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Thea hung limply in his arms as they got closer

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Thea laid there, she sighed softly waiting for him to come back

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"Is there a reason you didn't want me to die?" She asked looking at him.

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She nodded, "who's your brother?" She asked in a whisper

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"Is he like you?" She asked

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She nodded, "What's he like?"

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She nodded alittle, "That makes sense."

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"It must be nice to have a brother." She said nodding

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"It must be." She whispered.

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Thea brought her knees to her chest, memories flashing through her head, "I killed them." SHe whispered to quiet for them to hear

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She put her knees on her head, "I can't believe it."

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"Nothing." She whispered shaking her head

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Thea kept her head on her knees. She sniffled alittle trying to cry. Not wanting to infront of someone who she hardly knew

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((don't forget Mystic Falls.))

"So you live here alone?" She asked finally

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"Why though? I mean if it's just you and your brother than...." She didn't mean to pry in peoples life but she was curious.

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She nodded slightly, "If he sees me he won't kill me...Right?"

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She nodded, "Well there's one less brother who's trying to kill me."

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"He's just...... Not happy with me." She said shaking her head

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She sighed softly

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She nodded,

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"Um, I'm not really sure what I did, but what ever it was made he mad, and he's been trying to kill me ever since."

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"I'm going to say the same thing I was thinking when you started bringing me here, if he kills me he kills me." She said shrugging

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She sighed alittle, "I just wish I knew what I did."

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"Erick, we didn't live to far from the forest."

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"So what exactly is a smoke dragon?" She asked

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"Well if the dragon is smoke..... How is it dangerous?"

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"Good point. So in this case smoke isn't just something you can blow away. It's something that can grab you and kill you if it wanted to."

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"Okay that makes sense."

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"So is it kind of the same for your brother?" She asked

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She nodded curling up laying her head on her arms. She looked at him studying him.

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She yawned softly and closed her eyes falling asleep curled up in a small ball like a dog would be in

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Thea's breathing was soft and calm, she didn't dream, she just thought about the Undertaker, his brother, and her brother. She thought about going home sometime, then how she should just go back to wandering the forest by herself

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"Does your brother come around often?" She asked still half asleep hardly relizing she said it

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She nodded softly forcing her eyes open to look at him.

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Her eyes closed with a soft groan of pain that returned to parts of her body, she relaxed and sighed

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Thea fell back into a deep sleep, she didn't even wake when someon came knocking at the door,

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Erick stood at the door weaponless and waiting, he knew Thea. He just knew

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She rubbed her eyes groaned quietly, "Well you won't know till you answer

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"So it's Erick...... Well knowing him he won't leave till he sees me. For all we know he's not planning to hurt me." She said with a shrug

Which wasn't why Erick was here, he just wanted to talk to Thea, that was it.

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Erick looked up then looked down, "By any chance would~"

Thea cut him off, "What do you need Erick?" She asked

"I just want to talk," He respond they both looked at the Undertaker to make sure it was okay.

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Thea stepped outside and towards him, Erick gave a slight nod and took a step forward, Thea quickly followed

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Erick looked at her, "You still don't know why do you?" He asked,

"Know what?" She asked softly

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"Why I want to kill you. What you did. Who you are. What you are." Erick said looking up as they walked,

"No. No. Yes. No." She said looking at him, "I have no idea why you want to kill me. I don't know what I did. I know who I am. But I don't even understand what you mean by what I am."

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"Thea you aren't human." He said looking at her,

She stopped dead in her tracks, "What do you mean Erick?" She asked.

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Erick stopped and looked at her, "I mean you aren't human.... Thea your a werewolf." he said softly.

Thea shook her head, "No." She said softly, "No, no, no, no." She said her voice got slightly louder each time before she took off running into the forest.

"Thea stop!" Erick shouted

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He took off after her, "Thea come back!"

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Thea kept running still screaming "No."

Erick ran after her as quickly as he could

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Thea picked up the pace and ran faster

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Thea shook her head and kept running

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"NO!" She screamed, "Let me go!" She screamed between sobbs

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