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Christine Hannon Chris Hannon's A Hairdresser's Diary - This fascinating book written by the spouse of our very own Ron Hannon has proven to be a hit within the Agency, especially with our female clients who are relating to the story with enthusiasm. Groups are in the works to discuss the book and Chris has generously agreed to come in, sign the books and meet with the clients, which promises to be very rewarding for many of these kids.

Bill Sanderson, Executive Director St Leonard's Community Services

St. Leonard’s Community Services is recognized as a leader in the field of community justice, employment, youth and family and addictions and mental health services.

Sharla Lee Shults I highly recommend Christine Hannon's book...an excellent portrayal of survival amidst adversity. You will experience oscillating emotions as you journey through her voice of happiness as well as heartache. Hers is a story of never giving up, a story of survival under most unexpected circumstances.

Christine Hannon Thank you Sharla
THis book has certainly taken on a whole new life now that St Leonards Society has bouight it for their groups. I am so honoured with your wonderful review.

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