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Where Marissa and her family live


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Jake walks in. "wow," he whispers.

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She shrugged alittle, "Justin!" She called, A small boy ran up and jumped into her arms,

"Rissa where were you?" He asked,

"School. Oh Justin, Jake, Jake, Justin." She said looking from the two of them

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"Hi," Jake said. (( I really need to change my profile pic ))

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((Just a wee bit))

Justin smiled, "Hi." He said before jumping down and taking off.

Marissa sighed, "I really shouldn't have left him alone this long."

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"What makes you think that?" Jake asked. (( I just barely remembered yesterday ))

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"Other than the fact he knows where all the sugar is." Marissa said smiling, "He tends to be a handful when he's hyper." She put her back up on the hook and took Jakes doing the same, "Come on."

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"Don't let me forget, I have to be at the school by six thirty," Jake said, following Marissa.

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"Six thirty, got it..... Why?" She asked walking to the piano room

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"Football," Jake said through gritted teeth. "turns out you do what the coaches ask you to do."

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"Of course. It's that way with any sport." She said smiling and walking into the room with a grand piano

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Jake saw the piano and gasped. "May I?"

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"Would I bring you in here if you couldn't?" She asked smiling and moving so he could

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Jake started Classic by Cisco Adler.

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Marissa smiled watching him.

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Jake finished. "What did you think?"

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"That was amazing." She said happily

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Jake smiled along with her. "Better be. I'm performing that song at the next football game at the halftime show."
(( can ya call me for a.second? I have to tell you something ))

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"Couch is letting you sing at half time? Well that's new." she said smiling as Justin ran in

"Rissa I want to swim." He said pulling at her arm

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"he heard me singing in the showers," Jake giggled. ((can you call me right now?? I have to tell you something hilarious.))

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((MY phones down stairs charging so whats up?))

Marissa laughed, "Mind if we go outside?" She asked smiling and picking Justin up

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"No prob," Jake smiled. ((Spencer + not friends anymore = happy trey))

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"Oh crap," Jake said. "I gotta go. I will be in the stage when I'm done, if you wanna meet me there around eight."

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Marissa frowned, "Dang." She said, "But I can't....Maybe tomorrow....?" She asked

((What happened?))

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"sure," Jake said, as he was running out of the house. (( left ))

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(( call me when you get to your phone and I will tell you ))

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Jake knocked on the door.

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Marissa went to the door sliding a bit because her feet were wet, she had a towel wrapped around her and smiled when she saw Jake, "Hey, I was just swimming with Justin, come in." She said stepping aside letting him in.

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He followed her. "I- I got kicked off the football team."

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He then pulled off his hood to reveal a black eye and bloodied up face. "Guess who did this to me??"

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She flipped around, "I'm not good at guessing...So who did it?" She asked gently touching his face.

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"Coach," Jake whispered. "they thought I was a fag because of glee. then they thought coach, kick his butt. that is exactly what they did. my parents can't find out, though."

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(( I'm watching dick Clark are you? ))

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She gave a sad smile, "Can I have permission to put make-up on your face?" She asked, "Because I can make sure your mom doesn't know." She said sighing, "And as for couch, remind him of Fin, and Puck. They were both on the football team, and won nationals."

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"He doesn't care for the arts," Jake said. "I... Yeah, makeup please." He looked off in the distance for about thirty seconds. "the weird thing is he still wants me to do, `Classic.` I don't have do that though. I can screw him, like he screwed me." Jake flashed a big smile.

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She smiled and dragged him into the bathroom with her, "Don't do it, the cheerios will be happy to take over." She said laughing softly she pulled out her make-up, but cleaned the blood off his face first.

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He shrugged his shoulders. "Why not? He was a jerk to me, why not me be one back?"

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"Exactly," She said smiling, she started applying the make-up to his eye

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He winced. "Ow," Jake whispered.

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"Sorry." She said sadly with an apoligetic smile, as she put on alittle more. "There done."

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"not your fault," Jake smiled. he looked at his face in the mirror. "a few scrapes, nothing major. awesome."

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She nodded, "It could have been worse." She said nodding.

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"No, Marissa," Jake said. "There`s no way, NO WAY, this could of been worse. Do you have like IPod speakers?"

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"No it could have been worse, everything can always be worse." She said sternly before nodding, "Yes I do, in my bedroom.... Why?"

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"I know what song I'm doing," Jake said. "where's your room?"

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"Well I'm taking them outside, my brothers still in the pool." She said running to her room and grabbing her speaks. She grabbed her ipod just for fun later and ran back to the bathroom, "Come on." She said walking outside

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"Ok," Jake said. When they got outside, he hooked up his own iPod and started singing, `The Fighter` by Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Redder.

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