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What do you want to do?

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Um, well, what kinds of things are you interested in doing? Or just your interests then we can combine ideas.

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vampires, animals, warriors

i know! we can do Warriors!!!!

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we could yeah, but would it work the same way? cause the Clans are kinda big...

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in one of my groups, its t me and someone else doing a clan. we could each take two clans and, um, thats all i got.

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...that's a lot of cats...but i suppose we could do it :)

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yeah. to make it easier, we could chose two clans. i have to be ThunderClan.

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ok I'll do Shadow and Wind?

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sure. I'll do thunder and river.

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are we going to rp before or after the lake?

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ok :) that way i guess it's easier, cause you have the Clans next to eachother :) are we using the original characters or making our own?

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bye :( :)

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we should also be able to choose how the cats die.

when we do, we should put whatever Clan it is, so we'll know which one.

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yeah like -


blah blah blah


blah blah blah

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should we begin?

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sure? should we start at a Gathering? (and could i start it? ^_^)

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yeah. ((yes Tallstar and, um, uh,))

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Cats everywhere were mingling. Blackstar was already perched on High Rock. Tallstar was talking to Firestar. The moon was almost high when Blackstar jumped down impatiently and went over to Firestar and Tallstar. "It's time we start, don't you think?" he said, then told the same thing to Leapardstar. The huge white and black pawed tom returned to his perch. When the other leaders got up, Tallstar looked at Firestar and Leopardstar before he called, "We meet beneath Silverpelt-"
Whitetail perked her ears. "That's Tallstar calling for the Gathering!" she told Webfoot. The two went to sit under High rock with the rest of their Clan. ShadowClan were already seated.
"-commanded by the truce of the full moon. Blackstar, sinse you seem so eager to start, would you do the honors?"
Blackstar looked smug. "All is well in ShadowClan. We have two new kits: Snowkit, and Rowankit. As for apprentices, we have Smokepaw. And Cedarheart sits vigil tonight after recieving his warrior name this sun-high. I do have a warning to ThunderClan." He turned to Firestar. "Keep your cats on your border, or face the consiquences. You know as well as I that it is against the warrior code." Blackstar gazed over the Clans. "I am finished. Leopardstar?" He awknowledged with his tail that it was her turn.

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Leopardstar nodded and speaked. "RiverClan is doing well. Stonefur is deputy. That's all. Tallstar?" Leopardstar says, gesturing that he should go.

Firestar sat on the Highrock, listening and thinking about what he was going to say.

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((season? how bout new- leaf?))

Tallstar looked over the Clans before speaking his part. "All is well in WindClan. There have been few hawks and the rabbits are running, though not so fast that we shouldn't catch them. We have a new warrior among us: Onewhisker. He received his warrior name two suns ago." He paused for a moment. "Firestar? Your turn."

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Firestar nodded his head. "ThunderClan is well. We have two new kits born, Bramblekit and his sister, Tawnykit." Firestar said. He turned to Blackstar. "My cats do stay on their side of the border."

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Blackstar glared at the orange tom. "Then why is there ThunderClan scent on our side of the border?"

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"It could be the wind. You never know." Firestar replies.

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Blackstar scoffed. "The wind? Really, Firestar, do you think I'm a mouse-brain? ShadowClan knows a scent when it smells it, and we scented ThunderClan scent our our side of the border by the Thunderpath."

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"Well, don't forget what lives on the other side." Firestar says. "We've scented ShadowClan on our side and knew it was the wind."

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When Blackstar opened his mouth to lash back, Tallstar put his paw down. "Stop! Look at the moon! StarClan are not happy. This is the night of truce and you two are bickering like kits! If we are done here, we can leave. I would like to take my Clan home. Last moon was not an easy time for us, due to leaf-bare, and my cats are tired. We would like to leave and rest." He thought for a moment. "But we are still strong. No warrior or leader should forget that." Tallstar shuddered at the thought of being driven out of his home. Firestar and Greystripe had saved his Clan and he was greatful, but if it happened again...

Blackstar glared at Firestar once more before saying, "ShadowClan, let us go home." He jumped from the Rock and headed towards the tunnel that would lead them under the Thunderpath and back into their territory.

Tallstar stared after Blackstar then looked at Firestar. "Don't take it hard, Firestar. You know Blackstar, always trying to pick out a fight."

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"I know Tallstar. It's just that Blackstar gets on my tail sometimes, like now." Firestar says. He looks out.

Leopardstar, not wanting to get into it, said her goodbye to Firestar and Tallstar then jumped down to get her Clan back home.

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Tallstar purred. "He's always on someone's tail." When Leopardstar said her farwell, he turned to her. "Farwell and good hunting to your Clan, Leopardstar."

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Leopardstar nodded back.

Firestar replied. "See at the next Gathering Tallstar."

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"Same to you, old friend." Tallstar bounded off the rock.

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Firestar jumped off after Tallstar and gathered ThunderClan up to bring them home.

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Blackstar led his Clan into camp, his tail lashing angrily. He went immediately into the leader's den and lay in his nest. The other warriors copied their leader, exhausted from the journey.


Tallstar entered the moors and purred contently at the feel of the long grass along his pelt. The wind blew through his fur as he led his own Clan back to camp. He too went back to his den, tired and aching form the journey.

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ThunderClan- Firestar led the Clan back to camp. He headed for his den and thought. The rest of the cats went to their dens' as well.

RiverClan- Leopardstar padded into camp and headed to her den.

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*the next morning?*


Tallstar blinked open his eyes and stretched himself out. The sun was just rising over the moors when he yawned and removed himself from the den. A few other cats were awake and grooming themselves, readying for the dawn patrol.


Blackstar yawned from his perch in the tree as he watched his Clan wake. Tawnykit tumbled out of the nursery. "Wee!" The white and black tom looked at the kit with pride; ShadowClan were strong.

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ThunderClan- Firestar woke up and stretched. He padded out of his den to see his Clan up and doing their usual stuff.

RiverClan- Leopardstar padded out of her den. She goes over and tells her deputy that she's going to the river to catch fish.

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Tawnykit noticed her leader watching her and skidded to a stop, tripping over her paws. She rolled over and over till she came to a stop beneath a tall pine. Blackstar chuckled once and purred as Tawnykit retrieved her paws. He watched as the kit shook herself free of dust and pine needles. Tawnykit's mother walked briskly out of the nursery. "Tawnykit, will you just look at you? You're covered in pine!" She began to clean her kit as Tawnykit struggled against being clean.


Out on dawn patrol with a few other members of his Clan, Tallstar marveled at the rising sun. After border patrol, the group hunted; altogether, the group caught two rabbits and three field mice. Tallstar led the patrol home and set the fresh-kill on the pile, taking a mouse for himself while the rest of the Clan came to eat.

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ThunderClan- Firestar saw Sandstorm and padded over to her. "How was your sleep?" "Good. Yours?" Sandstorm replies. She presses her pelt agaisnt his.

RiverClan- Leopardstar stares into the water waiting for fish. She spots one and catches it, then kills it quickly.

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When Tawnykit was clean, Blackstar looked down at the kit and asked how many moons old she was.


Tallstar finished his meal and went to lay in his den. He was tired after the long morning.

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ThunderClan- Firestar smiles warmly at Sandstorm. Graystripe comes padding out of the warriors den.

RiverClan- Leopardstar stares into the water.

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((i'm honestly running out of ideas...))

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((wanna start a different one? i'm not picky. :) ))

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hmmm. idk.

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i'm alright with vampires. which vampires do you like? Stephne (think i spelled that wrong) Meyer or 'Dracula' vamps? this is if you want. i'm just going off what you said you liked from before.

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um, idk. wats the difference?

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'dracula' vamps don't sparkle. they burn in the sun. they can sleep. their venom doesn't cause imense pain.

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um, ok?

Age look:
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