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Rose (dottedlines) Dear ____________,
I'm not quite sure what to call you, my little book of secrets. While diary sounds too girly and childish, journal sounds too formal. Perhaps, for now, I shall just call you my little book of secrets. It's appropriate, although I doubt I'll have many secrets to write about. My life's not quite as interesting as I had hoped it be.

Speaking of interesting, I do have one humorous event to record. As you know, coming to Hogwarts is no breeze. First, you must run through a wall (yes, a wall(!!) ) and then take a train. The first time I had to run through the wall, I flipped. It was preposterous, why should any sane child have to run into a brick wall? Isn't that what adults have told us not to do?! Nevertheless, I completed the journey, running into walls and all. Now, to the humorous event: a young boy, about 10 years of age was going to Hogwarts as well. Witnessing the trouble he had going through the wall was quite a laugh. I know my little book of secrets, I shouldn't be laughing at another's bad luck. After all, that was me just four years ago! But I couldn't help myself. It took the poor lad about 3 tries just to get his luggage through and by then, Nessa and I were laughing like mad! Momma was very disappointed at us and only Nixon received pumpkin pastries for the train ride. Nessa made him share, so all was well.

I have to sign out my little book of secrets. Exhaustion has taken over me and my eyelids are closing at an alarming rate. I have to keep pitching myself awake. Ouch! Come to think of it, little book of secrets is quite a long name for a journal. I shall give you a name-- perhaps Lynetta, after Momma's old barn owl! She was a sweet old thing. Yes, it has been decided, your new name is Lynetta. Good night Lynetta. I hope I shall more interesting things to report soon.


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Rose (dottedlines) Daer Lynetta,
Unfortunatly, I have no interesting news to report, although I did start up a conversation with another student named Suzume in class. I don't know what gave me the courage to do such a thing, but I'm glad I did so. At least I know I have at least one person to talk to. Anyway, I've enclosed a letter I send to Mother. I msut admit, I did exaggerate a bit, but Mother sacrificed so many things and worked so hard to make sure we all got into Hogwarts. I just want her to be happy.

My dearest Mother,
It's not the same without you. I enjoy school and all; the kids are nice, the teachers are inteligent beyond belief and the Headmistress is kind; but I miss you dearly. They served pumpkin pastries the other day and I must say, they cannot compare to yours. I do not mean to upset you, Mother. I really love it here at Hogwarts. It's an amazing experiance in general. I still cannot believ I'm actually here.

I cannot wait to visit you! I talked to Nessa the other day, briefly. She was busy with her new friends and such so there wasn't much time to chat. She said she wrote a letter to you as well. As for Nixon, I haven't seen him lately, but I heard he's on the Quidditch team. I'm going to try out as well, Mother! I'm quite excited. Wish me luck.

Don't worry, I'm doing well in all my subjects, except for Potions. I'm pretty sure the professor there has it out for me. And I stil read everyday. That is one hobby I could never give up. I miss you , Mother and I hope to see you soon.

I've written a haiku for you. I know how much you love Sycamore trees.

The Sycamore tree
Sways in the soft summer breeze
Its leaves billowing

Your daughter,

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