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The werewolf Lupus shut his eyes as he stood in the light of the silver moon's shine. The transmogrification process was about to begin. Furry brown hair began to grow on his muscled limbs and his nose became a snout. A tufted tail began to grow. Lupus knew very well that the pain that came with his condition would never cease, but what he didn't know was that this would be the final full moon he ever experienced...

((Rae is writing a Defense essay about werewolves. Extra credit.))

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Selene entered the masquerade ball, her mask covering half of her face. She was glad that no-one could see her face; after all, she was a well-known thief in these areas, and if anyone saw her they would jail her for sure.

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((Rae writes stories and creative writing in her journal.))

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Lupus' Final Transmogrification

Lupus shot through the barren forests of Albania, happy for his freedom. He'd had it ever since he came to Albania, estranged and heart-broken; but that was another story. Lupus' ears caught the sound of human footsteps; he howled and turned to see a wizard pointing his wand at him. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" yelled the wizard, the jet of green light hitting Lupus' heart. The 20-year-old werewolf collapsed on the floor, his limp furry body lying there unmoving. He was dead.

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