus, Ash was immortal....

Family: None, at least.... I can't go back to them....

Other: He's a vandal, he plays the drums, a bit of the bass, and guitar and he can sing.

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Onyxia The Dragon | 42 comments Katniss, would like to RP with Christina?

message 11: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Sure. :3

Onyxia The Dragon | 42 comments Cool :) Where should they meet?

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Kate Kid (katekid) Forest?

Onyxia The Dragon | 42 comments Okay :D

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Kate Kid (katekid) :D

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