Hallowed (Unearthly, #2) Hallowed question

Who can't wait for boundless!!!!?????

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its out now!! It was out January 11 when it was supposed to come out in 5 days!

YES i actually really love this series! when is the release date?

*Don't read this if you haven't read Hallowed or Unearthly:

I can't wait to see the series continue with Clara being a mega-powerful Triplane. I know she's probably going to choose Tucker at the end of Boundless, but I'll be yelling at her to choose Christian throughout the whole book :)

Sarah me to!! I wouldn't mind if she stayed with tucker but I also really want her to date christian ...more
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meeeee!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the next book

Has anyone read Radiant yet? I have a feeling Angela's boyfriend (the angel) is going to be in Bound. I kinda get the feeling he is going to be a bad guy.

I can't wait either! But it's one of those books in which I really really want to read it, but I also am kind of sad because it's the END! No more Clara, Tucker and Christian!

Sarah :( so sad
it shouldnt be the last book

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