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Rose (dottedlines) Yes, this an actual hotel in London :D

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Rose (dottedlines) ((I know xD!!))

Angeline stepped out of the car, a bit tipsy but fine either way. "Ooh! This place is better than the pictures!" She cried, twirling a bit. Jonathan caught her just as she lost her footing. "Oppsies!" She giggled, cherishing the fact that she was in his arms. She had long had a crush on him, even when she a dorky tween, but now she was gorgeous and he had to like her. Unfortunately all he did was smile and warn her to be more careful because he wouldn't always be around. Angie smiled and said no promises back, but inside she was dying.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Their suite consists of this: with five bedrooms like: and bathrooms of their own like: the outside photos of the hotel, dining area, club area etc. can be found on the website provided above. Closet spaces for each girl:

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Shower, shower, shower.." Mia chanted like a mantra. She need a shower really bad. She also need to text her parent and call Kaeden. He must be worried. She rolled her eyes at the thought about Kaeden worrying about her. He don't even know she's gone.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angie was stopped just before she went inside. It was Jonathan. She gasped mentally. Did he like her like she liked him? Nope.

"Miss. DeVar, perhaps you girls should be discreet about your liquor. You are underage here." He said sternly. And everywhere else in the world. Angie thought bitterly. "Fine." She harrumphed and walked into the hotel before further comment could be made. She talked to the woman at the front desk and smiled as she approached the elevator. They were really in London!

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Rose (dottedlines) "Okay." Angeline said, her giddy mood back, she took a swig of her hidden vodka bottle and passed it to Claire in case she wanted some. As the elevator doors opened, Angie stepped in, her steps light and joyful. When everyone was inside the elevator, she pressed the 15 button, their floor and the doors swung shut, but not before a note slid in.

PLD is falling down, falling down, falling down. PLD is falling down, my fair lady. -A

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Jeez, they are so in love with each other." Mia said to Claire before Angeline and Jonathan step into the elevator.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angie snorted-- very un-her. "Yeah right. Jonathan doesn't like me like that. Only in my dreams child." She said, saying the last part in a British accent, one which she had perfected after coming to London so many times. She crumpled the note. Allison could go suck it, they were in London!

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline barked out a laughed. "Ha! Of course I want him!" She giggled, unable to contain her sudden fit of laughter. "I mean, he's fucking gorgeous, has a British accent and he's rich." The last part was true. Despite the fact that he drove the girls' around, his parents were rich. The only reason he had the job in the first place was because his father said he needed to do something with his spare time.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "I don't mind having him too. And looked at those sexy lips, I so want to bite it." she said. "Okay, why dont you guys order some food. Anything but those big red ugly lobster. I want to take a shower first." she pulled Angeline's hair playfully on the way to the bathroom.

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Mai Before Jonathan left, Audrey twirled towards him and gave him a wave with a flirty wink. "Bye Jonathan! See you laterz!" Then, she sauntered back to the girls, effortlessly swaying her hips. Ever since they had arrived in London, her mood transformed into a great one. She was very excited.

When they got to their suite, Audrey dashed to the bed and started jumping on it, shouting and laughing. "Okay, I am starving! While the food gets here, I am going to take a shower!" She said breathlessly before screaming again.

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"Fuck the food, I'm showering now!" Ruby yelled, jumping up from the bed and went into the other bathroom.
"But don't eat all of it" she warned.

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Mai "Amazing!" Audrey hollered. Her eyes turned to slits at Ruby.
"Oh, no, bitch, I said first!" She gave out a battle cry before sprinting to the bathroom like she was running away from the enemy. She reached the bathroom before Ruby, she was closer to it anyways. She got inside and locked the door, giggling.
"Too late, beyotch!"

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"Bitch!" Ruby exclaimed, kicking the bathroom door.
"I smell like some one barfed on me!" She moaned, plopping down on the couch in exhaustion.

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Mai Audrey let out fake cackling evil laugh. She giggled as she shrugged off her clothes and let the water flow on her body. She sighed, enjoying the feel of the water on her delicate skin. She had forgotten all about A, Allison and the party. She just enjoyed herself.

When she was done, she put on a fluffy bath robe. She left the bathroom, wiggling her eyebrows at Ruby and teasing her. She flopped down on the bed, feeling clean and ravished. "Is the food here yet?"

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"Bitch!" Ruby yelled again as Claire went into the bathroom.
When she came out she sprinted to the bathroom, not even bothering to shit the door as she stripped and went into the shower. She used one of the Hotel's shampoo and conditioner, making her hair smell like honey and buttercups.
"Has the food arrived!" She asked from the shower.

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Mai Audrey laughed, actually rolling on the floor. "Oh, Claire!" she breathed out between her laughter. She heard a knock on the door and instantly rushed to it. She opened the door and let him inside. He ogled her and Claire, his mouth agape and stuttering. She giggled, murmuring seductively, "Thank you." His eyes widened and he glanced back at Claire again. She knew they both looked hot in those bathrobes. She led him to the door, him being still dazed.
"He was cute, but not enough."

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Ruby finished her shower, but she couldn't find a towel in the bathroom.
"Eh, we're all girls here' she said to herself before walking out of the bathroom naked.
"Food!" She exclaimed.

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Mai Audrey laughed hard again. "You guys crack me up." She took a slice of pizza and started gulping it up, moaning at the taste. Her nose wrinkled. "Put on some clothes, Rubes, I can't eat with that god-awful sight," she teased.

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"Please, I have a hot body and you know it!" Ruby teased, knowing really that she doesn't have to be shy, she does have a smoking body.
"And I don't have any other clothes" she said, sitting down on the couch and used her pillow to hide her, downstairs, she was sure the girls didn't want to see that part of her body.

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Mai (yes, I guess))

Audrey looked through her shopping bags andthen shouted toClaire, "Hey, Claire! Where are we going so I know what to wear?"

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Ruby smirked, walking over to the shopping bags and pulled out a red strapless, tight dress that reached her mid thigh.
"Ooh la la, this will get the guys going!" She teased, slipping on the dress and gave the girls a good view of her wiggling ass.

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Mai ((sorry guys))

Audrey laughed at her ridiculous friend.
"Oooh, looking sexy, Claire!" She winked at her friend and then rushed to the bathroom. She shut the door and stripped down. She put on sexy, lace, black lingere and on top, a brand-new, deep plunge, halter, dark purple dress, but the plunge was slim enough to look modest, yet hot. She put on black eyeliner, a bit of mascara, smoky purple eyeshadow, light blush and pink lipstick. She Left the bathroom, She put on black heels, striking a pose at her friends.

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"Guys! What about me! Don't I look hot?" She asked adorably, pouting her red lips.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angie strutted out from the shower, refreshed an ready to hit the streets. She dried and styled her hair before before on lacy black underwear. "Girls, what do you think? Too much?" She asked about the lingerie.

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"No you look hot babe!" Ruby complimented.
"But enough at you, more about me! How do I look?" She teased, giving them a twirl and a pose.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Stunning!" Angie giggled, swishing back into the bathroom and pulling on a tight cocktail dress. She spun back into the living area and struck a pose. "What about this dress?" She asked.

If they didn't like it, she had other options. She had bought so many dresses just for clubbing, but hey, that's where the fun was at. She laid all her choices out and turned to Ruby and Claire. "Pick one."

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"Babe..." Ruby said, looking over the dresses in awe.
"I don't know, they all are so gorgeous! Quickly just pick one!" She urged.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline thought hard for a moment and then stripped off she was wearing. She picked up the second dress in the line, the black one with a sequenced breast plate and sleeve. She liked how there was only one sleeve and how it made her B cups look like C cups. She put it on quickly and twirled for effect. "You like?" She asked. She tossed the other dress on the ground, although it had cost a fortune.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Okay :) come back quick. I'm making a nightclub right now!))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((LOL, I had my mother's famous lasagna for dinner xD Heaven on a plate!))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Sure xD))

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