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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Jane | 3 comments I'm very excited to cull the shelves! I'm a little nervous because some of TBR books are a little thick, but with a little planning I don't think I should be too over whelmed...I hope!

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Jane | 3 comments I'm starting the walk with Lark & Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips. I'm hoping to average 3 books out of the pile a month, so I'm hoping to also read The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich and The End by Salvatore Scibona. I'm really not sure why I haven't read these books already!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

LOL, I know how intimidating having chunksters in your stack can be! I had been dying to read The Religion (by Tim Willocks) since it was released and I had it in my stacks for close to four years! I kept pushing it back because it was 688 pages long! I finally tackled it however, and it feels great to have it done! Of course, now I'm waiting for a shipment of books that includes the second in the trilogy, The Twelve Children of Paris. The shipment is late and I'm getting twitchy: If it doesn't come soon, I won't be able to get in before the Fall releases come out!

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C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) A chunkster being 450 pages, I have two such challenge themes on my radar. I'm saving them until I blow through most of my other events. I'm in.... yeah, I'll come out and admit I'm in 40+ of these. Strategizing is a very good thing! Right now I'm in a "finally just read whatever I feel like" spree but all of them fit at least 3 themes. :)

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