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message 1: by Jenny, Group Creator - Honorary Moderator (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) | 846 comments Has anyone seen this yet? What did everyone think? Was the book better? I'm wondering whether to go or not.

message 2: by Cecily (last edited Mar 05, 2009 05:34AM) (new)

Cecily | 576 comments I haven't read that specific book, but the only Kinsella I did read was awful!

It wasn't funny, but neither was it remotely plausible and if it had been written by a man, people would be outraged at how sexist and banal it is!

You wanted more debate - that should stir things up a bit!

You won't be surprised to learn that I won't be seeing the film. LOL

message 3: by Jenny, Group Creator - Honorary Moderator (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) | 846 comments Ha ha ha!! Love it!

message 4: by Cyd (new)

Cyd | 20 comments Wait for it to come out on DVD. I read the book and it wasn't that great, how can you be a financial expert and be so much in the hole? Like you said Kinsellas books are highly implausible.

message 5: by Cecily (new)

Cecily | 576 comments "Implausible" is the most minor of my criticisms! LOL

I hope those that enjoy Kinsella are not disappointed by the film/DVD, but I have no intention of seeing it.

message 6: by Kipahni (new)

Kipahni | 144 comments I just saw it, typical chick flic but I liked that it came out during these shady times of recession

message 7: by Epee (new)

Epee (Epers) | 28 comments I read some of the book, it was awful but the film might be better. I might get the dvd when it comes out.

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary obviously not on the same wavelength as everyone else. I loved the book,though some of the sequels are lacking in plot. found the film to be ok but not like the book -but did get free bright pink nailvarnish.

message 9: by Jenny, Group Creator - Honorary Moderator (new)

Jenny (notestothemoon) | 846 comments Got round to watching the film eventually. I have to say I quite enjoyed it. It even kept the other half entertained :P

message 10: by Cecily (new)

Cecily | 576 comments Intriguing triva: the author is the wife of the headmaster of a prestigious and very old-fashioned English prep school (fee-paying school for 7 - 13 year old boys, mostly boarders). I'm not sure if that explains anything! And Sophie Kinsella is just a pseudonym.

message 11: by Emma (last edited Sep 14, 2009 07:34AM) (new)

Emma | 80 comments I was forced to read Shopaholic abroad by my book club a few weeks ago and it was just awful! I was told it was the modern day version of Bridget Jones, but in my eyes whereas Bridget was a very likeable and relatable character What's-her-name was anything but. Sexist, pathetic and utter and complete trash - cannot believe it was published.

At least Bridget Jones was a piss-take!

message 12: by Cecily (last edited Sep 14, 2009 07:46AM) (new)

Cecily | 576 comments Absolutely. I'm not some rampaging PC feminist, but I just cannot understand why so many women enjoy such demeaningly sexist stereotypes. At least I now know I have a kindred spirit!

FWIW, my review of the only Kinsella I've read ("Can you keep a Secret?") is here:

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma | 80 comments Woman are gradually being portrayed in more and more pathetic roles in all forms of art and media of late.

I agree 100% though CFSR - why do so many woman seem to love these books? Bridget Jones I admit I loved, I can even get on board with the likes of Jilly Cooper but these chick-lit books of the last 8-10 years are really beginning to grate.

Love the review of "Can you keep a Secret" btw :) You really must read the Twlight books, I'd love to read your scathing review of that :)

message 14: by Cecily (last edited Sep 14, 2009 08:01AM) (new)

Cecily | 576 comments Emma wrote: "why do so many woman seem to love these books? ..."

That's what baffles me too.

Twilight... yes, I'm sure I'd hate it, but possibly in an amusing way, so maybe I should read one one day.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I liked the movie and I've had the book on the TBR pile for a while now... I'm currently reading another one of Kinsella's called Tewenties Girl

Tabitha (Bows & Bullets Reviews) (PirateVanRock) I haven't read the book yet. I have a copy of it sitting on my shelf waiting for me to get around to reading it. I do like the film. I'll admit that it looked a bit dumb when I saw the preview and I only saw it because I really like Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy, but I enjoyed it immensely and I adore the ending.

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