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Ashes trift river is one of the rockier rivers, set on the outskirts towards the darrker side of Joro. It only stretches out for a couple of miles and is usually somewhere you are more likely to bump into danger.

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Kyrian walked the bank of the Ashes Trift River, he walked quietly and listened to the rushing waters. The current was strong and the rocks were large, but he had a sense of happiness. The wind blew, it had a vile, evil chill to it. Kyrian didn't like this place, but Dante insisted. Kyrian only liked the water of this place, and even that sometimes seemed evil. He heard Dante rambling on endlessly in his head. Something about "night" and "blood" and "sex" but Kyrain never really listened. He has learned to tune Dante out most of the time. Kyrian pulled his black leather coat around him tighter and lifted his hood. He hated the chill of this place. He walked down farther, following the river. Then he heard a feint noise. Singing. Female, by the sound of it. He kept walking towards the noise, finally seeing the girl sitting by the bank. He Stood and listened, not sure what to say, or do. And Dante was seeming quiet except for his rude comment being along the lines of how hot the girl was. Kyrian was not concerned with the appearance of the girl, though he did notice she was beautiful.

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He stared at her. He really hasn't been around the presence of another human for a while, and a human female for a longer while. Kyrian took his hands from his pockets, to make his figure look softer. He took another step towards her, and another. He wasn't sure what to say to her. He heard her majestic mouth expel one wondrous word. A word he hasn't heard in years.
'Hello,' She said 'hello,'! Kyrians mouth pricked in a smile. He was glad to hear that word, that one magnificent word.
He stammered at first not sure what to say, but he finally forced the word out.
"Hello," He said, his voice coming out small, but you could hear the happiness in his voice. Everything when quiet in the wilderness around him. Even Dante was quiet, but Kyrian did not notice that. He was focused on this girl. This girl who reached out and said, 'Hello.'

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Kyrian watched her movements. Her small curtsy and the way she brushed her hair behind her ears. He was quite entranced by her at this moment. He almost forgot to speak.
He heard her question, and it took amount before his answer bubbled in his mind.
"My name, madam, is Da-I mean Kyrian." He said, his rough voice carrying across the now quiet forest whispers. He bowed deeply, like he would have bowed in front of a queen.
Kyrian now noticed that his hood was still arose over his head. He grabbed at the corners and pulled it down slowly. He looked at her, is eyes red and orange eyes piercing at her. He smiled slightly more than before.
"And yours, if its not to much trouble to ask?" He asked her.

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Kyrian smiled happily at hearing her name. Her voice was music to his hears, and Kyrian wasn't sure if he could get enough of it.
"Alyssa, what a beautiful and...fitting name." He said, with another smile. Kyrian began to approach her slowly. Finally he met her and took her hand. He kissed it softly, trying to be a gentleman, like his mother taught him.
"I am very pleased to meet you, Alyssa." He said, looking back up into her beautiful eyes. Still, his head was quiet. Now he noticed this fact. It was quiet, Dante was silent. Good, he didn't need his bantering to ruin this moment.
"May I ask, why are you here at my river? Well, I suppose its not my river, but I don't get many visitors, so I have started to treat it as such."

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Kyrian watched her movements carefully. He smiled at her waving hand and the way her lips moved when she spoke. He was happy to finally have another person around, and he was happier that it was this intriguing women. He listened carefully, hanging on every word.
"Oh no, no. Its no intrusion. I am...very pleased you...wandered in." He said, with another smile. He looked up and again, he was lost in her eyes. They were beauty, and he lost his train of thought. He was silent for a few seconds until he realized that he was no longer speaking and just staring at her eyes.
"Eh-ehm" He spoke, clearing his voice.
"This river is very beautiful, yes." He said, finally agreeing with her previous statement. He waved his hands to the ground, offering her to sit.
"Sit with me, please? If you want to know why I stay here, you will want to sit. It will be a long time before I am finished, if you want my honesty, Alyssa." He sat slowly and looked at her, "Will you stay, Alyssa?" He said, raising his hand up to her.

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Kyrian was extremely pleased that she had decided to stay with him. Though he was frightened. He had to tell her the truth. It was all he knew, and she was expecting his story. His very reasoning for why he lives here. He forgot his worries when he felt her hand in his. Her skin was soft, and warm. She would never know how much this moment meant to him. The contact of another human. Contact that was sweet and mysterious. He loved the chain of events that were happening, and he didn't want this to stop. He stalled for a while, savoring the feel of her hand. Of her skin. Finally, and reluctantly, he released her hand. His own tingled.
"Well, I live here, Alyssa. This is the place I must call my home. For reasons, that are for the greater good." He said, images of his past flashing quickly through his mind, having him stall. He thought of his next words carefully, not wanting to scare her.
"I am, a unique persona, I suppose you could say. To be honest, I am of two persona's. One, the person you are meeting now, Kyrian." He stopped, not wanting to say the rest. He looked to her and smiled. For some unknown reason, he could trust her with this next information, and for another, he knew she wouldn't run.

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Kyrian took a breath as her fingers entangled his own. The feel of her hand in his - pure magic. He loved this and it gave him the confidence he needed to continue his story. Kyrian nodded at her and smiled. He squeezed her hand a little bit, trying to give her the signal that this was helping him go on. He though she may be cold as the wind picked up, so he slipped off his over coat. He revealed his clothing underneath. A simple maroon button up shirt and dark pants to match. He laid the overcoat around her shoulders, his hands running down her arms as he let go of the coat. Her skin, as soft as it was on her hand. It was perfect to Kyrian, and the best feeling in the world. He looked up at her and his gaze met her eyes, with his hands still on her arms. He moved them down more and took her hands again. This was another moment that he would cherish, until his own life faded from him. He took another deep breath, really soaking this in.
"Yes, to put it plainly, there is more than one person inside of me." He said with a smile at the simplicity. "To explain this, is a little difficult. See, I was cursed. With the curse of...immortality. This broke my spirit, and my mind, in two." He said, still having the courage to speak, he didn't want to stop, but he knew that he must to let the information sink in. "Is this too much for you, Alyssa? To foreshadow, the story only gets worse from here." He warned her, but he truly wanted to continue, it felt nice to have this companionship. He was scared when this story was over, so would be there time.

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Kyrian nodded with a smile. He looked down at their hands. It seemed to good to be real, and something he never thought he'd have the chance to enjoy. This made his smile grow bigger. If he could make this moment last forever, he would. But he knew that was too good to be true. This would end. He had to face the unfortunate truth of the matter. Even as he felt his heart flying for this girl, he knew that he would outlive her, and that, would be something he really couldn't handle. The thought of this girl away from him destroyed him now, what would he think if things did go farther and he was with her until she died? He would die himself. In his mind and the rest of his soul. He would be a shell.

He looked into her eyes again. They gave him reassurance and he felt...something from them. He wasn't sure what it was, but he enjoyed it. He wanted it to intensify. He blinked once, and then he put another hand over hers.
"To continue, the worst part came the first night Dante found control. He went...berserk. He murdered my family and then proceeded to kill the witch who did this to me, ruining my chances of redemption." He said, speaking the grave words he thought he would never speak out loud. They hung in the hair grossly. He looked away from her and down at the ground, seeing the images of his family, mangled and desecrated.

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Kyrian wiped his own eyes of a few tears and the images away from his mind. He looked up at her and saw the tears falling down her face. He brought his hand to her chin, and moved to her cheek. He wiped her tears with his thumb slowly and smiled at her.
"Please, do not cry over my past. It is the past and I have learned to look past it." He said softly. "One with the beauty of yourself should not cry, Alyssa. Especially for me." He said with a small laugh and a smile. He looked again into her eyes. Even with the tears, they were still mesmerizing. Her eyes were filled with a kind of caring Kyrian had not felt in a long while. They were warm, and kind. Though, he could tell she was not one who could not take care of herself. She was a strong girl. Kyrians heart beat harder, finding himself more transfixed with this girl.
"To answer your question, I came here seeking a refuge to fight myself. I found this place, and have stayed here ever since. I made a certain bargain with Dante, where he can have the night, so long as he didn't do anything horrible such as murder and adultery." He said with a certain satisfaction. Life had been quite good ever since he made that deal with Dante. "I get the days, but he gets to stay an ever present voice in my head. Commenting on most things, but I have learned to listen past his rambles." He said with a little laugh. The wind howled once more and then died down to a small breeze again, once it found Kyrians tale was over.

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Kyrian had not wanted this girl to leave and did not want her presence to end. But he didn't want Dante to hurt her. He would not. He would fight Dante, to his own last breath, if he tried to harm this beautiful girl. Thinking of the things Dante would do to her, just to spite him, made Kyrian sick. For relief of these horrid images, he looked into her eyes. He felt his heart flutter again. Her presence was magical, her touch was beautiful and the way she spoke was elegant. Kyrian knew he could not leave this girl. He knew he could not stand to have her away from him, for even a second. Kyrian studied her face, every detail of her face. He would not forget her face.

Kyrian knew he did not want her to leave, but he also knew she may get hurt if she stayed. He could not control Dante, because of the deal they struck. He was not sure how Dante would react to her, and he was scared it would be bad for her to find his reaction. He was scared to leave her, but more scared to find her hurt because of Dante.
"He is in my head, yes. But, he has been oddly quiet. He's there, but silenced. It is an odd thing for him to be so quiet." He said, questioning exactly why Dante was so silent. He went dark when Alyssa arrived. Maybe it has to do with her presence. I'm not sure, he thought to himself.
"He's been quiet for a while now, since you arrived here. Alyssa, do you think it could be you keeping him from my mind?" He asked her with a slight smile.

Kyrian felt her hands squeeze his softly. Her next words surprised him greatly. He didn't know what to say, but his smile widened and a laugh came about him.
"Alyssa, you are the kindest girl I have met in this lifetime," He started, "but I cannot help to wonder what would drive you to stay with me?"
To finish his statement, "Though, I would not reject your offer. To have you with me, it would be a great honor." When he finished he kissed her hand softly. Her skin against his lips was a feeling of great sensation, making him wonder what her lips held.

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Kyrain listened to the words Alyssa spoke, all the while he studied her lips. He watched the way they moved as she spoke, and again his wonderment was back. He wonder what joy he would receive if she allowed him a kiss. The he so desperately wanted, becoming as he felt he needed this kiss just to survive. He could tell that she had no knowledge of just how beautiful she really was. He wanted to tell her. He wanted to describe to her all the things she held and tell her how much he was loving the things he saw. Even the way she spoke was beautiful. But her beauty was deeper than just her appearance. Her spirit was what was truly pulling Kyrian in. It was the true source of her beauty. If he could explain this, he would. He had not know her for more than an hour or so, but he already knew that she was a spirit that he needed to be around. A spirit of pure compassion and beauty. This was how he saw her.

Kyrian chuckled and dismissed her apology. "Please, there is no need to apologize. Your curiosity is pleasing. Its nice to discuss these things with someone who honestly has a desire to know. With someone like yourself, who has your compassion, its quite easy." He said with a smile. "Dante speaks a lot, usually to me or no one in perticular. I've learned to tune his rambles out. But this is not what has happened. He is silent. At your arrival, he took leave." He said, his own curiosity peaking. It was strange that Dante was so silent, but Kyrian decided he would enjoy it, rather than question it.
"I am quite happy for the relief." He spoke with another chuckle.

Kyrians heart was set a flame when she said that she liked him. This girl truly didn't want to leave Kyrians side and seemed to honestly care for him. This was a luxury Kyrian had not experience but from his own mother. "Maybe you are right, Alyssa. I do need you. It is apparent already that your presence alone is enough to cure me from Dante's rambles." He spoke, his happiness now apparent in his voice. Kyrian was truly happy that she agreed. She knew that Kyrian needed her, and Kyrian sensed she may have use of him. He felt the overwhelming need to protect Alyssa, and he swore to himself in this moment, nothing shall harm her while he was around. Not even himself.

He looked to her eyes and was drawn in yet again. Kyrian loved looking into her eyes, and thought he would never get enough of it. Kyrian smiled and closed his eyes when she reached out and moved the hair out of his eyes, misplaced by the wind. Kyrian in turn reached out and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, his hand brushing her face softly, but sending electricity through Kyrian. His hand returned to her cheek and stalled for a moment as he spoke, "Thank you Alyssa." He said kindly with a smile. Next he asked a question that he had been dying to know the answer of since he'd laid eyes on this beautiful Angel.
"May you do me the honor of a kiss, m'lady?"

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Kyrian could tell that she was happy from his reactions. It was the truth. Kyrian did need her. He needed her badly, and he didn't want to leave her. He didn't want her to leave him. Kyrian smiled when she blushed at his words. It made him feel good that his honesty was making her feel just as good as she made him feel.

When she gave him his answer, his mouth curled in the biggest smile he'd ever had. This wonderful girl. This wonderful, beautiful, amazing girl, was allowing him one kiss. He would never had thought that this moment would come to him. He felt a pang of nervousness. Through all of Kyrians life, he had never kissed a girl. Dante had, he had done more than Kyrian would have ever been a part of. Kyrian himself though, had never had something as simple as a kiss. He watched her eyes close slowly and he took a breath. This was their moment. And theirs only.

Kyrian moved his right hand down her face and to her right arm, and he moved his left hand to the left side of her face. He slowly brought her forward with his hand, and he moved forward himself. He closed his eyes as she moved closer to him. She was close now, he could feel her breath on his face. It was warm and soft. Her smell was wonderful and enticing. These things soon enveloped him and the final inches closed in. Finally, for what seemed like a decade to get there, their lips met. It was a sensation unlike no other. Her lips were soft, wet and warm. When their lips met it brought tingles throughout his body, like electricity being shot through him. This was amazing. He tilted slightly to the right and moved his right hand down to her waist. The warmth, the way her lips felt. This moment was historic for him, and it showed him more about the way he felt about her. He soon knew, that what seemed like a small spark, was now a fire. That he wanted to burn brightly for the rest of his lifetime.

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Kyrian had been enveloped in their conversation, he never took account for the time. As the kiss deepened and their passion became evident, he couldn't help but smile when her hand came to his face. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but it was an eternity Kyrian would have gladly stayed in forever.

Though, as quickly as the feeling of her soft lips came, they were gone. He sighed a sigh of happiness. It was his first kiss, and it was the greatest thing he had ever experienced. He badly wanted to return to kissing her, but now he had to face reality. The sun was setting, and night time was happening upon them. This was what he dreaded. He didn't want Alyssa to have to meet Dante, it was a frightening thought. But she had to face him, and so did Kyrian.
"Dante will come soon." He said, his own eyes widening with horror. At this point, he should have insisted she leave, but he couldn't. He needed her to see this. If she was going to be with him, she had to know Dante. She would, either way. He watched the sun set more, and the darkness started to come upon them. And then it set in on Kyrian.

His head got foggy and dark. He didn't want this to happen. But it was going to. The pain he felt always as Dante ripped his way forward came over him. Kyrian fell back on his back and let out a roar of pain. Slowly Kyrian could feel his self fading away. Fading away from Alyssa. "Alyssa...don't be afraid." He said as he faded all the ways away and Dante resumed his mind.

Dante smiled an evil grin and rose. He gave a sly look at Alyssa and smiled wider. "Oh well what do we have here? The little one that was making me pass out! How'd you do it huh? Are you a little witch? Or just the word that rhymes?" He said, giving an evil cackle to himself.

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Dante smiled at her answer. He was going to enjoy her. She seemed fiery and feisty. He liked that. Though her attitude was no enjoyment. He hated that part of her. She was of good size and of average beauty to Dante. He would have his way with her, if he didn't think Kyrian would fight him and cause him a world of pain. He hated it when Kyrian fought against him. He searched his mind for Kyrians presence, but like him, he was being muffled. This girl, whomever she was, silenced the mind they both shared. Dante didn't like that. What he would have liked was ravishing the girl and then drowning her in the river, but because of his promise to Kyrian, he could not. So he used what else was at his disposal. Rudeness and hateful and sarcastic comments.

Kyrian looked at the girls emerald eyes and saw the fury behind them. He had already infuriated the girl! He loved it! He studied her up and down and noticed her hands were in fists. He gave a devilish laugh at her words. She was going to get rid of him? Ha! Fat chance. She'd have a better chance biting the head of a fly in one shot then getting rid of Dante. He was Kyrians burden, and he loved it! Torturing him made him feel, well happy! It was the best part of being apart of Kyrian. Being able do torture him with whatever. Though he became less fun over the years when he learned he could tune Dante out. Though, her confidence and bravado was humor to him.
"You? Little, helpless, and worth no more than a flea on a camels back girl is going to get rid of me? I'd like to see you try!" He scoffed at her, crossing his arms and using his eyes to burn holes in her.

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Dante stood, studying this girl. She was brave staying here as long as she had. With him saying he wouldn't hurt her, she should have run for the hills. All the others did. Though back then, they were a good chase. Now, all he could do was watch and laugh as they ran for their lives, even though their lives would be spared. It amused Dante to no extent. Screams of terror and tears of woe! They were Dante's favorite sounds. Though this girl, she did neither. She stood her ground and stared right back into his eyes. That was a dangerous move. Most people would avert their eyes, under the impression he could steal their souls. Though she knew naught, and stood her ground firmly. Dante was starting to like that. It presented him with a challenge. How much would it take to have her running?

Dante stared at her and listened to her words. They way she spoke now had a sense of power to them. As if she thought she had conviction, and a way to make Dante bend. Though she murmured under her breath, Dante could hear her. Her voice had a pity flowing around it. Did she pity him? He did not want her Pity! Dante moved upon her and raised his hand.
"Do you pity me girl?" He said, his voice raising. "What do you know of me to pity me! I do not want pity! Especially pity that comes from a small insect of yourself!" He said, practically screaming in her face. Her pity infuriated him. He knew he could not strike her, without the wrath of Kyrian coming upon him. He then proceeded to answer her question. He lowered his arm and bent a small bit to whisper in her ear. His voice was coated in evil and malice when he said, "I do this, because it is fun."

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Dante felt the wind at his face, blowing his hair widely. He still fixed his eyes on Alyssa, like a bird on prey. She seemed surprised that he had not struck upon her. Though his rage and sudden anger had not deterred her! Only seemed to make her convictions stronger! What was she plying for, he wondered. She had a motive, and he just had to figure out what that motive was. He had stared to make her cry, and that satisfied Dante. Tears was a start. Soon she'd be screaming in terror and running for the hills. She said he couldn't make her run. Is she ill? He was the master of making people run. "Is that a bit of challenge I hear in your voice?" He pressed, questioning if she did indeed mean to challenge him. Her statement meant it, but her tone had not.

Dante moved slightly when she suddenly pushed him away from her after his evil truth he spoke into her ear. Dante met her eyes and smiled wickedly. He was getting her exactly where he wanted her. He wanted her angry and upset. He laughed vilely as she shook her head and seemed to break under his evil pressures. "Good. Break you pathetic roach. My power is too much for you." He thought to himself. This thought pleased him much and turned to be true in the next part of events.

Dante stared her down as she knelt before him. He felt like a god at her submission. He had made women submit before him before, though it had been for different motives. This victory tasted the best. Dante stared into her emerald eyes that were filled with fright and tears. The way he liked them. He thought about her request. She was willing to do anything Dante wanted, anything, just to receive a bit more time with Kyrian? He would come back tomorrow night, and if she planed to stay, she would just endure his torturous ways again. He had not a sliver of an idea of how to answer this girl whom was now on her knees before him.
"You are aware of the stakes you are putting yourself at, correct?" He asked her in an evil tone. He was shocked at this, and she was willing to do this for another day with Kyrian. "She must feel attachment for him. Bastard." Dante thought to himself, a pang of jealously hitting his heart. He had laid with many women, but never had been loved by any. And now Kyrian had this. Dante was jealous, though he'd never admit. He decided how to answer the girl eventually.
"It is not as simple as you think. As per Kyrian and I's agreement, I own the night. What do you, a small girl, have the ability to offer me?" He asked her, wondering what she really could offer.

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She said it was no challenge at that she only spoke the truth. Dante scoffed. The truth is only true to some people. He refused to believe in any truths other than his own. Some people proclaim truth in a God, gods or otherworldly beings. Some proclaimed truth in Satan and daemons. Some even proclaimed truth to nothingness and such. Dante proclaimed none of those truth. He had his own. He found his truth in death. In blood and bleeding. Suffering and unhappiness his where he found and laid his truths. She could never understand such a thing like that.

Dante acknowledged her courage, bending knee to him. It was a risky move and some thought a stupid decision. He felt that she knew what she was doing, and took pride that she bent knee to him. He took pride in knowing that he brought enough fear into her that she should do that. He smiled wickedly to himself. He wondered what could drive her to do this. It must have been the thing people call 'Love'. He knew that she must have felt that towards Kyrian to do this for him. Her act was unselfish and, some would even call noble. It was sickening.

Dante did indeed want many things from her. Sex, submission, loyalty, all that and more. And here she was, willingly giving herself over to him. He had done nothing but strike some fear in her and she bent. But she was not broken. Dante decided he wanted to break her. And he knew how. Blood. His mind was set. She was to kill a harmless animal. With her bare hands. Then swallow the heart. It would taint her. She was pure, like a white rose. Perfect and pure. Never having blood on her hands and never bringing harm to the likes of anything. He was about to change all of that.
He turned on his heel and walked a bit into the woods. He found a harmless white bunny and quickly grabbed it by the scuff. He brought it back to her.

"He want me to give you Kyrian back, then this is what you must do." He outstretched the rabbit to her. "Kill it." He said, his smile wicked. "Break the rabbit's soft neck, and then take the sharpest rock you can find, and cut the rabbits chest open. Once you have done that, soak your hands in its warm blood and retrieve its heart. Then you will ingest the heart." He finished his instructions and his smile was wicked. He was truly satisfied with his choice. This was truly a wicked deed for a truly pure woman. He was going to enjoy this.

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((No no, don't apologize! I love your long posts.))

Dante watched as the girl's face turned to horror when she heard her task. At first, Dante didn't think she had the nerve. He was excited to watch her do this evil deed. She must have loved Kyrian increasingly amounts. He was repulsed by the idea that she loved Kyrian. Love was a disgusting concept to him. He had no love for anything except sex and violence. So much he usually combined the two.

Dante watched the small unicorn come out, to comfort her no doubt. It was evident that she had a thing for animals, and this was worse than he knew. He loved every second of it. Dante watched her put the bunny down on the ground. Some how, she had sedated it. Dante had allowed this, seeing as if she would had to break the bunny's neck as it was wiggling around, it may have killed her herself. She stomped the bunny's body and Dante heard the distinct crack of the bunny's body under her boot. Her first act of death and murder. That would stick with her for a long time.

Dante did not peel his eyes off of her the entire time. He wanted her to do this with no mistakes. "A monster, aren't you? How good did it feel too take that bunny's life? Did you enjoy the feel of its small body breaking under your boot, Alyssa?" He spoke mockingly. He wanted to torture her as much as he could as she did this. He knew it was incredibly difficult for her as it was, his mockery would add to this.

She proceeded forward. He watched her as she flayed the bunny's small just open. The blood came out and started to cover her hands. The smell of blood was enticing to Dante, and the sight of her doing this to the small rabbit was the same. He licked his lips in anticipation.

"Does the warm blood feel good on your hands, pure one?" He mocked her more, knowing he was making it all worse for her. She cried harder when she reached in and removed the rabbits heart from within its chest. Dante laughed evilly. "Is it still beating, Alyssa?" He said again, laughing once more. She brought her hands to her mouth and took the heart in whole, the tears now water-falling from her emerald eyes. He watched her swallow the heart, it most likely falling slowly down her throat. He laughed once more as she practically threw her self into the river at the sight of the blood covering her hands. He walked over too her and made her look at him, his hand around her throat. He stroked her hair, his smile evil. He whispered slightly, "How does it feel to know you ripped the heart out of a defenseless being?" He spoke harshly. "Now, you and I are no different. We are both monsters." He said, his hand squeezing lightly, cutting of some breath. "Now you can have your precious Kyrian back. But you will ever remember me, pure one. Or shall I say, monster." He said, laughing easily.

"All right big guy, wherever you are. You can take control back. I'm done playing with your little doe. Though know I'll come back in three days. Your time with her, will not laugh. Unless you can get rid of me. And that will not be so easy." Dante spoke to Kyrian inside the mind they both shared. The body outside let out a roar and dropped to the ground. Just as Dante had come, he was gone, and Kyrian was back.

Kyrian awoke in the water. "Wha-? What happened?" He said, his eyes fixed on the beautiful night sky. "Why am I here?"

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Kyrian was unsure what had happened. He saw the trace amounts of blood flowing down the river. He wondered more what had happened when Dante had arrived, and now he feared Alyssa was harmed. He wanted to scream at Dante, but like before he was gone. He knew that it was somehow related to Alyssa. She could keep him at bay, until it became night. But it was night now. Kyrian was beginning to be very, very confused about what had happened when Dante was present.

Kyrian fell backwards back into the water when Alyssa threw herself on him, holding tightly to him. He wrapped his arms around her, and caressed her hair gently, whispering comforting things. He pulled back a little bit and wiped her tears from her face. "Someone as beautiful as you should not cry, m'lady." He said with a smile. "The tears to not diminish from your beauty, but they should not be falling." He said, stroking her cheek. He hated her crying already, and he wanted to make her feel comforted, and have her smiling again. Kyrian did not know what went on here, and he did not care. At the moment, all he cared about was making sure Alyssa was taken care of and happy again. So, he did not mention Dante at the moment, in fear what he had done would produce more tears. He picked her up and carried her silently out of the river.

At the bank he laid her beautiful body out of his arms and on the soft grass. He laid down besides her and pulled her into his grasp. He kissed her head softly.
"Do not worry, my love. You cannot be harmed now. I am here." He said softly, trying his best to make her feel better. He had not comforted a crying woman before, and had no idea how to go about it. So he just held her silently, waiting for her tears to stop. He would let her lay with him as long as she needed. He had no desire to move her, or to move himself. His comfort was absolute, and his love for Alyssa was growing, in this other moment they were sharing. Kyrian would cherish these small things for eternity, and them some. To him, they weren't small. They were practically the biggest things in his life right now. That made him happy, and he snuggled her closer to him, laying her head down on his chest.
"I am here to protect you, Alyssa. Now and forever." He whispered with a smile, kissing her head again. He closed his eyes and savored the moment.

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Kyrian didn't know what else to do. His words were only making her sob harder. He was at a loss. He didn't know what else to do. Whatever had happened between Dante and her, it must have been terrible. And somehow, it related to why Kyrian was himself at night again. He certainly knew it. He wanted to know how and why. He wanted to know what she had done, but he didn't want to frighten her any further. He knew whatever it was, she did it for Kyrian. It was a scary thought. Dante could make people do horrible things, for the right price. He knew it was nothing sexual or harmful to her body. Kyrian would have noticed and taken action. But whatever it was, now it seemed worse then those to things combined.

She had calmed down a bit after he spoke once more. He watched her sit up and this time, he noticed. There were bruises along her throat. He recognized that it was a hand print. Kyrians anger flared. Dante. Dante choked her. He left bruises. And Kyrian realized, that Alyssa was right. He could not protect her from Dante. Because he could not protect her, from himself. The only way was to leave. But how? How could he do that now, knowing he has love in, and from, this girl. He clenched his jaw. He hated himself. He hated Dante, and he wanted him gone. Dante had done a plethora of evil, and vile deeds. But he had finally drawn the last straw. He hurt the woman he loved. It would be the last time. That, he would make sure off. He knew with that thought, he may have just started the war again. A war, that only he could see. A war, only he could feel. A war, that only he could win. But he would win. For himself. For the lives Dante had taken. For Alyssa. His anger showed on his face, and he knew. He cast his eyes down for a moment. "Alyssa," He spoke, his eyes rising from the ground to meet her emerald beauties. "I will protect you from him. This, you have my word." He said defiantly.

Kyrian followed her finger to the end. He saw the body of a white rabbit. It had been cut open. Her body was shivering. He sat behind her looking at the body. He wrapped his arms around her and slowly brought her up into his lap. He put his head on hers and closed his eyes. He knew how traumatizing this was for her. He could tell that she had a close relationship with animals, and this violated her every believe, and even her spirit. "Its okay, love. It's okay. I know why you did it. Thank you." He said, not knowing what else to say. Then he remembered.

He brought Alyssa up and sat her back down in the grass. He brought a finger up, signalling one minuet. He smiled wide at her. He walked to his coat and picked out his stone. "Inevi, I need you." He spoke softly into the rock. As quickly as he spoke, he came. He was a massive hawk, now the color of orange, with flecks of red throughout his wings. Kyrian tore of his shirt and took the sleeve. He ripped it off and took a thing of string. He examined the bunny. Its heart was gone, as he had expected. He nodded at Inevi. Inevi got to work. He took the string, and with claw and beak, he sewn the rabbits white fur together again. Kyrian nodded again at Inevi, who flew down and scratched Kyrians hand open. "The blood of an immortal. The power of life." He thought, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He opened its mouth slowly and dripped a few drops of his blood into its mouth. He walked back to Alyssa. "Do not worry, my love. All is well." He spoke softly, putting the rabbit into her hands all the while. "You have done no wrong." He said, almost in a whisper, as the bunny opened its eyes and looked up at Alyssa.

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He knew that she would doubt his words. He could that she did with the expression that came over her face when he said them. How could he protect her? He wasn't sure himself, but he knew he wouldn't let Dante torture her again. He would let Dante get close to her or do anything else. He would fight him with every ounce of strength he had. Just so Alyssa would be safe again. So she would not have to be in harms way again. He would do this. For her.

Kyrian did know what she did. Dante had pulled this action before. A girl a long time ago. He made her to this, but the heart was much bigger. He made her kill her own brother and devour his heart. All to prove her submission to him. Kyrian should have stopped him then. But he had not the strength, nor the will, to do so. Now, he had every reason in the world. "I do know. And I do understand." He said, kissing her. He heard her words and was awestruck, he could barely speak as he walked to the bunnies corpse.

Kyrian was very happy at her reaction to the rebirth of her rabbit friend. He watched silently as she caressed the animal, more tears flowing from her beautiful eyes. He watched the little bunny hop away from them, happy for its freedom. Kyrian wondered what the feeling of true freedom felt like. He had long forgotten that feeling. Though it came back when he was with Alyssa. He felt like a normal man again. Someone with no daemon in his mind. Someone who could age normally and die with dignity and honor. He wanted to be that man, for Alyssa. And he felt even closer to that man, when she was with him. All these years he had been waiting. Waiting for something to drive him, and to make him take a stand. Now he found his something.

Kyrian laughed a bit and kissed her cheek, his arms wrapping around her slender figure. "Of course I do not hate you, Alyssa. You did what you thought was right. And look, your bunny friend is fine." He said with a smile. He knew that she would never get over this, and that she would hate herself for a long while for what she had done. All Kyrian could hope was to lessen her pain. And he knew one way that he may be able to do that. Kyrian leaned back a bit and looked her in the eyes. He didn't have to muster strength to say this. He felt this, with every inch of his heart. He knew that she, she was the one he wanted to say this to. She was the one who deserved it. He wanted to give her everything. He was going to stop Dante for her. He would do anything for her. From the solemn hours they spent together he already knew. With a smile he simply said, "I love you, Alyssa."

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Kryian was quite happy that Alyssa would never have to go through what he does on a usual daily basis. He was happy that she didn't have to listen to the same and irritating rants of Dante and live with the things he lived with. All she would live with was the choice of to equally as vile things. He had to live with the blood of more than a hundred innocents on his hands. Though, they were his hands, they weren't his deeds. This gave Kyrian a little relief. His eyes flickered again to Alyssa's neck. He would never live it down that his hands harmed her. Even if it wasn't his doing, it would still haunt him.

Kyrians arms tightened around Alyssa. "You don't have to thank me, my love." He whispered. "Your love is all I could need." And this was true. Kyrian felt as if he could do anything! He could ride into battle with no armor and come out unscathed if he had Alyssa's love at his side. It was a miracle that she had falling in love with him, and no secret that he had fallen in love with her. Kyrians heart seemed to get bigger when she told him that she loved him, and he knew from that point on, he would never have to go alone again. He had somebody to love and to love him. That was his life's wish. He had finally had it.

Alyssa's touch was a touch of magic to Kyrian it was soft and gentle. Her touch was full of love and compassion that Kyrian had never seen before! He knew that he would never find this kind of woman again, and knew he would not let her go. Kyrian smiled wide at her reaction to his statement of love. Her face seemed to light up, and her smile was again radiant. He brushed her cheek with his hand, his own smile widening. He had never told a girl that he had been in love with her. He was saving it for the girl that really deserved that statement. Alyssa deserved that, and so much more. He looked into her emerald eyes. Her eyes were full of love and joy. Kyrian knew that all of that love and joy was directed at him, and he gladly accepted it, and reciprocated the same back to her. Then he felt her lips upon hers, and his eyes closed to savor the kiss.

Her kiss had passion flowing through it. Kyrian felt all of that and more. He had never kissed a girl before, and was unsure how to respond to her kiss. Though, like it was a natural instinct, he began to kiss her back, his passion swelling. Kyrian ran his hands along her sides and to her small and lovely waist. He pulled her in closer, turning his head a little. He was trying to send all he knew of love into her from his kiss, and he hoped it was working. He wanted to help her forget the events of the night she had been with Dante, and he would kiss her for all eternity if he had to. Truly, he didn't mind. Their kiss seemed to become more urgent as Kyrian took a small chance and broke her lips with his tongue. He explored her mouth a little, enjoying the taste of her. He met her tongue, and his own passion seemed to explode. He pulled her as close as he could and ceased to care if she felt his manhood against her. Kyrian needed her as close as she could be to him, and he was ever so thankful that she had returned him to her.

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Kyrian knew that she noticed when his eyes moved to her neck. Kyrian also knew that she could see how he felt in his eyes. Though he couldn't shake the feeling that his own hand had been there. His hand had hurt her. Even if he hadn't been in control, it was still his hand. He had never felt the remorse he had in this moment. He hated Dante, and knew that he would not get away with this. He saw the look in Alyssa's eyes. It was like she wanted to say something to him, but didn't quite know how. Kyrian understood that feeling. He wanted to say many things to her, but didn't have to words to say it.

Kyrian held her tightly, enjoying the heat her small body gave off. Kyrian wanted to say that he loved her over and over again, until the end of times. He wanted to hear it from her again and again aswell. He knew it was something he'd never tire of hearing, or saying to her. Simply because it was true. He did love her, and she truly loved him. Kyrian's mind spun in amazement in how his life had changed so drastically, in little less then a day. It was all so amazing to him. He knew he would never be the same after this day.

Kyrians eyes met her with question when she brought his hand to her face. Though he said nothing. He only looked down into her beautiful eyes. He knew she had to say something to him, and he was very inclined to listen. As she spoke Kyrian realized that she had taken notice of how he felt about the marks along her neck. She knew he took blame and felt guilt for it. He looked at her as she spoke and he smiled. She did really care for him. Of course Kyrian knew it had not been his fault, and it took her words to truly make him feel that it wasn't. "Thank you, my love, for not holding me to blame. I don't blame myself anymore, Alyssa. As long as you do not blame me." He said with a smile of truth. "I promise you, Alyssa." He spoke again softly before her lips finally met his.

Kyrian's body tingled as she ran her hands along his muscles and her fingers intertwined in his hair. It inclined him to kiss her harder, and his passion increased. He felt her passion and love in every inch of her sweetly passionate kiss. Their tongues danced together as their passion seemed to burn and form into a fire of want and desire. All his thoughts dissipated as she pushed her body onto his bare chest. He could feel her breasts pressing onto his chest, enticing him further. Kyrian blushed as she realized the hardness of him against her. He smiled slightly at her speechlessness. It was evident that she was arousing feelings in Kyrian he hadn't felt before, and he couldn't really hide it from her. He smiled again as her eyes met his and her arms slid along his forearms. He could tell from this that she was not offended, just embarrassed. "I...I'm sorry if I have embarrassed you, love, but you arouse such feelings in me, it gets hard to control these things when our kisses are flaming with desire." He said, not knowing quite how to explain himself. He looked into her eyes and the urge came over him again. He pulled her back to him, their bodies pressed tightly together, hoping that he did not embarrass her again with his manhood. He leaned down and kissed her again, his tongue breaking her lips again and his passion being fueled even more.

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Kyrian tightened his arms around her, knowing he wasn't hurting her. He wanted her to be comforted and most of all, he wanted her to feel his love. He could feel hers as he held her closer. He know how she felt, and she hadn't said more then three small words. He did his best to return the feelings she gave him in this moment. He loved her and trusted her more than he ever has anyone. Even himself. He kissed her forehead lightly and smiled, hoping she would know how he felt.

Kyrian smiled wider as she repeatedly said that she loved him. Some lesser men would have thought this a nuisance in a women, though Kyrian only thought it was a blessing. He had been told 'I love you' in this day more times than he had his entire life. He would never tire of hearing it. He hugged her tightly. "You are welcome my love. And of course, as it has, and always will be, I love you." He said, soft and sweet.

If it could have been possible, Kyrian's passion and desire flared more when Alyssa's hands intertwined in his hair. He was focused on the feel of her tongue on his, the feel of her pressed up against him. When this venture started he was worried that she would be timid and shy, but those emotions were nowhere present. He could feel her passion against his own. His own desire's growing, mentally and physically. He had embarrassed her with at first, shown in the bright red her cheeks became. He told her his own desires easily, and she shivered in his grasp. He could tell it was not in fear, though. Kyrian understood the feeling of being overwhelmed with new feelings. He was getting that feeling now. He locked eyes with her and he smiled back at her. He could feel the quickness of her breath as her breasts brushed up and down quickly on his own chest. He realized he was pushing his hardness against her, but where embarrassed feeling should of been, he could tell curiosity replaced. His own curiosity ignited in response.

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Kyrian woke when the sun came over the trees and warmed his skin. His eyes fluttered open and looked down to see Alyssa asleep next to him. The wind whispered by, sending a cold chill. He grabbed his coat and wrapped it around them, and pulled her closer. He kissed her head and his free hand rubbed her side. "I love you Alyssa." He whispered, not wanting to discourage her sleep. Their night together had been magical, more magical than anything Kyrian had experienced before. But the magic would never stop, Kyrian knew. Because for as long as they were together, and Dante was silent, the magic would continue. He did not know what made her so special, but she was. Especially to him. He exhaled slowly and closed his eyes again. He was glad she came by the River that he lived on. He was glad he fell in love with her. And he was most glad that she fell in love with him.

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Kyrian didn't notice that Alyssa was having a nightmare. She made small noises in her sleep, but they didn't frighten or worry Kyrian. Suddenly She was up and scared. Kyrian woke from his small doze and looked at her with some worry. She came back down to him once she had calmed. He saw her as she looked down at him and moved a strand of hair from his face. Her face was as beautiful as he first saw it. Though her hair was a bit messed up. Kyrian propped himself up on a shoulder. He looked at her and smiled widely. "Hello, my dear." He said, taking her face in his hand softly and kissing her. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her more against him. "Did you have a bad deram, love?" He asked her, his face contorting in concern. He would not pry if she didn't want to tell him about it. He understood how frightening bad dreams can be, and he also understood an unwillingness to discuss them. Kyrian looked her up and down, and simply smiled. He looked at her face and then her hair. It was quite messy. He smiled and ran a hand through her hair gently. "Your hair is a bit...tousled." He said with a slight laugh. He kissed her again. He realized that he moved away from the subject of her dream and returned to it.
"You don't have to discuss the dream, my love, if you do not wish to. If you are okay, I will be content." He said with a smile.
"Are you okay, Alyssa?" He asked, looking into her eyes.

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Kyrian frowned a bit when he heard what the dream was about. He didn't want her dreaming about that. Dreams were very powerful where he came from, and dreams like that were no good. He desperately wanted her to forget about it. Though he knew, she wouldn't very easily. He knew how much the feeling of blood and death could stay with you. He knew how it could haunt you. If possible, Kyrian would have been dead by his own hand many, many years ago. He pulled her closer and kissed her head. He rubbed her shoulder and took in a big breath. He let it out with a small laugh. "I don't think either of us will ever be able to forge about last night. It was something amazing, wasn't it." He said, the last part fading out before her lips met his and he was silenced. He smiled as they kissed. If this was the way he was to be silenced, he would gladly keep talking just for the hope of being nicely told to be quiet.

Kyrian sighed. "Deary, I thank you for what you did, but you can never do it again." He said lovingly, but sternly. If she did what Dante wanted her to do, she'd get drug down by him. "Don't do that again. Don't give him what he wants." He said, his voice flat. He pulled her closer and kissed her head again. He didn't really know what to say to her. They both wanted him to be free, but for now, it was impossible. He stayed quiet a bit before she fully burst into tears. She sat up, and Kyrian followed. He moved so he was sitting in front of her. He grabbed her hands softly and lowered them from her face. He wiped her tears with the back of his forefinger.
"Alyssa, it's because he is a curse. It is what he was meant to do. Torture me for eternity, until this world ends, and I finally can as well." He said, speaking the only thing he knew. Which was the truth. "I know it isn't fair, but it is what is happening." He spoke softly, and more words came to follow. "I want to be rid of him as badly as you do, my love. Worse even. But there simply is no way." He said, the first time those words had left his lips. The truth sounded harsher coming from his own lips than Dante's. But the truth was the truth. He could not change it, even though he badly wished he could. Kyrian sighed again and pulled Alyssa to him. He had lost all words. He was now only held her in silence. He realized what they shared last night couldn't last. He knew that from the start. But they still shared it. And it was magical. "Even though that night may not last, it still was the most magical night I, and this Earth, have ever seen." He said with a smile, angling her head up and kissing her softly.

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Kyrian smiled as her mouth formed into a firm line and her face spoke determination. Kyrian looked at her, and for a moment, started to believe what she was saying. Maybe there was a way out of this curse. Out of the grasp of Dante. He laughed to himself, hoping she was right. If she was, his life would be changed forever. Even more so than it was by her. Maybe with the two of them, they really could break this curse. Kyrian had searched all of Joro by himself once in search of a cure. Though, maybe with Alyssa, he would have a better chance. Alyssa was igniting an old hope inside of Kyrian. The hope of being rid of Dante for good. He knew that it may be a fools errand, but he would follow her to he ends of Joro if he had to. She had inspired him to renew his search. Together, they had a chance. Defeat no longer became an option. Giving into Dante would no longer happen. He would rid himself of his chains, and live out his days with Alyssa. Without Dante. This, he swore.
"Alyssa, you have inspired me. We will search, until we cannot search anymore." He said with a beaming smile. He kissed her passionately and stood up with her.

Kyrian smiled as she stood infront of him nude and running her hand through his dark locks. He remembered last night and felt himself hardening again. The thought of bathing with her did not help in stopping that. Though, he didn't feel unnatural standing there with her naked. It felt completely normal and natural. He enjoyed that. Playfulness perked in him. He ran over to her and picked up his clothes and threw them over his shoulder, as well as Alyssa's dress. He looked at her and gave her a mischievous smile. He picked her up and cradled her against him, a plan forming in his mind. He jogged a bit down the river until he found a small pool that was deep enough to wade in. He smiled, "Lets bathe, my love." He said, holding on to her tightly and jumping into the water with a laugh. They barely went under before Kyrian had brought them back up with a laugh. He kissed her hard, wrapping his arms around her more comfortably. "I love you, Alyssa." He said sweetly after kissing her.

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Kyrian laughed as they hit the water together. She squirmed in his arms and he finally realized her to let her swim around and bath. Kyrian just waded there and watched her. He ran his hand through his hair and just relaxed in the water. It was nice not having to worry about Dante for a while. He could really relax. He enjoyed that a lot.

Having his fill of the water he pulled himself from the pool. "You stay in as long as you want, dear. I just need to stretch a bit." He said. Kyrian grabbed his clothes and dressed. He buttoned his shirt and his pants, tucking his shirt in them. He pulled on his vest and buttoned it. He went to grab his coat and realized he had left it back by the tree. Crap.
"I'll be back, love. I've got to get my coat. Don't go anywhere!" He said, walking off with a wave.

Kyrian finally found his coat and picked it up and placed it on himself. Then a pain shot through his head. He collapsed to his hand and knees. Ohhhh Kyrian. You shouldn't have slept with her! You can't keep her around! I will not let it happen! Dante yelled to him in his head. "Shut up! What are you going to do?" He yelled back. Don't you tell me to shut up!Dante yelled louder, You keep disrespecting me! Shutting me out! I'm done! The moment I have control again, she is dead! I WILL KILL HER! With that thought, Kyrians mind raced. His heart started beating hard. He roared at Kyrian, "NO! You will not touch her!" As soon as he said that his strength burst and he stood and ran. He ran back towards Alyssa to stop Dante. He ran as fast as he could.

He was breathless when he returned to the pool. He hunched over trying to catch his breath. But Dante was silenced. That was good. He didn't have time to plot. Kyrian only knew two things right now. One; They had to leave. Immediately. 2; They only had around two days to get rid of Dante, or Alyssa was going to die. He couldn't handle that thought. "Love, I'm sorry. But we have to go." He held out his hand to her, "You need to get out and get dressed. Now, please." He said, his eyes stern and worried at the same time.

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Kyrian took in a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm himself. Though at this moment, a little overreaction was justified. Kyrian would not let Dante kill her. He plotted to himself, vowing to fill Alyssa in later. Once they got away from here. A change of scene would at least confuse Dante enough if they didn't get to killing him before the two days he had were up. Getting away from here was only step one. There was much work to be done.

At first Kyrian silently laced her dress. It was easy enough. Once he had finished he kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry, love. We just have to leave. Somewhere that isn't here. Dante is...never mind what he is, just trust me. I promise I will explain everything once we are away from here and safe." He said, hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek again. He took her hand because he knew if they got separated again, Dante could have time to plot or even force himself in. Kyrian walked with her a bit into the forest to a tall oak tree. The biggest tree in the forest. He let go of her hand and investigated the tree for a moment. He walked around it until he found a rock that the tree seemed to grow around at its base. He stomped down on the rock and a secret compartment in the tree was revealed. He looked at Alyssa and smiled. He always felt proud of himself for remembering were this was. Kyrian reached in and pulled out a sword. It was a long, black iron sword, concealed in a midnight blue sheath. He placed it around him and on his back. With one hand he unveiled the blade, turning it in his hand slowly. With a swift movement he spun quickly, the sword burring into the tree. He smiled, glad he still had his swordsmanship skills and the blade was still sharp. He removed it and placed it back in its sheath. He walked over to Alyssa and looked her in the eyes. He did not know how his eyes looked, but he could see that she was scared and confused. Though, so was Kyrian.

He reached down and grabbed Alyssa's hand. "Is there anything you need before we depart?" He asked her softly. "We most likely won't be coming back here." He said sadly. This place was his home, and he loved it dearly. But with Dante wanting blood, he had to do his best to keep Alyssa safe, without being separate from her. He sighed. He didn't like moving. He didn't like the whole situation, but this was something he had to do. To keep Alyssa safe. He walked with Alyssa back to where they first met. The memories were amazing here. It was even harder to leave this place now. He thought that Alyssa and his self would make a home here. But just like that, the dream was being uprooted. He realized how this must be making Alyssa feel. This was all happening so quickly, it must be scary and confusing for her. He felt bad for not telling her what was happening earlier.

"Love, we have to leave because Dante is after you. Some how, we've angered him. And he won't stop at just hurting you." He said in a deep, sad voice. "If we can't stop in before he comes back, he could kill you. " He walked over to her and kissed her head. "If we can't stop him, the best we can do is confuse him. Put him in a place that he isn't familiar in." His voice softer and more soothing. He wasn't letting on how scared he actually was. In that moment he realized where they had to go. The most confusing, dangerous place he knew.
The Dark Everglades.
"We have to go the Dark Everglades. It is the only place you can be safe if we can't figure out how to kill him before the days are up." Then Kyrian was questioning himself. He couldn't help wonder what would happen if Dante did find Alyssa in the swamp. She would be at his mercy. No. He could be stopped. Temporary, but stopped nonetheless. He stepped back and withdrew his sword. He placed in gently in Alyssa's hand.
"If he finds you. Stab him in the chest."

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Kyrian smiled. "Of course we can get anything you need." He said. He wasn't sure where they were going, but whatever she wanted to get from her home, they could get. They would probably need the rest anyway. It was most likely going to be a long trek to the place they were going. If they were going to be safe enough from Dante, that's what they had to do. "It'll be okay. We can get your stuff. And we can rest at your place, because we will probably need it." He said with a small smile and a kiss on her forehead.

Kyrian was surprised at her reaction to the news that Dante meant to murder her the first chance he got. She didn't flinch, or even show fear. Kyrian knew that it wasn't as simple as not letting him take over. He could do that. It would be painful, but he could do it. But when it came time, Dante would win. Kyrian could only fight him off for so long. That may buy them another day or so. Kyrian fell silent when she kissed him. "Alyssa, you know its not that easy. When I'm with you, Dante goes away. And vice versa. So if he takes over, and finds you, I won't be able to do anything." He said, the words evil and dark as they fell from his lips.

Kyrian was happy that Alyssa was agreeing to flee this place with him. He knew it was the only option. She didn't move as he drew the sword. She kept surprising Kyrian. He thought that it would frighten her. It should. This sword was expertly made with dark iron. His father forged this sword for him a many decades ago. It was a cold, dark blade made for one purpose. Protection and death. He always sort of hated how dark the blade was, though it seemed to fit its purpose. Kyrian would never use this blade if it wasn't necessary. He thought it was a thing of power, and could be to easily used for evil. That is why he always hid it. So Dante didn't find it. He could do a lot more damage with it. As he placed the blade in her hand she seemed to wield it easily. That was the perk of the blade. It some how adjusted itself to the wielder so the wielder could better kill with it. This truly was a evil blade. But desperate times came for desperate measures.

Kyrian was not surprised at her reaction this time. He knew what she would say to that. He sighed and picked up the sword and sheathed it again. He shook his head and walked to her. "Love, calm down and listen to me." He said, wrapping her in his arms. He thought about his next words carefully. He wasn't inclined to upset her further. He held her as the tears fell from her beautiful eyes. "Alyssa, I'm not asking you to kill me. Besides, you can't." He said, trying to jog her memory. He was immortal, it wouldn't kill him. "I was only saying that if he found you, stab him." He said, knowing how that sounded. It sounded better in his head. "What I am trying to say," He said with a little laugh at himself, "it will stop him. It'll make him pass out for a while. Long enough for the sun to come up and me to come back." He said, hoping he was making the idea clearer. The idea was to incapacitate Dante long enough to keep him away from Alyssa. "Listen, lets just hope it doesn't come to that." He said, kissing her head, abandoning that conversation.

Kyrain kissed her deeply, trying to calm her. He brought her closer to him, and eventually broke the kiss and enveloped her in a big hug. "I am sorry for upsetting you." He said softly. Then in a attempt to cheer her up, he lifted her a bit and spun her around in the hug, then setting her down and kissing her again. He brought a hand up on her face and kissed her harder, his tongue breaking her soft lips to explore her mouth once again. The flavor was sweet, and he loved it. He ran his hands down her slim body to her waist. He couldn't seem to break this kiss. And he didn't want to. Maybe it was just the memory of this place taking over him. But the kiss was magical and passionate, like the ones they shared in this same place the last night. He only hoped they could share last night again. Relectently he broke away from her lips slightly,
"We may want to be on the move to your house." He said, hoping that didn't sound like he was trying to get into bed with her again. Though he wouldn't shoot the opportunity down if it presented itself again. "Where do you come live, my love?" He said, all his cares gone and his voice quiet and happy again.

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Kyrian understood Alyssa's reluctance to the blade and what he was asking of her. It was hard to even think about harming someone you loved. He knew that. But sometimes, it had to be done. In a matter of life and death, Kyrian would rather deal with a scar than Alyssa being dead and it being because he couldn't stop Dante. It was a lot to ask of her, as it would be to anyone. He just hoped that when it came to it, she would stop Dante instead of giving up her life. He stroked her hair, "I know love, I know." Then he kissed her to finally move away from the conversation.

Kyrian kissed Alyssa like it would be the last time they ever kissed. He needed her, desperately. He smiled when he heard her virtuous laugh ring out. He loved that sweet laugh. He was happy that she had forgiven him for asking her to do that and making her so upset. When he kissed her, he never thought he would end up kissing her so deeply. Her hand moving across his cheek bones, her small arms around his neck, and the taste of her mouth and the feel of her sweet tongue against his own only made him kiss her more deeply and made his passion flame.

Kyrian wanted to keep kissing her. He wanted to take her and relive the night they had just spent together. But he knew that if they were going to succeed at anything, they couldn't spend all their time making love, no matter how good the idea sounded. Kyrian smiled when Alyssa kissed is cheek and straightened his collar. "Lead the way, my love." He said with a smile, know that even though they were embarking on a dangerous mission, they would come out okay in the end. They had each other, and they had their love. With that, they would make it through anything. Any danger that came their way, any problem or misfortune, they could handle it. Kyriand held Alyssa's hand in his as they left what Kyrian had always known, where he had lived and stayed, and embarked on their adventure.

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