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Linh Cinder
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This might seem a bit strange but Cinder is Lunar and before that she was from Europe.
However, the entire novel is set in Asia so all of the other characters in my head are of Asian descent. The entire way through the novel, Cinders face was changing and now I don't even know how I imagine her although I am settling on Asian with Lunar beauty.
How do you picture her?

It isn't letting me reply but thank you, these are all really interesting and I agree with you. I think the races would be more mixed because that is happening now so it seems logical that it would continue.

But then she is also Lunar, and from what I understand that is completely different ethnicity. All though, most writers will detail ethnicity, and I will admit the whole time I was reading it I would sometimes forget that they were of Asian descent because to me I don't care.

I actually find you to be an amazing writer when ethnicity isn't the first thing that sticks out in the reader's mind. It is more of an afterthought.

Last thought, I imagine it like the race in Across the Universe. Beth Revis describes the race as "monoethnic"*.

I'm not saying everyone in Cinder is monoethnic. I was just comparing my thoughts.

i also had no idea whether as to picture her as asian or not. Peony had brown hair so i thought asian but then the stepmom i thought was asian. i still prefer an asian cinder. it sounds better

It said in the book that Cinder had mousy brown hair that was usually pulled back into a ponytail. I imagined her with a small nose, blue eyes, and a boyish demeanor.

I wasn't sure what to think, but I saw the cover for the short story about her, and she looked sort of Asian? But maybe not. I dunno, I think that since she's a race that's not really human you can't exactly imagine her.

I guess I saw her as Asian, too. Towards the end, I saw her with shiny, black hair, pale skin, and bigger eyes.

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The cover of the short story Glitches has Cinder pictured on it full-body. She's asian. And same as Michele, I don't imagine the step-family as asian either, I also don' t know why.

I see shiny black hair too--but I get the impression that the races are more mixed than they are today. I pictured the prince more Asian than not. I did not see her stepsisters as particularly Asian however. No idea why not.

I see the sisters that way too.

And as for Cinder.I see her with messy dark hair and beautiful but with smudges of grease on her face.

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