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message 1: by yael (new)

yael Moderators will record the deaths of students and/or other citizens to keep track of A(and by that I mean mostly me). The information will include the full name, cause of death, etc. Like so:


<.u.> Middle Initial, Last Name, First Name
<.i>(Description of crime)<./i.>
• Internal Condition:
• External Condition:
• Possible Cause:
• Prime Suspects:
• Health Issues?:

message 2: by yael (new)

yael D. McCallan, Christopher

Description of Crime: Christopher D. McCallan was found unconscious on the girls' bathroom floor of his college campus by a fellow peer. He was surrounded in a pool of blood which would later be revealed to be a mixture of his and another unidentified person's. Christopher would later be pronounced dead. On the wall were written three words in Christopher's blood: I'm back bitches.

• Internal Condition(s): Signs of internal bleeding in skull area. Signs of connection to the head area with a large object are found.
• External Condition(s): Subject seems to have been choked with a rope; there were rope burns around his neck. Subject has blows to the head from an unidentified object. Signs of struggle (i.e nail scratches) were found on subject's arms/ chest.
• Possible Cause: Suffocation, Hemorrhage.
• Prime Suspects: Angeline DeVar, Claire E. Muller, Mia Thompson, Audrey Powell, Ruby Donavan. Students at the party reported to see the girls leaving last.
• Health Issues?: None, the subject was however, highly intoxicated.

message 3: by yael (new)

yael Summers, Lydia

Description of crime: Lydia Summers was found unconscious and half-buried on the local beach by a large coral rock. Surrounded by an abundance of blood, the subject also happened to be naked. On the subject's phone, a threatening text was identified from an unknown suspect that goes by the name, 'A'. Lydia was found by a lifeguard and was later pronounced to be dead.

• Internal Condition(s): Internal bleeding in the skull area and ruptured lungs and wind pipe. Signs of force with a sharp object to the chest area were identified. Signs of struggle, i/e nail scratches were found on the torso of the subject.
• External Condition(s): Subject may have suffered suffocation; and was practically blue in the face. Rope burns were found on throat of the subject, along with a marking of a sharp object on the torso. Subject was found naked. Five gashes to the chest were identified.
• Possible Cause: Excessive bleeding/and or, suffocation.
• Prime Suspects: No prime suspects have been identified.
• Health Issues?: None.

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