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Hey everyone my names Stephen but most people know me as McDoodils. From Co. Derry, massive Sword and Laser fan, dabble in history as well. Aspiring writer.

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Welcome to the group, Stephen. I've read a little fantasy and quite a bit of sci-fi in my time, but lately I've been reading mostly fiction.

We're trying to get a writing challenge started in the group at the moment, so maybe you'd like to submit something for it, seeing as you're an aspiring writer?

We recently finished The Hobbit as a group read. Have you read any Tolkien?

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Massive Tolkien fan Declan just read the Hobbit before the movie was released. Once I finish "The Name of the Wind" (Patrick Rothfuss) I'm finally going to read LOTR in it's in entirety then the Silmarillion. Yeah I would be interested, when's the deadline?

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The deadline is the end of February, so there's lots of time yet. You can read more about it here.

Our last group read was The Hobbit. As the movie was due for release around that time, our discussion went back and forth to it a lot.

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