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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
How It Works:
Hey guys so the way that this club works isn't that hard to understand! All you have to do is write (stories,songs,poems etc.), you could give advice or "peer" reviews. Basically anything that relates to writing. The only thing i ask is follow the rules and ask permision if you want to use something from ANY post.
Intoduce youurself:
If you want you can introduce yourself!
Some suggestions to include are:
When being "Talked" too what you want people to call you
what you write or why you like to write!
Have Fun!!!!!!! :)

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
that is really good!!

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
really? lol

message 4: by Leah (last edited Jan 16, 2013 01:48PM) (new)

Leah | 6 comments Hey, I'm Leah! I have a couple examples of my writing. The first is a Hunger Games fan-fic. The second is a couple of short stories. Personally, I like the second short story better (just FYI, the second kind of makes me look like the Taylor Swift of short stories).



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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
glad you could join leah!!!!!!

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Leah | 6 comments Thanks! :)

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Vishal Beotra (vbeotra) Hi, I am Veeshal. I love to write and read, reading and writing are my solace from the real world. I like reading Science Fiction, thrillers, mystery, romance, paranormal/fantasy and also non-fictional self-help.

I have written a terrible first draft of my untitled YA book. I write poems and am now working on a sci-fi story.

here is one of my poems.

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
Welcome Veeshal

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A.L. | 3 comments HI I just joined this group. I'm into most anything fiction but especially anything horse related. I"m kind of addicted to horses and reading. I'm also working on writing a few different things down. One a story about a horse I owned and a romance novel.

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
Glad you can join A.l!!!!! i cant wait to read your storys!

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
welcome Keith! glad you could join!

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Amy (dollyames) | 2 comments Hey! This is Amy! I just started writing again after about 10 years. Wow, this is harder than I remember. Like Keith, I like doing perr reviews - and having someone review mine!

I've finished the first chapter of a YA modern/fantasy novel.

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Grlpwr00 | 12 comments Mod
hey Amy, glad you could join. feel free to post that chapter on here

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C.M. (cassienewell) Howdy all! I'm Cassie. I am in process of writing my first novel and am using 'The 90-Day Novel" by Alan Watt to help me in the process. I've taken several courses and been dabbling in this story for 5 years - ouch! My day job and life activities usually get in the way, but I am committed to finishing my first draft so I'm eager and renewed. I also blog and have posted some short stories, poems and writing tidbits out in the WWW - feel free to check it out, my last poem I was quite proud of :) http://myetchasketchlife.com/category...
I am an avid reader as well. Something about the written word that just excites me when it's done well.

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