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ABC Game

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Halle You can use terms from any of the books.

A- Albus Dumbledore

Nellie ☾ B- Barty Crouch

Srinivas C= Chamber's of Secrets!

Halle D- Divinations

Nellie ☾ E- Ernie Macmillian

Rachel Bernard F- Fawkes :)

Srinivas G- Gryffindor!

Sarah H= hufflepuff

Halle I- Imperio

Sarah J= jokes (like the twins <3)

Lesley K- Kneazels

Sarah L= lumos (or however you spell it)

Halle M- Marauder's Map

Sarah N= nut

Lesley O - occulus reparo

Sarah P= purple

Halle Q- Quibbler

Lesley R- Rebus

Sarah R= Ron <3<3<3<3<3

Lesley S- Sirius

Sarah T= trever

Halle U- Umbridge

Sarah V= violet

Halle W- Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Sarah X= eXspellarmous

Halle Y- Yaxley

Sarah Z= zach?

Halle A- Auror

Sarah B= Bellatrix <3

Halle C- Charms

Sarah D= draco <3

Halle E- Ended (the series)

Nellie ☾ F- Floo powder

Halle G- George

Sarah g= girlfriends

Halle H- Hagrid's Hut

Sarah I=ill

Halle J- July

Nellie ☾ K- Karkaroff

Halle L- Lockhart, Gilderoy

Srinivas M- Malfoy Manor

Halle O- Order of the Phoenix

Ashima P-Percy

Ryeleigh Q- Querll ( how ever u spell persons name in 1st book that had voldemort on the back of his head)

Ryeleigh R- ron

Ryeleigh S- severus snape

Peter tom riddle

Ryeleigh Umbridge

Ashima Voldemort

Ryeleigh Wormtail

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