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Lucas really?

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I was team Lucas and now he goes off and gets married anyone else upset about this !

Kasey Williams Oh girl, meeeeeeee tooooooo! How in the world.. what was he... never mind I don't even wanna know, becasue I have a feeling if I find out my urge to punch him the face will grow!!

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I loved him to!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now he does this

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G Before reading this book: Yay! Team Lucas, he's the best! Suck it Derek!
After reading this book: Derek's looking a bit better now...

Lucas made such a stupid move that I am ACTUALLY considering siding with Derek. But, I'll give Lucas one more chance.

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yay love them holiday and burnett

Paulene Ugh! I don't know what Lucas' plan is when he asked Kylie to have faith in him and he will find a way for them to be together ,but damn it was a disaster. He should have known better than to go behind Kylie's back and do what it is that he has to. I really cried when Kylie finds Lucas marrying another werewolf and looking very happy. It truly is heartbreaking. I can't wait for the next book to come out. :\

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me to cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meredith TEAM DEREK!!

Lissa I'm pretty sure Lucas and Kylie are going to end up together regardless of what happened, now that Kylie's gone it will give him the push he needs to finally prove his love to her, and Derek is kind of annoying. It's like he's waiting for their relationship to end so he can just step in. I'm Team Lucas 100% still.

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Kaitlyn Im still team lucas (well actually more accurately described as "on the fence" but I think I'm team lucas) I forgive him for the whole "getting married" thing..... and I'm hoping........I don't know what I'm hoping for..... I JuST WANT THE BOOK

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Team Derek. i didnt like it very much when he got "married" to that other girl. but you gotta give Fredarkia cretted for trying to waren kyalin about it all. not that i really like her but i kinda did in thouse few minutes that she was actally trying to waren Kaylin about it. but i agree with Kaitly. JUST GIVE ME THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth I've always been team Derek, but i got soooo pissed off at Lucas when he pulled the marriage thing with the she-wolf.
honestly he pisses me off A LOT, but that pushed me over the edge; I had a spaz at my bf and told him if he ever did something like that i would stab him XD (not literally stab him)
but it is a good series, that's the old reason i can put up with Lucas. but i don[t even know if i want to read the last one.
I want to read the ending and the wedding (view spoiler)

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Lucas didn't marry her. What Kylie saw was the engagement ceremony and he didn't even sign the engagement papers. (view spoiler)

Swapna Abraham Don't get all mad about Lucas just cuz of this!!
I wanted to punch him to after reading this but in the next book...all your questions will have answers. So don't count Lucas out just yet *wink wink*

Makayla You guys like Lucas?? I always loved Derek!!!

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Makayla wrote: "You guys like Lucas?? I always loved Derek!!!"

book 1- Derek
book 2- Lucas
book 3- Derek
book 4- Derek
book 5- Lucas only because Derek wasn't in it a whole lot and Lucas was.

Makayla Derek was always so sweet to her and Lucas was nice, but, in my opinion, Derek was just so much better for her. Plus, there's no conflict if she goes with Derek, with Lucas she could cost him so much.

Karen I WAS Team Lucas now I'm reconsidering...

Anahi Salinas I know who she picks I read the whol series
best book ever
whish that they make it into a movie:)

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Landry I actually liked Lucas a lot more then Derek, because Derek was sooooo whiny and obnoxious (plus him and Ellie, yeah your an idiot), but now.... Lucas said so many things that if I were in Kylie's position, I would have pulled back and been like: UM NO. JUST. NO.

Like how he kept ignoring her, and trying to gain acceptance from his stupid, controlling father. He always put her second best, and she just went with it because she is a total push over.

It literally pissed me of so much how he just acted like a total jerk, then texted her 'miss you' or made out with her. RESOLVE THE CONFLICT, DONT JUST MAKEOUT.

I really cannot back their relationship because I do not think she even likes him as a person, yeah he's hot, and a good kisser, but literally he puts the were's before her everytime. Obviously your relationship is not working.

I don't like Derek either. Honestly, I just don't.

I kind of wish she could just ditch both of them and date some actually well developed character, with values, who treats her right, and they have a realistic relationship.

Is it just me?????

It makes me mad that a side character's relationship is the driving romance plot. Literally Holiday's, and Burnett's relationship is a million times better. Even Miranda and Perry's is better. UGH.

She keeps saying she loves him, and I am like WHYYYYYY.

Not to mention, as much as I love triangles, if the roles were switched and it was a guy who couldn't pick between two hot girls; I would HATE him.

I wish she would just make up her mind, and be devote in her feelings already. So wishy-washy.

Other than the flimsy romance, I actually liked this book.

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Tori Derek!!! I like Lucas, but why him???!!

Anahi Salinas yes he is so finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne

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Tori Maybe so but really? The book makes it sound like he has little depth... Ok maybe some but derek seems much more real. Besides him being a "fairy"... Usually if i read a book like this i am like "take the werewolf!" But i just wasnt feeling it this time... Its like how i feel about Twilight, and no i have never read the book just seen the first and last movies, but i just didnt like who she ended up with...

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