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Cammy gave a toothy smile when she saw the law. She ran towards the water, ready to catch some fish.

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 159 comments Mod
Jake brings Macadamia to the lake, to get a drink of water.

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((lol i meant law))
Cammy caught a fish and bit into it. "Delicious!" she said, delightedly with her successful catch.

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((grr i meant lake))

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Jake and Patches lean down and take a sip of water.

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Cammy spotted Jake. "Hi Jake," she said.

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"Hi Cammy." Jake says.

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"So I guess the tour is over?" Cammy asked.

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"Yeah. Most animals though, want to see where their species hang out. I'll show you, if you want." Jake says.

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"Okay," said Cammy as she finished her meal.

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Jake nods and hops away.

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Cammy followed.

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Jake finds Cammy's hangout. He turns around and sees Macadamia. He nearly jumps. "Um, hello."

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"Who are you?" Jake asks.

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 159 comments Mod
((they did?))

"Jake." Jake says.

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