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message 1: by Jen, Super Spunky! (last edited Oct 15, 2013 05:33AM) (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Okay, I think that this is my list. I'm going for books that I want to read and have been meaning to get around to for awhile now. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

1. Anna Karenina read
2. Cryptonomicon
3. Mistborn: The Final Empire
4. Musashi
5. Spring Snow
6. Storm Front
7. The Eye of the World
8. The Key to Rebecca
9. On Wings of Eagles read
10. Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia read
11. The Name of the Wind
12. The Way of Kings read
13. The Casual Vacancy read
14. Night Road

message 2: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
LOVE it....carry on...(chuckle!)

message 3: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
1st book done! I'm going to start Anna now... I think!

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
OOOOO....I was at Barnes & Noble last night looking at translations for War and Peace. What translation are you going to read? I read the one that Oprah came out with for Anna Karenina years ago...the Pevear and Volokhonsky version. SO....I think I'll read their tranlsation for War and Peace too. Let me know! LOVE your list BTW! I'm dying to start Cryptonomicon. I think once I read The Name of the Wind, I'll want to read the whole series...LOL!!! I'm saving that one for a little while...

message 5: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Hey Pam! Okay, so the Anna version that I have is the B&N classics version translated by Constance Garnett... I'm considering checking out what different ebooks of Anna are out there, or maybe I should just be happy and read this version?

message 6: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
2 down, 12 to go! :)

message 7: by Sonja, (Da-Sonja) (new)

Sonja | 881 comments Mod
I finished my third this weekend!

I liked Safe Haven. I hadn't read a Nicholas Sparks book in a long time because I read a bunch of them in a row a few years ago and got tired of reading the same book over and over again. This one was different! I really liked it! Thanks for telling me to read it and give him a second chance!

message 8: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Yeah, Nicholas Sparks is an author that I burn out on easily, just like Jodi Piccoult. However, they do make for a great go-to author when I don't know what else to read. I think that Safe Haven is my favorite Sparks book... I loved how we got to peek inside the wife-beater's head, to understand how he felt - and how he actually thought he was doing what was right. That's probably what made the story for me.

message 9: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
....AND....did anyone get that the neighbor was the ghost? LOVE LOVE LOVE that twist!!! I loved Safe Haven....but I think it's right on the level of The Lucky One for me. As for that one...I loved how the connection was made at the end of how her brother who was killed in the war was familiar to her new paramour. How something as little as a picture can be the "lucky thing" for a soldier...I loved both of those books. Now I can't wait to see the movie for Safe Haven. Sammi and I went to The Lucky One and she got it for me for Christmas too (she knows me so well....) LOVE IT!!! I could watch it weekly I swear!

I agree about Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult. I have to admit though....I haven't read a Jodi in awhile...from Sing You Home on...I've not read anything, though I've read all the others. Have you read any of her new ones?

message 10: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Pam, oh YES about the ghost.

I haven't read The Lucky One yet... I don't think anyway. I need to get right on that. Did you guys see The Last Song? I enjoyed that book, and I also liked the movie.

I haven't read much of Jodi's newer ones. I think that the newest one that I read was about the lady who ended up suing her OB doctor (and ex-best friend) for failure to warn her about the disability of her unborn daughter. (The girl with the brittle bones, she was born with lots of broken bones.) I did start listening to Lone Wolf, but the narrator was horrible, so I decided to put it off and read it someday.

message 11: by Sonja, (Da-Sonja) (new)

Sonja | 881 comments Mod
Jenni, you reviewed The Lucky One...

I don't think I've read any of Jodi Picoult's books, but I've heard good things about them. Maybe this time of year when I want to read lighter books would be a good time to read one.

I did like that the neighbor was the ghost. I want to see the movie now!

message 12: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Hehe, okay I did read it! Now I need to go back and see my review. Then I'll remember it.

message 13: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Now I remember!

message 14: by Sonja, (Da-Sonja) (new)

Sonja | 881 comments Mod
lol! It was a while ago!

message 15: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
It was! It was a good book, and I'd love to see the movie.

message 16: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
The movie of The Lucky One is AWESOME!!! I love the soldier character theme. So awesome how that all panned out in the end. The movie is awesome because Zac Effron is HAWT....O-M-G....ladies....dude grew UP from the High School Musicals!!! (gasp!)

Sonja....I recommend Jodi Picoult as really nice summer reads...they are quick and the more mature she has gotten as a writer the better she is at her character building. The only one of hers I really didn't like was her very first...Songs of the Humpback Whale. But even's an interesting story...and shows how she has matured through the years. I have a few favorites if you are looking for one....

message 17: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Me too, me too!

message 18: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
Getting ready to start The Way of Kings! :)

message 19: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
Is Sonja reading this too? I have to admit...Sammie and I are having a hard time loving #4. Not too sure what I think about this GOT. I'm just passing page 300 on my Nook....and I'm HO-HUM. Wishing it were MUCH better. And the fact that he is making the lesser characters MORE....too jumbled and I'm MISSING the majors he is NOT hitting on....keep us updated on your progress for sure.

Did you just see them perform One Day More on the Oscar's??? O-M-G. We MUST see this at the Des Moines Playhouse next year...

message 20: by Sonja, (Da-Sonja) (new)

Sonja | 881 comments Mod
I haven't read any of the GOT books yet. Jenni gave them to me (I think...) for my Nook, but I have yet to load them or read them. I hear they're really good!

I did see One Day More!!! It was great!

message 21: by Jen, Super Spunky! (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 913 comments Mod
6 down, 6 or 8 to go, and I'm working on number 7. I've gotten side-tracked by so many books this year... Hopefully I'll finish the challenge this year, but I'm not going to stress out if I don't. :)

message 22: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 232 comments Mod
How are you doing on your list??? I just finished!!! Number 12...DONE! SO....I am volunteering a gift card to Nook for new books as something to put in the hat for those that finish. I know Sammi is almost there and you too Sonja....I need to check with the others. I know my mom has been reading but hasn't updated her list by crossing them out. I'll check with her too....I LOVE THIS!!! I'm already geeking out and have started my next year's list ideas....holy cow....

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